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1. The Living Hell

Sanity and madness, your mind's in disarray,
the poisoned thoughts and actions are preached to you each day,
to you life has no meaning; to kill is just a game,
God's open arms are broken; his head is bowed in shame.
You pray and worship a master,
who dreams of human disaster,
a war on God's creation,
in this living hell.
No rules or regulations, steal money from the blind,
you force the hands of young ones, to help fight against man kind,
the bleeding hearts that drown you, but the cult means everything,
your future is almost certain, to hell what tomorrow brings.
Devote your love to your master,
both pray of human disaster,
rivers of blood on the streets,
In this living hell.
You threaten God's creation with your evil demands,
take away innocent life, blood on your hands,
your son's looking on hoping to act the same,
you hide behind your fantasy; your religion is to blame.
Slaughter and torture all creatures great and small,
your corrupted minds plan to finish us all,
afraid to escape and hide from your master's cry,
take revenge on mankind 'til the day you die.
You take your final journey, brainwashed with the master's sin,
you're loaded with devices - soon purgatory will begin,
the time is almost upon you, God's tears they fall like rain,
a trail of man's destruction, death, misery and pain.
You took your life for your master,
the cry of human disaster,
your name is hailed a Martyr,
you are the living hell.

2. The Gift Of Life

I look all around me what do I see? Man's greedy minds in a sick society,
my life is a struggle a battle with time, no chance to sleep in a city of crime,
problems have gripped me I can't run and hide - grass isn't greener on the other side,
each day I awake I'm faced with the same, the treadmill of life has left me insane.

I slowly feel my body ageing,
a stranger inside me so hard to disguise,
I'm not the man that was once created,
please help me God, it's hard to die.

The rent's in arrears I'm well overdrawn, I've lived on the breadline since the day I was born,
if there's a friend out there who would understand, we'd share the burden both hand in hand,
but I search for that love, it's something I'll never find, I'm trapped in illusion leave reality behind,
I glance in the mirror my father looks back at me - his face tells a story of his sad son's insanity.

I slowly feel my body ageing,
a stranger inside me so hard to disguise,
I'm not the man that was once created,
please help me God, it's hard to die.

Now it's time to free the bitterness in me,
a better life I must find, to leave the world behind,
God will take my hand; show me to his promised land,
to find love eluding me in peace joy and harmony.
Destroy the devil I have made, to my chest I plunge a blade,
as the knife goes in, I feel a pain within
my body now it's time to rest, when the steel leaves my chest
my evil spirits start to show, to this new life I must go.

3. Final Justice

Lying here in a deep blank mind,
no conscience troubled, no third eye blind,
the self belief slips from your tongue,
just shows you know no right from wrong.
A chance has come, pay back your dues,
there's no time left, nothing to lose,
experimenting in drugs is no way out,
your body bag's ready under a shadow of doubt.
No one understands the strain,
your daily fix punctures your vein,
your screwed up mind holds no regret,
the fear of death no more a threat.
You glance to the left, look to the right,
the evil creatures haunt you at night,
you rupture your skin, as the needle goes in,
you're fighting a nightmare you can't win,
you shed a tear, for the hidden fear,
hallucinations start to appear,
you start to scream, in this wicked dream,
escape to where your mind's never been.
Invisible hate is what you create,
a certain death is your own fate,
your body abused, it's dazed and confused,
in this game you're sure to lose,
you drop to the ground, with an awful sound,
you beg for help but there's no one around,
the look's in your eye, it's your turn to die,
you're the deadly catcher in the rye.

4. Bryn-Y-Mor


5. Brutal Existence

The night is long my heart beats slow,
the daunting faces dare not show,
this darkened life that I must lead,
but no one thinks I can succeed.
A ghostly feeling takes control,
is it the reaper on patrol?
This smothered feeling numb inside,
that feasts upon respect and pride,
I see no way to fight no more,
along life's brutal corridor.
A ghostly feeling takes control,
is it the reaper on patrol?
This tortured bleeding soul of mine,
that cuts along the veins of time,
the silence is broken by a deadly cry,
my blood runs cold, why must I die?
There's no more time, not long to go,
the reaper hunts me high and low,
with no escape, nowhere to hide,
shake hands with the devil it's my time to ride.
A ghostly feeling takes control,
is it the reaper on patrol?

6. Euthanasia

I've been sentenced to death, now my time's near it's end,
but I'm completely innocent and committed no crime.
I did what any man would do to assist a friend,
my woman's existence cut short in her prime
She was the one; she came to me and a new world began
in loving ecstasy we thought we'd grow old gracefully.
Years passed and her her health fell in decline,
a shadow of a girl that was once mine,
her trembling voice that gasps for every breath,
her weary hands that try and hold back death.
'Twas a tragic end to her long suffering.
A lethal dose will ease you from the pain,
just close your eyes and your dignity will remain.
Peacefully drift away.
Hard to hold back the tears as I watched her die,
thinking of all the happy times now we must part,
it's hard to hide and escape from her dying cry,
it's like a stake being driven through my broken heart.
Her body cold and still, the loneliness of the silent chill,
her ghostly groan casts a shadow across our devastated home
So hear my story 'cause the truth is here to see,
I did what was best and set my lover free,
a judge and jury failed to forgive,
they say I denied her the right to live.
'Twas a peaceful end to her long suffering.
Rest in peace my dear; I freed you from the pain,
wait in heaven and we will unite again.
'Cause dead men tell no tales.
After five years on death row still waiting my fate,
my plea fell on deaf ears, the law of the land states,
I must hang from the gallows-the customary practice,
daylight dawns another miscarriage of justice.

7. A Night To Remember

One night I was feeling low,
I'd got nothing to do; I'd got nowhere to go,
so I pumped some drugs inside to get myself high,
I drank a belly full of cider and kissed reality goodbye.
My head was on a pole floating in space,
I saw the man on the moon; he'd got a smirk on his face,
I met my girl on a satellite,
he didn't complain she'd been on him all night.
I'm tripping off to a party,
it's brewing up in my head,
don't gate crash my party,
just roll your own joint instead.
A Jack Daniels was put in my hand,
I lit up a match, which stuck up the band,
the hula girls were the stars of the show,
with their little grass skirts, they were a shit hot blow.
So many doom brains getting high as a kite,
smoking weed and getting pissed all night,
I went to the bar to order more wine,
I saw the Queen of England snorting a speeding fine.
I'm tripping off to a party,
I'm having the time of my life,
don't gate crash my party,
you can cut the air with a knife.
Well funk it Kickman!
The president was crashed out on the floor,
I switched on the T.V. to see who's starting a war,
the Pope was preaching live and let live,
he was sipping a Guinness and smoking a spliff.
My brain's in overdrive screaming for more,
when the fuzz arrived trying to break down my door,
time to split the joints and try to break free,
I was too drunk to stand, I was too stoned to see.
Don't gate crash my party, - I'm so legless tonight.
don't gate crash my party,- just find your own joint,
don't gate crash my party, - I'm really out of my tree,
don't gate crash my party, - hey, who's nicked my face man?
Don't gate crash my party, - don't boguard that joint there Shakey!
Don't gate crash my party;- oh, you're a long time dead man.

8. The Funeral / Beyond The Grave

I've been chosen to visit the Lord's Kingdom,
Surrounded by the shadows of death,
Hand in hand I walk with the preacher,
To meet the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
In this never ending silent valley,
Where my past generations rest in eternal sleep,
Once again I'll kiss the hand of my loved ones,
When I enter the temple of the dead.
To meet my God.
My spirit and soul has left it's carcass,
The corpse has been laid to rest,
My body's destiny has come to the end,
On this path that only points one way,
The solid oak coffin is buried in soil,
In a lonely and dreary grave,
The name on the tombstone is all that reminds you,
Of what I was when I was alive.
So take me God.
Into the darkness the battle with God's realm has been won,
Exploding memories to a sea of thoughts you've already swum,
Your mind can only relive the life you already had,
No chance to undertake emotions whether good or bad.
Generating visions in dreams through a guidance of love,
Respect the peace and rejoice in the Lord above,
Worship his spirit and admire the echoes of his pride,
Believe in faith and continuously we will abide.
Here I rest in this congregation of comfort and calm,
Where time stands still and your remembrance is free from harm,
I've got no remorse, no guilt, sorrow, grief or no pain,
A peaceful adventure is captured within my remains.

Gary Martin ‒ Vocals
Phil Cope ‒ Guitars
Rod Hawks ‒ Bass
Dermot Redmond ‒ Drums

Thanks to red.tiamath for sending these lyrics.

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