Dark Lyrics


1. Witchcraft

You try to get away
You got to get somewhere
You know you cannot stay
There´s so much evil in the air
They point their bony fingers
Right upon you
The coven of the damned
They have seen you through

These people they are into witchcraft
They are not what they seem
You curious fool
You had yourself to this scene
They took your children and wife
Cut their throats with a knife
And now you´re facing the crowd
And the crowd is facing you

You´re running through the dark of night, your scream is music to their ears
Spooky trees, gloomy paths leads you further down your fears
You look around, haunting sound is creeping in your lonely soul
Nocturnal life, forest of death, you´re the prisoner within its cold...
Yes you are...

You cannot hear, you cannot feel your body´s shivering in here
Eyes of beasts pierce your heart, all naked you fall to the ground
And the last of love that´s in your heart is about to crumble now
Don´t let me die, let me stay alive, take me from this hellish place

2. The Snake

Your dreams be like the snake in cage
Within four walls I scream in rage
I twist and I writhe underneath your throne
You think you're a king but you're all alone
See I have lots of things to say
Matches will change now from this age
Trip on me so I can walk
I seek my vengeance when you talk
Oh you talk so slowly
That is just fine with me
Day will soon come to an end
Silence you baby is my best friend
Now you'll see just why I live
I got to take back what you once killed

3. Please Don't Forget Me

[originally by Pentagram]

I wanted to know what the future would bring
As I looked out the dark cave of my life
I can predict anything that will be
You'd have it too if you lived like me

Help my please cuz I'm down on my knees
So they're gonna take me away
I got nobody, struggles but my own
But I still can't make it through the day
I never wanted no one to run my life
But now it's run by a point
My woman is dead and I'm losin' my head
And you gotta help me out of it, please

4. Lady Winter

Lovely woman, beautiful name
Lady Winter I´ll take you again
Her voice so soft, caress my body
Her voice so strong, sometimes come out wrong

This feelin itchin´ from top to toe
I´d love to kiss you, you must not go
The door is open you gave me the key
I don´t even know you but don´t leave me

Frustration has its evil grip on me
Evil women just can´t leave me be
In Satan´s clutch you´ll forever stay
If you don´t say what you have to say

I make a wish
I wish to be kissed
Tempting eyes
Deadly lips
On my knees I fall to pray
Warmth within come to stay

5. What I Am

On the first day I came
I was insecure lame
And you have no respect
You thought I was a shame

If I had the chance
I'd do it again and again
To find out the way that I am

I live the outside the lure
With lots people like me
But they were my friends
And friendship never ends

If I had the chance
I'd do it again and again
To find out the way that I am

So the years they pass by
And I watch you all die
And I love you

6. Schyssta Lögner

Du springer runt i cirklar
Du kommer ingenstans
Åh du snackar och du ljuger
Du har inget sans

Du har alltid haft turen
Att få som du vill
Men nu är lyckan din över
Du får ingen till

Den killen gav mig schyssta lögner
Lyssna på när han sjunger

Ett steg fram två steg bak nej nä-ä-ä ne-hej
Kan ingen tala om vad som händer med mig


7. No Angel Or Demon

No angel or demon
Will help me on my knees
No God and no Satan
Will help me if I please
But I won't ask forgiveness
Cuz I've done nothing wrong
They say I'm a sinner
Please help me be strong

I walk inside
A little printer's mind
I'll make her feel
Her words aren't real

The love that I'm leading
Was leading me down
But now I am leaving
Leaving me behind
I'm leaving you out now
I'm leaving you down
Now I am losing
Yeah, I'm losing ground
Oh no

I walk inside
A little printer's mind
I'll make her feel
Her words aren't real

8. I Want You To Know

Too many worries to cope with everyday
Life should be easy, if I can have my say
I know I feel so deeply nested in our minds
Makes me so angry, oh my love dies

Now it is time for us to sit back and relax
No more dirty people stabbin' our backs
Now let the happiness flow through our blood
That's what we all deserve, yes we want the world

Can't find the lyrics to explain how I feel
These troubling feelings, they are so unreal
We have it all increase but we just let it go
A million chances that I want you to know
All right, oh no, let's go, whoa yeah

We are the reason
Why the gods change the season
Must not forget
Our manners
We are here
And that's what matters

9. It's So Easy

It's so easy to see the stars
It's so easy to fall on the ground
Yes one word for only a simple man
I can take him yes I know I can

Still I'm dreaming about whirling sand
But it gives me power to work through the pain

Thought you were my friend, oh yeah
You betrayed again
You fucking bastard

To be honest, I try to hand over
But it's not easy to end a war, have you tried

10. You Bury Your Head

They say you look like a gypsy
And got a smile of a thief
You wear your clothes like a hippie
In you they got no belief
And you´re just walking around
Thinking about nothing
You´re well known in this town
Cause of your big brown muffin

And every day to you
Really looks the same
But you´ve got nothing to lose
You´re not even in the game
You can´t deny
All the feelings you have
Even though you wish to
Cause I know you feel sad

You bury your head deep in the sand
You cannot take all the fear things´ve gotten out of hand
People despise your free ways I know you´re misunderstood
But is that really the truth couldn´t things be good?

You´re all alone
And you´ve got no one
You´re lost in the game
It is the pentagram
It´s got your soul again
And you´ll never be free...no

11. Her Sisters They Were Weak

The once was a king
Who live a palace uphill
He had three beautiful daughters
They had no free will

The king sold his soul
To the devil yes indeed
In return he was promised
Wealth and life eternally

The devil came riding one day
Upon his blackened horse
The princesses was his aim
They were destined to run his course

One of the girls were tall
More beautiful than blue skies
Her hair was colored bright
And she had white marble eyes

She will die

[Sung backwards:]
(Her sisters they were weak
They fell for the devil's charms
Mesmerizing eyes
They went right into his arms
Afraid to look around
The bright girl ran away
One last glance
And she saw her sisters pray.)

The king he sat alone
And listened to the sound
He rest upon his throne
While the palace hang on the ground

Magnus Pelander ‒ Vocals, guitars
John Hoyles ‒ Guitars
Ola Henriksson ‒ Bass
Jonas Arnesén ‒ Drums

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