Dark Lyrics


1. Walk Between The Lines

Walking between the lines
That's what makes me life worthwhile
When no one knows what I mean
Is when I feel I have succeded

Cryptic and reclusive
You bend your back for me
Hiding in the shadow
Complications over you

Keeping track on what's important
Is all that matters in the long run
Whatever echoes back makes you realise
You are not alone even though it hurts

Calm my mind with tempered thoughts
Ah, you fuel my heart with blood inside
Flawless and fearless you wish I was

Climb the walls in your high
You better come down and wait a while
Frustration for another mile.

2. If Crimson Was Your Colour

Within the darkest hour
When the dragon releases it's power
They feel the urge to meet
To share and to intertwine

Beneath the leader of the horde
Men and demons are sworn
To kill and grant his grace
They are reflections of the master's face

The night is young and fresh
Witch a scent of macabre on it's breath
Scattered they form a pattern
To be seen from the sky

If crimson was your colour
Could your conscience bear your soul
Would you paint the space witch murder
Your spirit's breath so cool

They are cowards falling from their own grace
Infiltrating penetrating witch hate
Rounding up marching into the womb
Catatonic spending time in sin.

3. Leva

Nu är det dags att se sig omkring
Titta en liten bit utanför
det spelar ingen roll om du inte kan sjunga
Ha bara känslan i din kropp

Det finns någonting som jag verkligen avskyr
Det är när människor inte begriper
Varför kan jag inte längre nå fram
Jag orkar inte längre se på

Det är slut
Allt är över
En återvändo
Jag behöver

Han som älska att leva
Han som älska att känna
Vill inte bli utdömd
Inte längre någon slav

Vill du inte försöka att
Be för en stund
Alla tankar bara regnar
Har inte sovit en blund

Varför kom du tillbaks
Varför kom du till mig
En fruktansvärd svaghet
Jag sårar mig själv

Testa dig själv utmana ödet
Du har ingenting att förlora.

4. Hey Doctor

Hey doctor tell me how can it be
Our screams are so real and you, you live in harmony
You can't heal this cancer radiation will kill
Your cult of flames behind the wall of sleep

Impostor without knowing your beliefs been defiled
The flesh on them bones been scorched and burned
A downward spiral for your heresy inclined
You're pushing forward back your logic is reversed

Constitution of murder
So legal and proud
Institution of sadness
a lot of them died

Blood pouring down from the back of your neck
You're being drowned of vitality's gift
Like a serpant's tooth the venom penetrates
Fight fire with fire and you fight back

Integrity and dignity for what it's worth
Now pull your head out and act like a man
It seems like you never have been free
Fight fire with fire ant then fight back

The symptoms of your illness
Are beginning to fade
Now tell me who's to blame
Burn burn flame.

5. Samaritan Burden

Guilty by all means
How to survive
This day means so much
I've payed my debts to you

Sleep in fusion file
Awaken by guilt again
Bear my innocence
Wake my innocence

It's just a spectre
An interlude of confusion
Don't let it scare you so
Be it thoughts of amusement
The light counters dark as it reaches its peak
Blend and balance the bold takes it all

The threshold's been diminished
Your ideals are gone
The struggle almost over
You've found your pot of gold

Learning to pray upon these false indications
Clinging to this nothingness might do you good

Solve this riddle
The answer lies within
Tantoblin knows where the hierogram is.

6. Remembered

My heart's on fire
I'm alive
I've got wings of my own
Something new something fresh
Indestructible and fragile
Make amends

I softly call
Call on you
I don't know
What it takes to get through
Holy mother here inside
You left your temple with your gold

Please let this all be remembered
Don’t' cast it upon another
This daydream is growing old
It's night but I'm not cold

Maybe my horses are a little bit high
Or maybe I'm easy and you are going blind

7. The Alchemist

I have seen great kingdoms
I've seem them rise and fall
I am a thousand years old
Maybe a thousand more
The story's now forgotten
The paper's long gone dried
The ashes of the magician
Are spread with the wind and fire

I am not afraid of my own blood
I can share with you so much more
Stable and balanced I am here
Breathing in breathing out

Sometimes I wish that I was back in Babylon
Drinking wine with nostalgia
A blessed disease I'd laugh at you dementia

I can blow your mind
I can blow your mind

The trees so stark shake like leaves
The garden is under siege
The storm cries war lieutenant speaks
This holy man the alchemist

I can blow your mind
I can blow your mind

Put a word in my mouth and watch me swallow
Dig a hole into the ground
The funeral orchestra

Slow down your pace is high
Your brutalised by one man's hate
Slow down kill his love

I'm back again witch perspective eyes
Deception still lingers on
But I'm no one to categorize
I'm a free man on my own
Looking back upon the disrespect
Next time I'm ready to fight
Unlike a soldier in a battlefield
I'll pull my horses back and leave

Magnus Pelander ‒ Vocals, guitars
John Hoyles ‒ Guitars
Ola Henriksson ‒ Bass
Fredrik Jansson ‒ Drums

Thanks to daniel.reibel for sending these lyrics.

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