Dark Lyrics


1. Malstroem

Dear realization
Fear and understimulation
Shockwaves, all emotions
Pour over me, quenches my dedication

Unfamiliar with this situation
Tears of devastation
I’m trying and manifesting this creation

Stronger than I can remember
I’m swimming in the remnants
Of a better life, of past relations
Now forced upon me is chaos and disorder
One of us must go
In the undertow

I will crucify
I will not lay down and die
Keep them coming, keep them coming
I have swallowed my pride

2. Theory Of Consequence

The dance macabre, ignored by you
Supported by fiction, it’s so real it’s not real
Stupid and dumb, your favorite words
You know you coexist in this world of worlds

How much time will you spend
In your mind's paradise?
Driven by disappointment
All disguised as righteousness

Someday your mother will collapse
And you’ll be faced with the same indecisions
Behind your pretty mask lies
All the same invaluable intentions

3. The Outcast

[Part 1]

We all know it but we don’t show it
Hard to admit it, but get a grip now
In the same sandpit throwing toys and splashing
Sand's in our eyes
Blurry's our sight to say the least

My analyzer's shallow but I think he has a point
It keeps my underground and carry my whole 'cause
One died another dying, and don’t delve deeper
Just a game for the intellected
Blurry's our sight to say the least

To save a nation from a bad economy
Is like sailing away on an endless sea

To save a nation from a bad economy
Is like sailing away

To save a nation from a bad economy
Is like sailing away on an endless sea

[Part 2]

You say it spells naivety, I became [?]
A reader and a thinker man in a desert desolate place
It burned the rope at both ends, polarized and victimized
Failed to see infinity, that I get from society

Violated, separated, we are incarcerated
Like a time bomb burning, refusing to explode
Denying your weaknesses, again you're splashing sand
Hindering progress, checking for your own land

4. Nucleus

When you open up to everything
It all comes down to believing nothing
Yet another truth to be swallowed
Even more so than before

Plow through the fields of the nephilim
Reclaim the status of the blind
Reinvent the doors of perception
The seed of nucleus, the ends in your mind
Struggling with this rigid system of structure and power
Squaring off into the next impossibilities
In this conceptual [?] reflection you filtered out
I used to think they were fools, but now I can sympathise

Neither a side way or a gate way
Self experience ended by us
Your truth is no excuse for abuse
Well, you stumbled and fell at the finish line
Picked up the pieces that you left somehow
It’s still nagging, but I will find some kind of peace
Strengthen and renew my beliefs

5. An Exorcism Of Doubts

I can’t even breathe no more, can't even recall my name
No, I cannot sleep with this horror that I’ve been here before
They will fall, they will crawl
On a cold [?]
I said nothing, they will find

If this is the devil's way to say my time has come
Then I would accept it all, tolerance is not my game
They should bleed, they should leave
Accomplish my aims
Set yourself free
They will fall, they will crawl

To draw these sanction deep in my soul
Is an exorcism of doubts
I never have to choose this way
Two changes to an end

Shame and guilt have made a losing way
Buried in this frustration of this bitter hate
I cannot cope with another breakdown
Justice perfection, physical meltdown
But my hands, seems I have spilled your blood
Time to shut them devils away

You gave me the dead stare
You filled my eyes with tears
But now I wander off
Permanently love

6. The Obsessed

To feel inspired
To hold the line with your heart
I do not cross over
Condemning ways not according to yours

To let it all go
Rest this compulsion to know
Fighting fears to change
Losing its grip now and rearrange

I'd travel higher
I’d go beyond your doors
No fucking hollow words
Fed up with your endless circle games

To let some parts go
Rest this compulsion to know
Fighting fears to change
Losing it’s grip now, rearrange!

Constantly torn between what’s wrong or right
Get up and move, finally I can tell you were poor
I’ve been alive in this world
Frozen hand on the table
Oh, and I go now

7. To Transcend Bitterness

Talking in the glowing
The globe and beyond
Yo sticky sticky with sweet Amber
Feeding the starving children
Children divide up loving parents
But anger turns it a cynical cravings
Blinded by those tears can tell

Grown adults given
Relation of power
Now tell me how do we clench this fire
Because I am the weapon anticipated
And I guess this is our destiny
Cycle social construction
I did not stand a chance of triumph

Let this go focus inwards dig deeper
Fulfill your calling you go wide now step aside
To transcend bitterness
To take the good
And see it for what it really is

Oh yes you dress in wrecks of you
It’s like you never understood
I’m with you but please excedinate
All before you throw your mind stones

8. Helpless

Loneliest desert for many years
Touched and turn every grain of sadness
A helpless wondering hole
Come to think of I'm the only man
Oh all these spiders sucked from the ground
Can they tell me why
In this land the flowers can't grow
They have withered and so have I
All dry footsteps of the ones we love
Fear will surround with misery
So you know what it means to kill
Never will they will heal

9. Breakdown

A lonely figure staring in the cold
Hands tied, eyes watery and dripping
How deep is this, how shallow can we be?
The birthmark on your face tells me we are three

Forcing myself to listen carefully
Your story has no bottom, it has no end
Curiously you were asking me to tell
I realized your sickness was feeling too well
By your truce, by your truce

I know you could go home all alone
Ironically you wrote part of this song
I still remember, I still care about
But integrity dictates my inequity
By your truce, by your truce
By your truce, by your truce

A thick black smoke stored in my cells, coming out of me
Unprocessed, undigested, it dwells deep inside of me
Layers and layers of filth and stress, fear is my enemy
Can I close my eyes and wish you go, your presence is like [?]
A few days ago I was ready to go
But you caused this insanity
I have been through this before, all is said and done
It awakens my humanity
Repeat and repeat, I’m so weary and frail
How can this really be?
Now the smoke is clear, my ocean is calm
Here it comes all over again

How, how is this true?
Why is this, why is this true?
Why does, what is happening inside?

So clean up my closet, my sack is my home
I’ve been robbed and stealed by you
You've been feeding the fruits from my holy tree
Saturated the amber in me
I deal with fantasy, I deal with reality
Borderline psychotic, my nucleus is getting to me
Ten thousand demons, one thousand devils
Calling my name, schizophrenia

10. Chasing Rainbows

[Bonus Track]

Why are you sitting contemplate which way the river flows
His silver canyon burn is taking to the skies
So many ways for you to have your perspective changed
Yet you choose to stare into a dead-ended way

Nothing can penetrate
A castle made of dreams
We win in the thought
Oh they sleeping our beds away

Oh just radios radius define us, we liberate ourselves
From this evil world, oh from those evil deeds (days)

We share the same politics we share the same views
Must have an enemy must have something to fight
We're fighting real good, .said we win in the thought
When you stare into this hollow, hollow world

These are the facts, we know which way to go
Nothing ever lasts, you are chasing rainbows

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