Dark Lyrics


1. Chylde Of Fire

I was born past midnight
'Neath the gloom of the darkest moon
My mother was a burning witch
And my father was a preacher

From that night on I lived in
The shadow of my elder's deeds
I was the son of rape
And the spawn of preacher's lost faith

Dear mother, dear father
I didn't ask to be born
Why did you let me leave
When you didn't care at all

My life here on earth troubled already from the day of my birth
Heaven turns to hell at the chime of the witches' bell

2. If Wishes Were Horses

Spend too much time to learn your rules
Got no time to see through the fools
I wasn't born to sympathise
With bad people and their lies

They want our thoughts overshadowed
They steal our time with their dirty games
We're so easily controlled
Perhaps that's what we want to be

Oh oh, if wishes they were horses
I know that beggars they would ride
Is it not we who bear the crosses
Of this society's pride

Down to the bone we are all equal
Can't you learn from your history
Man weren't made out of clay
We are all born the same way

3. Mr Haze

Out in the streets where the light turns into night
I walk alone with a feeling that I never be alright
A heart of gold now has turned into a heart of stone
Amidst the haze never have I felt so alone

Come back baby, come back and make my life whole
You turned your back and left me down stone cold
I wanted you to heed me, heed me forever
I lost a friend and a supposed lover

Through the haze I've come to change
I have the power to rearrange
I am the master I control my dreams
Blast away the nightmare screams

Go away, stay away
Don't come back, don't come home
Let me be, set me free
Let me breathe again

From the start you said you thought you really had doubts
But you kept on going, fumbling in darkness and chaos

4. Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake The Dead)

Give me a wooden cross
Someone is waiting to be crucified
Don't let him wait too long
His weakened powers will grow strong

I cannot wake the living dead
Since they are already alive
Standing next to me
Witness the beauty in the tragedy

Look at the ones grinning wide sitting in the government
So self-assured but we all know power is in the wrong man's hands

They have plans for all mankind they'll rot now one by one
They'll freeze and they will bleed there is no chosen one

I cannot wake the dead
Since they are already alive
Dancing skeletons scream
Apostles of Lucifer's dream

5. Queen Of Bees

Queen of bees you suck my life forever
Weaving dreams like a fairy spider
You look so sweet are you what you seem
So young and bright you shine you light lover

Am I betrayed by my own perception
I see love is it my obsession
Queen of dance, dance my blues away
The little of joy will it come to stay

I see a light where the wind blows
How can I find only my god knows

You were my high you were my everything
Now we both died I stand here with nothing

Is it true do I really sing about you
It could might as well be about someone else
Look around you're not the center of the world
They say truth lies within this word

6. Merlin's Daughter


7. I See A Man

I see a man
He's doing all he can
Oh he's working hard
To create a life

If you leave him now
Then he will cry
If you let him go
Inside he will die

From my past life
I've got the stone here
It will guide me now
Through this hate and fear

You killed me then but never again
This time I am strong like a storm force ten
Freedom bleeds freedom blood
Don't you think that I understood- I love you

So I set sail
Around the planet babe
Don't need your wishing well
Now your love will tell

8. Sorrow Evoker

Through my window I think of you
It's not a problem as long as you are gone
Why do you do this, cause me all this harm
I never want to see that place again

Sorrow evoker pain bringing witch
Today I'm wiser, I see my part
You musn't think like you used to do
You shouldn't judge me before you think

Time is but a melody
Subjective, twisted like reality
Lovely tears wash away the stain
Memories, wonderful summer rain

Spread in the wind all is forgotten
Nothing left but traces in the snow
Embraces just for caring
Here we go touch the broken wing

9. You Suffer

Point your finger at someone else
If not so then at yourself
Everyone cannot be like you
I know you know but you act like two

I thought it was time to have this conversation
Between two eyes about truth or dare
I see you can't understand my situation
But you're too damn blind to even care

Not too long before you drive me mad
You're the worst nightmare I've ever had
It's so good to feel I know where you are
Far away from me I'm gonna be a rock 'n' roll star

10. Attention!

Sometimes it feels like I don't have a heart
Just a rock or a stone that's been torn apart
Oh, you told me it hurts...
But you never told me it burns!

Warmed by the fire the heat was intense
Then cracked by the cold a stone cannot mend
Oh, you told me it hurts
But you never told me it gets worse

Over the hills and far away is were you are
Distant and remote just like a fallen star
My love for you was something new and beautiful

Magnus Pelander ‒ Vocals, guitars
John Hoyles ‒ Guitars
Ola Henriksson ‒ Bass
Jonas Arnesén ‒ Drums

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