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1. Sign Of Satan

Hail thy, satanic majesty

Blood will rain from the heaven high and the angels will be drowned
In blood they shall be suffocated, they shall die thousand times

No mercy upon the Bastard ones !

For many years now I have been withering in silence
I have tasted the damnation! s kii so enormously
And i have felt the wrath of the elder ones in my veins

But i have learned to be a king and to rule the legion
And united we will have vengeance upon the usurpers

I am prepared to march into a glorious war to lead the legions
Into heaven and to regain the throne that is mine and will forever be

I do pass away into spectral dimensions to the ones i have been near for long time
There i have been seeking for the answer, but I haven't found it yet

2. Bloodsmeared

Victory,they are all lying on the ground
All these bloodsmeared chests
Their bare flesh full of wounds, warm
I do taste their delicious blood

What a fine meal they are for me
All those red mourners
One cut in their life is so fatal
For they are the ones we feast from

Their blood is mine, I have the pleasure to kill

Die by the sword
Die by the axe
Die by the stars of morning
Die by our fists

3. Death, Darkness And Destruction

I hail thee, slaughter and genocide !
Oh, come and make me proud
Take me to the daemonworld
Show me secrets of the ancient wars

I hail thee, death and darkness !
Oh, I can't escape the beast within
Sweet tears of pain
Show me the art of destruction

4. Soldiers Of Hell

There is a cosmos made of ebony darkness
There the streams of red flow together, of million hearts bleeding
There is a stronghold where all t! he sulphour beasts are gathered
This castle is the essence of all evil, generator of unholy supremacy

Hold in this castle, in the deepest dungeons, tortured by the sulphour ones
There are somekind of captives, those i call " Sons of the Lightbastard"
Sometimes gusts of wind carry the whimper of these judas ones to me
Laughter fills my heart when I hear them screaming in pain

Thou will survive,father,for they will be slaughtered by our fists
The legion stands beside,starving for their flesh, bloodlust in their eyes
With their own wisdom we will finally crush their false world order
The gates are opened like ages before, this time the throne will be ours

5. Steelgoat Domain

When i'll leave and i do reach the stars
I will look so deep upon your hearts
I will see your wishes and feel your hatred against me
Nothing but scarefilled hatred

Whan the silent shadow crawl
When worlds demise fall
When heaven is on fire
The steelgoat kingdom will reveal

6. Dimension Warblade


7. Lucifer's Fellowship

Daemon, Lucifer, awakening infernal ones
Satan, Sorcerer, spell upon jehovas' sons
Father, Satan, slay the judas ones
Satan, Master, start raping of the christian nuns

Daemon, Lucifer, crush the throne tonight
Satan, Sorcerer, moon sends his morbid light
Father, Satan, set ablaze their hearts tonight
Satan, Master, Lunar forces stand beside

8. The Streams Of Red

Hark, I have sworn to praise the black arts forever
To battle until the end for the storm of malevolent darkness
For several time no I have opened the streams of red
Not to get lost in his limitless empire

Another age has arozen from the shadows below
Meanwhile wisdom spreads like autumnal storms through me

I have discovered so many secrets unknown before
Fierce dust lays down on my eyes
I am so blind that i can't see anymore the world of those feeble souls
But it is not of interest for me, for ! all the ones at the ground of my heart

"Thou, who dwelleth in darkness, am I the one I have seeked for all the years?"

Dressed in black I walk the paths into the forest of no return
I gaze into the moon and breathe sulphurous winds of impurity
I do open the streams of red again
And for the last time I stand above the chasm to nights'birth

9. Metamorphosis

Embattled is this realm of chaos mea! nwhile
We await the armaggeddon, funeral of enlightened ones
Slaughtered they shall be , scum of this universe

The ages of these golden sculptures are gone, lost forever
A new millenium will arise from the chest of earth
We hail the spirits of this metamorphosis nocturnus

Spirits passed this etherial cosmos
For thy age is born, we are the inheritance

Lean back and watch this evolution of evil
It is just a question of time, fall or flee

A scepter of serpents will be arozen for sure

10. Instrumental


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