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1. Serene


2. This Is The End

You hate them. Rage is enveloping flesh and mind.
You’re broken. The only salvation is death.
Only darkness always understands you.

Luring darkness, fear and a dead tranquility…
Go straight to the obscurity, deeper…
Don’t turn back – you’ll see the lattice of your prison.
Go straight through rotten trees and dehydrated grass.

You are hearing the sounds in the silence.
It’s your imagination. They are dead…
Flinders of their lives is under your feet.
Go straight to the obscurity, deeper…

Light is fading away. World is shrouded by mist.
Hope’s disappearing. Endless thoughts –
Can’t understand yourself anymore. Your body doesn’t obey to you.
This is the end… Here is a place for you too…

3. Nightmare

We stand at the edge, just behind the shadows.
Ahead of the eclipse, with darkness and void.
All the keys of paradise flew into the abyss.
Dark Demon of Hell once again came down to us.

The black sky, the voices in your head.
You have paid for their sins.
Domination came to an end on this land.
No one will hear your plaintive screams.

Lava swallowed the Earth
And your fetid soul.
Only the ash is smoking.
This poor world is destroyed.

Shed blood spread out along the rivers.
Everything has plunged into eternal rest.
The sounds have merged in unison.
Wake up. The dream is over.

4. Through The Eyes Of Serpent

Empty eyes, devoid of life
Cold and shiny like steel knife
Their body is fog, in twilight sky
Born from echoes of your lifetime

Burning flame of ritual fire
Your inner self, your dark desire
Trough their kisses and muted breath
You certainly doomed to instant death

Incorporeal vision of your drug fears
Enslave you in this Devil's deal
Their slippery tongues lick your thoughts
Erupting venom from fetid throat

This deathly poison just for thee
From your madly fantasy
Bring the creatures of your hate
You are infected, Don't panic! Late!

They gather you, your fear inside
Under skin, in your mind
Silent shadows of your sin
Shut up! Torture was begin!

5. In The Sands Of Solitude

Emptiness in my misty eyes
All that I see a human's lie
Step by step, I move to the light,
That shine in my memory, healing and bright
..I'm going to boundless spaces of (my) grief
..Carrying in soul seeds of belief
For many years, I fall and arise...
Under hollow and shameful skies

Wanderer, nomad in search of truth
I'm lost in the desert of my solitude
Long and worthless was my way
I need to rest for any pay

I went through a severe wind of loss
Hiding in bosom my last worth
The last piece of a bleeding heart
Tearing by longing to apart

Long time ago I didn't know pain
I slept in my cradle of coastal cane
In breathing of night and moonlight beams
I'm silently watching a fabulous dreams
..But now I'm blind, my time dies
..I cannot return to this distant paradise.
My deepest sorrow, my avenging knife
Let me go back on the doorstep of my life

Invisible wounds fester inside
The burden of my hopeless mind
Rivers of blood on my withered hands
I can not walk, I fall into (the) sand

My last hope will be denude
In the barren wasteland of my solitude

6. Tombstone Garden

In the blinks of the shadows,
Under light of the Moon,
Your mad imagination draws
Garden in sinister gloom

You paint with ephemeral ink
This alley of your secret fears,
Graveyard of illusive hopes,
Space without envy and filth

Among the cries of crows
Invisible to the human eye
Is a garden of tombstones,
Another missing clime

Unlike the mankind's beauty
Park beyond the dream.
Projection of your crazy mind,
Hidden in phantasmal gleam

...Touch the elder ground,
Feel the whisper of ages,
Open a misty veil,
Enter the realm of Hades...

...Crow instead of songbirds
...Graves instead of lawn
...Bones instead of flowers
...Fear instead of calm...

7. Winter Storm

Left to die in silent wold
Among the cold and wind
You are drowning in this void
Impaired by bleeding wound

Blood under your pale skin
Freezes in the swollen veins
Jaws clenched in crazy grin,
Limbs is bound by unseen chains

Step, and you fall into the snow
Blinded by an inner fear
Blizzard takes your restless soul
In the distant snowy realm

Through the mist she quietly stares
In your scared eyes
Her cold fingers touch your face
Death possessed you in this trice

Wounded by an icy shards
Forsaken and forlorn
Welcome to the open arms
Countess called a winter storm

8. Whispers From Beyond

The ineffable horror lives
Inside my ailing head

Under the uncanny light
Of the starry twilight sky
I hear awful whispers
From universal tide

They call me into unknown gulf
Beyond wasted time

Try to close your reckless eyes,
Open your innermost thoughts
They are promptly penetrate
In the depths of your remorse

Mystery voices from distant stars,
Screams of celestial pain

My place is among them
In a frozen nebula's lace
I hear the mournful groan
By a wanderers out of space

Outside of human presence
I was destined to lose my shape

Try to close your reckless eyes,
Open your innermost thoughts
They are promptly penetrate
In the depths of your remorse

9. Shuttered Room

When the darkness covers world
That painted by deaf pain
In a solitary vault
I'm bounded like insane
It's my torment, every night
I lose my jaded mind
In empty room devoid of life,
Filled with treacherous sounds

Last seeds of mind
Fall in the night
In this sickening place
Under dusk's wings
Every gride bring
My own madness

It's my cage, I can't escape
I just hear the creak of locks
Silent thing in human shape
I'm here, lost among the walls
My thin skin and withered face
Gnaw the foul rats
I'm alive, but it's still worse,
I cannot change my path...

Upon the walls
Shadows and ghosts,
Dancing mad waltz
Dead in gray shroud
Reflect in your eyes
From this fear rise...

Torment and woe
All that I saw
Inside my blackened soul
Throe in my veins,
Heart full of pain
Sear me day by day

Something chokes me, it is here
I feel his muffled breath
In the depths of this dark hell
I hear my ego's wept
Human nature leaves me now,
And plagued my hollow soul
In empty room devoid of life
I turn into heartless ghoul

10. Outro


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