Dark Lyrics


1. C-4

Intertwined like a twisted web
Pulled apart by so-called friends
A power trip when bulls collide
Rude awakening I won't align

I am my own of steel and stone
But words still pierce my flesh and bone
Brothers' fight and one will fall
While the winner takes and loses all

Tempers rage and nostrils flare
Words are slung that rip and tear
I can't take it anymore
Honors fly and pride is hurt
Embraced in anger darkness lurks
Detonate plastic C-4

Feed your head with fucking poison
Pickling your mind
The aftermath filled with excuses
Wasting all my time
Arrogant self-righteous bastard
Is the way you choose to be
Keep your distance and your tongue
And preach not unto me

Trust is hard to gain
When it's apart of you that dies
Swimming in a cesspool
Spawned from vile lies

2. Kill Procedure

Sitting on the edge of mother's bed
I realize damn she's dying
Sometimes I wish that she was dead
I'm sick of mother crying

When they take her away will I still feel the same
There's a feeling of doubt inside me
Will confusion remain will I suffer the pain
Will I run through the light that blinds me

Why me conceived by thee
Kill procedure

I lie awake at night the enemy I feel inside me
Rotting beast destroying me
I think it's time for dying

When they take me away will you still feel the same
There's a feeling of doubt inside you
Will confusion remain will you suffer the pain
Will you run through the light that blinds you

Why me conceived by thee
Kill procedure

Like worn leather a tired old man
Contemplates what's at hand
Like his friends before him then his wife
He's sick of living a lonely life

3. Away

I felt sadness – one I couldn't overcome
A wretched madness I think I've had enough
All the tears have fallen from disappointed eyes
I don't deserve this Oh (how I tried)

Followed you through all these years
Supported you in your career
Went out of my way to defend you
Left with nothing but a big Fuck you

I'll take my chances with someone else
But I want you to know just how it felt
To be left all alone
A true conformist (I should have known)

Do you know what you've done to provoke me
So lost in greed that you can't see
I believed in what you said
Preached your gospel and was misled
Meaningless words that you lived by
Our love you can't disguise
Your new look your new life
I see right through your lies

I'm the last link on the long chain
That whips the massive beast
I'm the distant cry you hear at night
From the pain that can't be eased
The small voice that whispers
Carried away by the wind
The leper, the outcast, a mutant
No one believes in.

4. Color

Inner city streets to dirt road country farms
An emergency state of alert a siren sounds the alarm
A race war has erupted conflict between friends
Caught up in the raging battle siding with media trends

It's every man for himself a chaos of mass rioting
Forced to defend from your own people to kill those pirating
Division of the government political homicide
Pointing fingers at who's to blame without really knowing why

One man arose through the gray
With a consciousness unlike today's
His wisdom from dead
As he spoke this is what he said...

We call each other niggers, spics, Jewish assholes,
cracker, whitey, honkey bastards,
Yellow slant-eyed motherfuckers,
disregarding one-another
Fighting among social status,
hifalutent, bitchy, crab-ass, middle class,
yuppies, punks, Street-walking homeless drunks,
non-english speaking, stinking Arabs, homo, lezbo,
Bi, retardos, Catholic, Hindu, Christian, pagan...

The list of names goes on and on
Respect one another
We bleed the same color

5. X-iled

Two federal agents
From the FBI
Searching for the answers
Buried beneath the crimes
Investigation psychic activities
Paranormal incidents and strange anomalies

Bright lights from above
Lost time nine minutes down
Vanished without a trace
Nowhere to be found
Alien abductions
Contact that's been made
Like a cunning fox
Running from the hounds that chase

The truth is out there
And remember something:
Trust no one

X-iled X-iled
Driven by the guilt
From the past that's unforgiving
X-iled X-iled
It's been so long ago
That the memories are fading

Obscured by their deceit
Apology is policy
Cigarette smoking man
Government conspiracy

X-iled X-iled
Driven by the truth
And outcast by obsession
X-iled X-iled
One who seeks to find
While the other one denies
X-iled X-iled
Secret coded messages
Uncovered between the lines

6. Alexandria

With a seductive smile and a hypnotic gaze
I broke the silence and asked her name
She whispered in my ear
That there is only fear
Without hope or love for each other
I didn't need any hope I wasn't looking for love
I just needed a fix someone I could touch
I wasn't taking a chance on any type of romance
I just needed something
I bought the hotel room I knew that she was doomed
Like all the ones before another countless face
Caressing her pale skin
As smooth as porcelain
She undressed to reveal black lace
Pulling her close I felt her flesh
My not breath kissed her icy neck
Shot a chill down her spine
I knew the time was right
I will follow my intuition
Hold on tight and won't let go
With every breath I feel the tension
I just don't let it show
Each thrust, in time
I think I've crossed that line
I'm ready I'm ready
I'm gonna blow
To my surprise she knew the game
A selfish act, just wanted laid
Quietly she moaned John it's your turn
I thought what could it hurt
I wasn't fully aware of her sadistic intent
'Till she pulled out a whip then I knew what she meant
She tied me down and lit candles of red
And unleashed her fury
Each violent strike opened a wound
In ancient tongues she was consumed
On the wall a pentagram
While she took the seed of man
Alexandria you're a demon whore
A succubus a black hole
A deep void filled with passion
A wicked bitch a love assassin
An evil twist I can't resist the mistress of the damned
The stakes are high now I am damned
The stakes are high now I am doomed
My soul's at hand

7. Porcelain God

Four friends and a bottle of scotch
A game of quarters shoot''n down shots
Add a few beers and a bottle of wine
Stoned off my ass with tears in my eyes
3AM it was time to go home
Just one last drink tequila for the road
A pot of coffee caffeine for the ride
My bloodshot eyes gave no sign of life
Feeling no pain
Staring at space with beer goggles on
I tried to play it off like nothing was wrong
I staggered on the left and fell to one knee
Then somebody grabbed a hold of my keys
An angelic voice I heard from above
Man he's a mess he's really fucked up
Half crocked my head began to pound
Whirling in a circle spinning round and round

Boom I hit the floor
Passed out next to the door
My stomach started to churn
My throat began to burn
Everything started to spin
I knew I was going in
Crawling on all fours
I couldn't hold it anymore
Climb upon the altar and make your offering
Pray as you slobber I'll never do this again
Confess to all your sinning promise and even swear
Choking from the dry heaves gasping for precious air
Climb upon the altar and make your sacrifice
Spew chunks of bile hanging on for dear life
Bow to the porcelain God

8. Hunting Time

For everyday I live I get closer to my end
My youth stolen from the hands of time
What I took for granted has haunted like a phantom
Now a ghost that hides in the recess of my mind

The more I search for my prey
Slips through my grasp elusively hunting time
Withered and decaying alive but ever changing
As the years pull the flesh from my bones

The more I understand the enemy of man
I curse that wretched beast I loathe
The more I search for my prey
Slips through my grasp elusively

How could I lose the one thing that I dreamed
To become a man and kill the child I once believed
To think that I am dying slowly day by day
To feel its warm embrace like moths to a flame

The more I search for my prey
Slips through my grasp elusively

Hunting time
My youth has passed away
Hunting time
I didn't want to change
Hunting time
Don't let it slip away
Hunting time
Nothing stays the same

9. Download

64 terabytes of living memory
Integrated with genetic code
The entire race isn't free

Linked up to the INTERNET
A network holocaust
Now life is spent in cyberspace
The human soul is lost

Giga bauds of information
Transfer at light speed
Security retina scanned
Fiber optics is the way

Nana bots that alter life
That attack like germ warfare
Through the gates of big brother
The micro god is here

I won't take the implant
A barcode's not my name
Worldwide revolution
Through an ISDN
I run the streets like a dog
An outcast without hope
Carrying the virus
Destroyer of the code

I will download, download

10. Spells Death

In the darkness you can't hide
In the distance you can't run
I see inside your mind
I'm the darkest before the dawn

Vengeance is not the plan
Although I might bring you pain
One thing is for sure
And soon death you will endure

Deceive everyone at every chance
Excess greed it's your
Time erodes the end draws near
Hate explodes into your every fear

In the garden there was a conspiracy
That brought wrath for all eternity
For the promises that weren't kept
All of the spells your D.E.A.T.H.

Cloaked in black my eyes ablaze
I've come to steal your breath away
Like blowing out a candle
All of this spells your death

Emotionless I reap the field
Etched in stone your fate is sealed
I'm the guide between the realms of life and death
The choices you've made with the life you've had
Eden proved right the faults of man
My judgment not on how you lived

11. Dark Paradise

Five minutes and counting
I've just began to thirst
Anxiety crashing through me
Adrenaline burst
I hear the sound of thunder
A deafening mad roar
Apocalyptic chaos
I hear the sounds of war

I grab my Ax- six string attack

Hurried into the frenzy
Commanding tactfully
Bashing heads around me
A violent ecstasy
A means to crush the torment
To lash out of control
Banging skulls, swinging fists
Fighting to overthrow

I grab my ax-six string attack

A cry goes out for freedom
A man steps in- a hero
He takes the pain away-fulfilling lives today
A savior from the alternative

Dark paradise

Lou St. Paul - Guitars & Vocals
Den Hayes - Bass
Todd Bertolette - Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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