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1. A Mirror's Game

Forgotten since the baron’s death
Laying in the attic of the mansion
Unused, in the dust
The mirror's anger is growing
It can reveal the past and the future
The lies of the present
Even the blood stains
You just washed on your hands
A new owner settles down
A fallen legacy for the baron’s grand son
Discovering the mirror shining in the dark
“This piece of art should be for all to see”
Dare you come in?
My world of illusions?
Will you dare to come see,
What there was and what would be?
Finally free, it’ll release its bitterness
Enthroned in the biggest hall
Certainly the life turns into sheer nightmare
Frightening visions before their eyes
The mirror always shows its owner lies
Now face your ancestor’s sins
Brought in every room
The mirror never fails
Showing every tortures
Of the baron’s games
“It can’t be…
This is insane…
I am not like them…
Tell me what my fate is!”
Dare you come in?
My world of illusions?
Will you dare to come see,
What there was and what would be?
Finally free, it’ll release its bitterness
Enthroned in the biggest hall
“You’re not different
You’ll kill them all
Insanity can be so sweet
Do you want to break the chain?

2. The Mind Cave

In the cave of my mind
I enjoy the forbidden pleasures
between these silver walls
I chose to live in exile
My mind is a winter
Where the cold reigns supreme
Where snowstorms
Freeze the evils of my anger
My thoughts wander
In the dark maze I built
Wandering endlessly
Suffering eternally
Every day
I feed the beast
Who’s keeping my heart
In my cold and desert world
In the cave of my mind
I have erected statues
Between these silver walls
In honor of my fallen heroes
I aspire to the impossible
The return of the sublime greatness
To this narcissistic exuberance
Of the ancient conquerors
In the cave of my mind
The cold marries the night
Between these silver walls
Lies my tortured soul
The mournful howling of the wind
Join my lonely life
Voluntary prisoner
In a world that escapes me
The day will come when everything will explode
In millions of crystal blades
Shining like a comet tail
Tearing darkness of the night
The monster will be released
Ice Behemoth eager for revenge
Arising from the hell
“Make the mort resound!”
In the cave of my mind
My throne is made of ice
Between these silver walls
Forever I will stay alone

3. The Immortals

He’s the dawn of all things
Ymir the original being
Born from the heat and cold
Essence of the earth
From his body born daughters & sons
His arms embrace the world
Father of the frost giants
He's both birth and death
Thrown in the Ginnungagap
By Odin and his brothers
Between Niflheim and Muspelheim
The yawning abyss is now his grave
The deluge of his blood
Killed all of them but Bergelmir
The last of a kind
The proud grandson
Creation of the world from the wounds
Oceans of blood
Mountains of his bones
His flesh, the walls of Midgard
Now secluded by Odin
The Jötuns maintain their land
Morphing us into wolves
We’ll track down all intruders
We, giants of the lore,
Strong we stand tall
We master the frost and might
From Utgard our fortress of ice
No matter how hard you cry
Even Thor fell in Jötunheim
We, giants of the lore,
Strong we stand tall

4. Insanitarium

Louisville, 19th Century
Clouds and darkness
In an insanitary chamber
A scream in the night
Haunted by the memory
Of brutality and madness
The death lurks in corridors
She knows the truth
The rope was taut
The chair rocked
Her neck was broken
Her soul forever prisoner
The hill remembers again
Children who played on the grass
Their laughs, their singings
Their coughs, the blood on their hands
The train comes
The dead walks
Through the night
Their green wide open eyes
The little girl waits in the dark
She remembers
Like the others
The final operation, the most painful
The blood on the floor
The smile of the doctors
Buckle with straps to not move
Torn pieces of leather snatch
The chest opened in two
The saw that cut their ribs
She remembers the singings of the choir
All standing and circling
The refectory still smell good coffee
Although, there's nothing left
A fade light, the dripping of the water
Her shadow appears and disappears
In the middle of the night
The sounds of his steps resound in my head
Louisville, 19th Century
World of sadness
The moon shine
The girl cries
Smock and wine
The doctor smiles

5. D'ombres Et D'infini

Les vents soufflèrent fort
Portant leur terrible complainte
Les sirènes jaillirent des abysses
Arrogances, sublimes et mortelles
Le regard porté vers l’horizon
Rien n’échappe à leur ambition
Affrontant les vents et les marées
Conquérir le monde et ses secrets
Tandis que la brume enivrait la rive
Au crépuscule la lune vint éclairer le ciel
Le chaman sur l’autel le visage peint d’argile
Entonne un chant sacré dans le cerele de signes
Empire de glace et de pierre
Berceau des dieux légendaires
Mégaliches et voûte céleste
Terre du feu et urne funeste
Empire du froid et du vent
Des rituels païens envoutant
Etoiles et constellations
Témoignent de leurs adorations
Il consulte l’oracle
Selon la position des pléiades
Une étoile filante dans son sillage
Faire de poussieère et de gaz
Gorgée d’ombres et de marais
De forets vierges et de falaises
Les pieds enfouis dans la glaise
Ultime moment de vérité
Perdus au milieu de la vallée
Un monticule de corps sacrificés
Silence et austérité
Soldats aveugles de cupidité

6. Circus Of Freaks

Come out and see
Into this world that’ll soon be yours
Into the circus fantasy
Amongs magicians, clowns and lost infants
Haunted by the memory
Sadness, their sole chorus
Childhood, dead still as a doll
In a world of putrid smell
They laugh to tears
As the elephants roar
Despite their torn faces
Their smiles carved forever
Nothing here is the same
Their shattered lives now gone
Their shadows slowly tremble
On the great wader’s shoulders
The caravan’s now their sole home
No better, no worse
Throwing their smiles away
Leaving misery behind
And the carrousel spins
As those vultures who have haunted their days
Hunched back by the torments
Flesh gnawed by feces
Seel clouds are crying tears aloud
Keeping the dead souls torturer away
Painfully tearing out their rusty nails
Thrown carelessly to hell’s Cerberus
Come out and see
Into this world that now is yours
Give in to this sweet harmony
Thou shouldn't suffer again

7. The Stray

Slowly awakening
On the ground in forest
I can barely stand
The icy bite of winter is tearing my flesh

Few steps ahead
Hidden among the trees
Corpses unlighted by thin moonbeams
Pale faces in pain, they found no peace in death

Getting close, staring at their eyes
Their mouths frozen in silent cries
I know each and every one of them
I remember the pain

Jealousy, tortured me
Sadness, transformed me
Hypocrisy, angered me
Rancor, fed me

Frustration, mutilation
The faded color of my eyes
Powerless in front of the lie
My rage is waking up

In my back sounds of gluttony
I turn in around to face a different me
Weak with emaciated face
Suddenly I fall in the abyss

Jealousy, tortured me
Sadness, transformed me
Hypocrisy, angered me
Rancor, fed me

Pale faces in pain,
Pale faces in death

8. The Ancestral Ritual

They walk in the darkness of the night
Wandering in the last glimmer of envy
Torn between desire and madness
Alone in the heart of the sleeping forest
The temple along the bank
Made of cob and stone
Attracts those whom
Life has given no son
The cawing of crows
Shears silence of twilight
Suspended above the blast
A purple veil evaporates in the air
Kneeled down on the marble floor
Worshipping the goddess of fertility
Through kisses and offerings
As their mothers once did
As deities coming from Olympus
On a lighter pace, barely touching the ground
These nubile are slowly caressing their soft skin
Waving their sensual curves
Out of darkness come the Taurus and Aries
Lured by the milk flowing from their breasts
The Beasts come to feast
Thus ends the pagan ritual

9. Beyond The Wall

In the North, the great wall of ice
The refuge of those who chose the black
Those who left their past
To join the Night Watch
Winter is coming
Freezing lands numbing bodies
Beyond the wall the others are waiting
Soon they will break it out
Poor kids mixed with villains
Hardly carrying swords too big for them
“They train without knowing what’s growing”
For this bastion they’ll fall protecting
Surrounded by a threat colder than death
He only sees armors glittering in the moonlight
“They’re getting closer in a horrible whistling”
And the sword-trusts rain in bluish halo
Winter is coming
Freezing lands numbing bodies
Beyond the wall the others are waiting
Soon they will break it out
Scarlet tears drop
On the snow-covered ground
The leather attires
Soaked in flesh and blood
A blue light will shine
From the bottom of his pupils
He will come to furnish the ranks of the army
That no longer fears the steel
Winter is coming

10. Legion Of Souls

From the top of the hill
He scans the horizon
Witnessing the march of two masses
About to collide
What will be left of us?
When we’ll be dead for your cause
Will you remember us?
When you’ll raise your crown
He’s the harvester of souls
Lurking in the shadow
I can hear the drums in the distance
The wind is blowing harder
Just before the attack
What will remain of our memories?
When on the throne
The gold will shine
Reddened by the blood of the men
The storm stokes the rage of men
Changing their face into death masks
Each move brings the pain
Pulling out their feet from the icy mud
Butchery knows his time of glory
When the golden eagles get trampled
The eyes of wolves shine in this cold night
Chimaeras and ravens slowly awake from the stones
They’ll be mine!
Faithful souls on my side!
“Vocavi vos a mortuis
Trado arbitrium ultionis
Jungere hunc nos
Mutate vos animalia noctis
Dabo salve vobis
Dabo potestatem vobis
Venite ad me fideles bellatores
Non timedis dolor“
You will remember us
When you’ll be praying for compassion
You’ll feel sorry but not us
When we’ll show our fangs
We feed us from your fear
Revenge is our glory
The cold has shielded our hearts
We forgot the pity
There is no chance to escape
To leave our darkness
I welcome the dead
Those died in vain
For a promise made
I welcome the dead
Wolves to hunt them down…
Chimaeras, to smash them up…
Ravens, to tear them apart…
We are our legion

11. The Upcoming Chaos

Clash of the waves
The thundering storm
I have returned to the sea
To watch the roaring masses of clouds
The gods have obscured the sun
Creating an overwhelming celestial dome
The ground shook and broke in millions
Releasing the underworlds amongst men
Clash of the waves
The thundering storm
I have returned to the sea
To watch the roaring masses of clouds
They spread the great disease
A plague blacker than coal
Darkening skins and groaning hearts
The eyes as vain as the minds
The devastation is complete
The seas have engulfed the lands
And from the heights
I behold
“I witness the destruction of this world
And there is nothing I can do
I cry seeing it destroyed
These forces I loved
These mountains I respected
The fall of men would have been enough
But they’re rather chosen chaos”
Since everything have disappears
And all is lost
I can’t refrain from thinking
To those responsible
Do you hear the cries of those poor creatures
Swept away by the blind waves
Can we talk about sadness and suffering
Since even the souls have ceased to be

12. Beyond The Wall (Orchestral)

[Digipak Bonus Track, Instrumental]

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