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1. Resurrection Of The Wild

Every move that we make are for our own sake
You see yourself in the eye of others,
Why the hell do you bother?

You are the civil man dying for a Promised Land
I live in the wilderness to avoid human emptiness

Firstborn in the hall of the mountain
Wandering through the endless woods
Surviving on weaker creatures
This solitary ambience feels so good

With love for myself I have no need for pride
I avoid human contact I live my own life
Your aggressive and selfish fright,
Keep you awake every night

You hide in the shadows from the past
But the past resurrects and makes the pain last
Wounds from times best forgotten
Are reopening with a smell so rotten

In the hours of despair
When wounds open and grief overwhelms
You close your eyes and cherish moments
From a simple yet so perfect time
When anxiety didn't haunt your mind

A variety of choices
Multiplicity of stupidity
Either path chosen
Lead in the same direction
The abyss seem unavoidable
For the man without affections

2. Martyrium

Gje han evig kvile
Gje han sjelefred
Gje han sælt minne
Martyrium evig liv
Gir ein heila livet
Martyrium da blir

Vis han evig kvile
Vis han sjelefred
Pris hans sæle minne
Pris han evig liv
Martyrium da måtte skje

Atjan hondra lik drive rundt i fjorden
Da skjine i lunke blod under Hogen
Men ein e gjennom Dauden boren
Med Gudane han e foren

[English translation:]

Give him eternal rest
Give him peace of mind
Remember his life with glory
Martyrium eternal life
Give your entire
Martyrium will come

Show him eternal rest
Show him peace of mind
Praise his glorious memory
Praise him eternal life
Martyrium it had to happen

Eighteen hundred bodies drift in the fjord
The lukewarm blood shines under the hill
But one is through death carried
He has gone with the Gods

3. Despot

Seduced by the fire of power
Blessed with the gift of deception
I will become the reigning master
Fullfilling my desires for perfection

My strength is your comfort, your shield and protection
Your godly awe is my injection

So easy to tell you what you want to hear
Even easier to hide my actions
Using the gift of rhetoric
I drown you with my complications

Through a perversion of liberty I offer you monarchy
In the name of reality I give you tyranny

By the filth I reign, conquer and deceit
Building my empire on your defeat
A mission, a vision of a dark desire
Using your fear as fuel for my fire

Bow! I am the master, you are the puppet in my game
Die! I control your laughter, you worship my name
Clever as the fox, strong as a beast
I am the puppeteer reigning on fear

I create the fear I produce the enemy
You give me pleasure and sovereignty
There are many truths, I chose narcissistic one
By the time you see my nature,
I am long gone

4. Blodssvik

Ait helvetes svik
Ait avvik frao tru og æra
Ei handling utan omsut
Ei grueleg bør å bera

Naor da e so mørkast
Naor natti ikkje bli te dag
Dao e da lett å faddla i freisting
Dao e da lett for sviket å fao tak
Da e i dissa stunde ein lyte visa ken ein e
Da e i slike stunde sjeli vele veg

Ao oss ha du faott tryggleik
Ao oss ha du faott styrke
Vele du å fara ut med andre
Dao e valet gjort
Ætti dan e alt, du e ingenting
Leigge du ni sverdet e da ait blodssvik

Da ekje lett å velja, og valet kan verta hardt å svelja
Svik ein ætti ao veitskap og manglande mot
Dao e sjeli fordømde, og ein kan ikkje gjera bot

I mørke ao sorgi itte ættdlinagdns fall
Kretsa åtsle i kring og plyndra vaor gard
Itte generasjona me slit, skal me kjempa
For garden skal atter drivast ao Kvåle ætti

[English translation:]

[Betrayal Of Blood]

A hellish betrayal
A deviation from faith and honour
An action without consideration
A horrible burden to carry

When it's at its darkest
When night never turns to day
It's easy to fall into temptation
It's easy for treachery to get a grip
It's in these times one must show who they are
It's in these times that the soul chooses its path

From us you got protection
From us you got power
If you choose to leave with others
The choice is done
The bloodline is everything, you are nothing
To put down the sword is a betrayal of blood

It's not easy to choose, and the choice can be hard to swallow
If one betrays the bloodline by weakness and lacking courage
Your soul is doomed, and one cannot make amends

In the darkness of sorrow after the bloodline's fall
Scavengers flock around and loot our farm
After generations with hard labour, we shall fight
For the farm shall once again be driven by the Bloodline of Kvåle

5. Fagning

Merka ha de faott at landet uten konge har gaott
Saknet itte grid e stort I slik ein krig
Harde tider ha da vore for landet
Men trast e alt ved da gamle

Da e Fanden han trur pao han Sverre
Med sine meinrao og kunster
Men Fanden e slik gir framleik ei tid
Men pao slutten endast svik

Mot Sverre Prest da drepast skal
Staole skakje neri slirao kvila
Likehendte ke so føre oss bli drepe
La Saongdøledne herska over eige rike

Gudane me lovar å fao seieren I hamn
Ikkje vil eg bera kongsnamn I slik eit land
Dar lausungar kreve krunao
Med våpen I hand
Da e uvandt I å skifta mat åt hund og ramn

Ilske gjerningar samvitet hans rir
Inga elenda ugjort da svir
Bøtast da mao prisen e sæle
Dyrt da e å herja kristna land med eld

[English translation:]


You've experienced the land without a king
The longing for free passage is great in such a war
Hard times there have been for this country
But still all remain like in old times

It's the Devil Sverre believes in
With his knowledge and dark arts
But the Devil only supports you for a while
In the end betrayal awaits

Against Sverre Priest killings shall come
The steel will not rest in its sheath
Indifferent to what gets killed in front of us
Let the people of Sogndal rule their own kingdom

We promise the Gods to secure the victory
I will not bear the king's name in such a land
Where bastard sons can claim the crown with weapon in hand
It's unusual to feed dogs and ravens

Horrible actions torment his mind
No horrible deed undone, it hurts
Payback awaits your good health is the price
Costly it is to ravage Christian lands with fire

6. On The Mountain Of Goats

The Mountain of Goats I shall reign
A sight where hate gains
A sight where evil reigns
The mountain of Goats

Under the sign of the Devil
Chanting our song to reach a new level
Preparing a kingdom worthy a throne
Seated by me, me alone

With rape as means I'll breed
Securing the throne with the sperm that we need
My throne will survive with terror and fear
Constant aware that the traitors are near

A path of evil a river of blood
Shed for me because I'm God
Unleash the Devil within me
All this for me because I am the King

On the Mountain of Goats I shall reign
Hordes will toture and kill in my name
My kingdom and throne will continue to grow
As the Devil continues to feed on my soul

7. Dauden

Sognafjorden ligge mørke og blanke
Møddlo viddle fjeddl
Braott so lyse so lyse fjorden opp
Frao himmedl høyre ein tordenskreddl
Eit dimt lys so bli klarare mot land
Lyset vise veg
Pao gravferdsdagen e da dar baoten vi sigla
Dao e da likferd

Feigdaklokkene kime, dao veit ein ke so venta
Dauden e komen, kem e da han ska henta?

Lagnadstundi e komen, dauden ha sendt bod
No ska livet enda, no e da tid for sorg

Uglao site å remje pao take
Dao veit ein da ekje noken veg tebake
Feigdi ha varsla at ho inkån skal henta
Eg veit kem, men lyte berre venta
Dinna dagen so addle frykta
Frao dinna dagen kan ingen flykta
Ao jord e ein komen te jord skal ein bli
Kroppen e daue, men sjeli e fri

Dagen dan e komenm da e dommedagen min
Livet mitt ha enda, eg ha visna inn
Eg kjempa ti eg daua, men kampen blei for hard
No e mi tid ute, eg ha faddle I dag

Feigdaklokkene kime, dao veit ein ke so venta
Dauden e komen, da e meg han ska henta

[English translation:]


The Sognefjord lies gloomy and still
Between wild mountains
Abruptly the fjord lights up
From the skies, thunderous roars can be heard
A dim light becomes clearer towards land
The light shows the way
On the day of the funeral, that's where the boat will sail
Then the procession will be

The deathbells are tolling, then one knows what awaits
Death has arrived, who is he taking away?

The time of fate has come, Death has sent its bid
A life will soon end, the time sorrow is now

The owl is screeching at the roof
One knows then that there is no way back
Death has warned that he will take someone away
I know whom, but I will have to wait
This day they all fear
From this day none can flee
Earth to earth, dust to dust
The body is dead, but the soul is free

The day has come, Judgement day is mine
My life has ended, I've withered away
I fought on 'til I died, but the struggle became too much
My time has run out, I fell today

The deathbells are tolling, then one knows what awaits
Death has arrived, it is I he's taking away

8. Ætti Mørkna

Å bli staoande slik med husbonden vekke
Ingen son, ingen mann, ikkje nokon gard
Ken kan no hemna Arntor den rake
Vil åtti nokongang fao æra attendes

Sviken ao mange sviken ao eigne
Keleis gjekk da til møste alt I ei vending
Visse pao seier huga til krig
Ufatteleg å tapa ba alder om grid

Grådige tunger godset misunner
Høgsetet lokkar meir enn sæle
Trui at rangen til banemannen fann
Skapte splid innåt setet millom svake træler

Ærenamnet rissast naor sogao skal rissast

Ken kunde vita ke ufatteleg mykje
Banehogget til Arntor hadde å sei
Stort da e å vera konge med rike
Men betre å vera mann utan å ha svike

Visse på seier huga til krig
Men I tapet ulma splid
Æra sett tå spel for ætti
Mao likhauga mørkna føre soli

[English translation:]

[The Bloodline Fades]

To be left like this with the master gone
No son, no man, no farm
Who will now avenge Arntor the proud
Will the bloodline ever reclaim its honour?

Betrayed by many, betrayed by their own
How did this happen, lost everything on a whim
Assured of victory, wanting war
Inconceivable to lose, never asked for pardon

Greedy tounges covet the estate
The throne entices more than the good health
The belief that the killer's rank was found
Created schisms between weak thralls

The honourous name is carved together with the saga

Who could know how unfathomably much
The killing blow of Arntor would account for?
It's great to be a king with a kingdom
But it's better to be a man of no treachery

Ken kunde vita ke ufatteleg mykje
Banehogget til Arntor hadde å sei
Stort da e å vera konge med rike
Men betre å vera mann utan å ha svike

Assured of victory, wanting war
But in defeat separation awaits
The honour is put at stake for the bloodline
May burial mounds darken before the sun

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Thanks to adrian.olset for sending tracks ## 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 English translation.
Thanks to igorvenancio96 for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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