Dark Lyrics


1. Battle For The Sky

[Lyrics by: Jordy / Steve]

Luna grew tired of sharing her domain
Sol despises her and has much to gain
Their followers don armor and prepare for war
For they fight for their gods with blood-soaked swords

"We fight with malice in our hearts!
With blades we flay them to their parts!
The sun god shall never survive
For Luna demands that he die!"

The women and children refuse to wait at home
When they know it's a sin that they can not atone
Fear in their hearts; but loyal to the sky
For they know that they are being sent to die!

Luna seeks to end the light of days
And have night forever to reign
So sun and moon shall collide
For this the battle for the sky

The gift of fire
Sol's men grow tired
But he shows druids
The art of pyres

Burning of her followers
Luna then reacts
Freezing opposers
Dead where they stand
Mortal corpses pile high
In the now crimson sand
God's war takes its toll
On the world of man

And now that the war is done
Between the gods of moon and sun
They stare each other in the eye
Realization that they can't die

Their followers, now all dead
Carrion birds feast on their heads
Fallen friends, all they see
Their creation of misery
An attempt which can't be done
To eliminate moon or sun
But they must co-exist
For their nature demands this

2. Between Stagnation And Infamy

[Lyrics by: Jordy]

I find myself in chains
Trapped in my own shame
Mind and body, slaves
To the world we make


I live a life of immediacy
Since I can't find a way to be free


I can't find a way
To escape my brain
To escape my name
To escape my shame


I will escape
I will defeat
Men are as gods
Despite our flaws

We fight our flaws!
I can see the new way
Progress is its name
But with good comes shame


The choice is but one that is hard to make
Between stagnation and infamy


3. Lords Of The Sea

[Lyrics by: Jordy / Tristan]

We sail, to slaughter
Across the seas we shall wander
To take what it is that we please
And leave the weak to grieve

Freedom is our decree
So we take to the sea
On the seas we die
Black flags to the sky

Rape, pillage with musket in hand, we are the lords of the sea
Looting all of value, we cheer in victory
Rape, pillage, with treasure in mind, we are the lords of the sea
Across the oceans we travel in the name of anarchy

Fight, die, drink, capsize!
Our captain is a fool
So mutiny shall rule
Now he walks the plank
To the depths he sank

Rape, pillage with musket in hand, we are the lords of
the sea
Looting all of value, we cheer in victory
Rape, pillage, with treasure in mind, we are the lords
of the sea
Across the oceans we travel in the name of anarchy


"In search of rum and riches
And that we like a lot 'ta
We better equip, we better our ship
Already feared by armadas!

With wind in our hair and salt in the air
We are the lords of the sea!
We take your riches and bang your bitches,
The pleasures of anarchy!"

We sail the seas of victory...

4. Epistemological Conundrum

[Lyrics by: Jordy]


Searching for meaning
Finding nothing
There must be a way

But we must
Invent a way

A clash of thunder
I remember
A time asunder
Minds dismembered
Confusing thoughts of entropy
Metaphysical canopy
Universal consciousness
Stipulated fallacy

Searching for meaning
Yet, we must create!
Label the unknown
To create your fate

Label the unknown
Make it your own

Finding meaning in nothing, create a lie to believe
Create our world in hopes we could become something
But yet, we can, we have, we will, for we fight for the truth
Finding something in nothing is anything that you choose

Nothing is not something, yet it is a possibility
We can create the world to be whatever we wish it to be

Create your truth to be your tool
But be careful, life is fatal

Reality does not care for your cruel despair
Its existence is not contingent on your preferences

You can not escape
But you can mold fate

Labeled unknown
Once called a god
Archaic understanding
But we must label it
Despite the label's flaws

5. Sleeper Awakes

[Lyrics by: Jordy]

[Act 1, Scene 1]
The Sleeper speaks from regions unknown:

[Scene 2]
The King's General has had a dream,
a dream verified by all the wise men of the kingdom of having the marks of prophecy.
The General enters the throne room, and kneels before his king.

[King of the Western Kingdom:]
"Now, what did you see?
What did you dream?

[General of the Western Kingdom:]
"My vision cleared upon a tranquil day
Encircling a castle, far away
A kingdom of riches and prosperity
Enveloped by our troops, raised by me
The Kingdom of the North shall fall to thee
And with it we'll control the sea
Travel to far, new kingdoms in prosperous lands
To the Eastern Kingdom of desert sands!"

[King of the Western Kingdom:]
"Now you know what must be done
Leave at the first sign of sun!"

[Act 2, Scene 1]
The General stands with his troops atop a hill, encircling the Western Kingdom.
The General speaks to his troops.

[General of the Western Kingdom:]
"Storm the gates, onward, to arms
No restraint, they must suffer
Ah, but wait, they fortify the basement
What's encased? Of importance?
Now I see, I recall a memory
From my dream, I recollect an ending
Storm the gates, through the basement
They'll retreat, we are the victors!"

[Scene 2]
The General sits alone, huddled against a tree.
His memories of the battle wreak havoc on his mind and come in incoherent spurts.

[The General of the Western Kingdom:]
"Storm the gates!"

[Soldier of the Northern Kingdom:]
"The Sleeper awakes!"

[Peasant of the Northern Kingdom 1:]
"What have you done?"

[Peasant of the Northern Kingdom 2:]
"We're free from its dreams!"

[Peasant of the Northern Kingdom 3:]
"The Sleeper awakes!
Now you'll see
Take our misery!"

[Act 3, Scene 1]
The General has returned to his Kingdom.
Bodies litter the streets and the moans of the dying fill the air.
He enters his King's throne room, to find it spattered with blood and littered with corpses.
None of the corpses are identifiable, just husks of eviscerated flesh.

"No! I tried to reach our kingdom,
But, alas, the demon has reached them
Now I have nothing to live for,
I'll take my life with my sword!"

The Sleeper appears, its hideous visage staring into the General of the Western Kingdom 's soul.
He cowers in fear, and it speaks:

"No, not yet, you shall not expire
The host I desire
Your destiny, to be my slave
Until the day I find your grave!"

6. Behind Her Eyes

[Lyrics by: Rex Lupis]

Yearning -- for her touch
Waiting -- for her heart
Bleeding -- for my loss
Hating -- what we are

Who are you, now? What could you be?
A beast so foul or a beauty?
Memories start to taint me
I ignore all I can see
To conserve a memory
From a time when I was happy
An illusion, what you tell me
This demon is all I see

For you -- I walk away again
For me -- try to comprehend
For honour -- I do not speak a word
For I know -- my words are never heard

Finding - your true form
Revolting - what you are
A sadist -- needs comfort from the weak
As she -- devours hopes and dreams

I can see you becoming
I can see your dreams
I can see inside you
And wish I couldn't see
To see a beast so foul
Out of such virtue
Finally breaks my denial
There's no love for you

Your true nature becomes you
As you rape my dreams
You are not of virtue
Just playing a game
Lies spoken to feed your ego
So that it might swell
But what I've found

Time with you is hell

7. Steel Resounds

[Lyrics by: Jordy / Tristan]

Looking into what it is that they have done
Finding faith in suffering and life beyond
"The meek shall inherit all of the earth"
A lie told to all the sheep of no worth

Rewarded by death
Condemned by guilt
Waiting for God
Finding their flaws

You can never restrain me
Vicious acts of piety
Pain, death all for thee
Steel resounds across the sea

Loving, hating in their world of comas
Loving, hating all for their God
Hating, writhing in this world of comas
Hating, writhing, march to kill their God

Synapses fire in unison
Hate for life, pride a sin
Now we shall gather arms
For we march to kill their God!

Steel resounds
Angels fall
As we march
To kill their God
In their hopes
In their dreams
Is the meaning!

Steel resounds
On this frozen land
Where i was born to this earth
It will take
All our strength
To achieve victory

Loving, hating, in their world of comas
Loving, hating; servants to their God

You can never restrain me
Your God's death, our victory!
Will to believe I've seen through
You just want us all like you

Pain in life
Virtue is strife
Fearing death
Afraid it ends?

Singing songs of victory we find ourselves in a fury
Fighting for what we hope and dream, again
Against the hordes of synapses
And dead minds in a relapse
We fight for human victory, our names!

Their God
Must die
The lie
Must die

8. The Curse Of Thrones

[Lyrics by: Jordy]

Rotting in their graves
Their heirs still enslaved

Beheld by their spell
The curse of royal birth
The slaves, those who live:
Their heirs- their minds, their ears!

"I've heard them in dreams
Speaking, words obscene
Ruling, all my will
Surely, to rule is Hell!"

Enthralled by the dead
Their whims the Kings are fed
Their acts controlled by force
The wills of kings: remorse

In the face of death
A king's regret
A spell once cast
The curse now lasts

Now the curse of thrones
All his kin have known
The force of his will
And those who would die still

"The Kings, they speak
To me in sleep
Their will, I can't evade
In thoughts, I must obey..."

9. Bards Tale

[Lyrics by: Jordy]

Once, a time ago
The bard travelled far
And wrought his tale
Which became his scar

Listen here, hear his tale of spectral hate
He must speak, he has no time, no time to wait
Walking through the dark woods he found his fate
To be controlled from within, from his hate

He was confronted by a spirit of hate
Infused with its memories of rape
To become what he once forbade

Broken hearts, broken dreams, tattered fates
The bard recoiled in his fear, he knew Her name

She spoke to him, sickly words, he must obey
"Follow me, spread my word, spread my name
Spread my hate, tell the world, and you'll escape
From my wrath, but onto them it shall be placed"

Now the bard has no choice, but to be enslaved by hate
Finding that he's lost his will he resigns his own fate

Tool of hate
Spreading her name
Spreading his shame

"Now you've heard my suffering
Now you'll feel my dreams
For her name was Straphafine
And now you'll feel my pain!"

10. The Artifact

[Lyrics by: Jordy / Steve]

[Act 1]
[Scene 1]
The Dark General gathers surrounds the King's castle in his campaign of conquest and destruction.
He cries out his call of war:

Scene 2: Inside the King's throne room.
The King sits upon his throne next to his chancellor.
Several servants stand before them.

[Servant 1:]
"From the north they attack
Our men can only fall back
From the scourge of their blades
The Eastern tower has been raised!
Our men die like flies
But they gladly give their lives
To your cause, to your name
But they bring the darkened flame!"

[Servant 2:]
"With the darkened flame
They will take
All our dreams!
With the darkened flame
They will take
What we need!
With the darkened flame
They will take
All our goals!
With the darkened flame
They will take
All our souls!


"Fight back! Attack! Bar the gates!
We cannot give away
All that they have died for
So, now, draw our swords!"

"The artifact is our hope, is our dream!
If we can possess it we shall see
What it means to be a living god!
Then we shall see who it is that shall fall!"

[The King smiles grimly, he speaks darkly:]
"We can't use that
Slave to the artifact!"

The King unsheathes his sword and impales his Chancellor, leaving his corpse on the floor.
The servants leave quickly, and the King returns to his throne, staring at the corpse of his comrade with a look of deep despair.

Scene 3: The Dark General rides his black steed across the field of dead,
dismembering all that stand in his way and allowing his Dark Mages to burn the still living and writhing with the Dark Flame,
devouring their souls and fueling the Machine of War.

[The Dark General:]
"Tonight! We'll die!
Tonight! We'll fight for their lives!
Tonight! We'll take all their eyes!
Tonight! We'll make them die!"

[Act 2]
[Scene 1:]
The King drags his chancellor's body down a hidden passage from his throne room, trailing blood and entrails.
He speaks to himself in an attempt to calm his conscience.

"Why do I fight the Call of They?"

Scene 2: The King's armies sing a hymn to remember
battles against such scourges in the past and to
increase their dwindling morale.

"In times of great unrest
Comes a searing from the sky
Ten-thousand things borne to die
Fire scorched earth
Oblivion sent from up high."

[Scene 3:]
The King continues down the narrow passageway.
He approaches a wall marked with runes and sings a hymn:

"Oh! Ancient Ones!
Open the gate!
Take this life and feed it to
The artifact
So that
We may
Live to see
Another day

The wall glows and a door opens.
Inside is a strange object floating above a pedestal with impossible dimensions: angles that seem to be against the laws of mathematics and lacking any discernible, true extension.
The artifact glows, and a voice speaks:

[The Voice of They:]
"So, at last, you've returned
We knew that you had not spurned
Our gift of the gods
But you must obey our laws
Feed us souls, feed us pain
Or the army shall remain
To feast upon your men's souls
To give us what is owed!"

The King presents the body of his once close friend, his chancellor.

"I give to you a sacrifice I have made
Now, in return, give to me what I crave
Bring forth the fire from up above
Remove this plague from around my castle walls!"

The artifact buries itself into the dead, still warm flesh of the corpse.
It is slowly "eaten" with sickening sucking sounds and the sounds of bones snapping as the body contorts and is absorbed.

[The Voice of They:]
"Now do not think you're free
You can't resist the pain!
We will not tolerate
Insolence; so don't betray!"

Outside the castle walls the sky turns red and the King's men cheer.
Armageddon rains upon the Dark Army, demolishing them completely.
The Dark General is crushed by a flaming boulder, and his army is obliterated.
Inside the Chamber of the Artifact, the artifact floats back to its pedestal and the King collapses in despair.
The wall's door closes and the King cries to himself.

[Act 3]
[Scene 1:]
The King sits upon his throne, livid and depressed.
He dismisses his servants for some time alone with his thoughts.
He speaks aloud:

"Why do I survive?
Why don't I take this knife?
Why don't I take my life?"

The King unsheathes a blade and buries it in his own heart.
From the hidden chamber the artifact can be heard unleashing a terrible scream,
for it has lost its servant and connection to this world to feed its lust for suffering and power.
The King smiles as the life-blood drains from his body. He dies.
Fade to black....

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