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1. The Trapper

From the mists of time to Aklavik in July,
Came a trapper to the banks of the rat river
Albert Johnson, set up camp
And soon he tampered with traps
Mischief would go unanswered,
And mounties followed in his steps
Refusing to be watched, the trapper made his point
The mounties returned two days later unready to fight
One man gunned down, the trapper in dangerous now
They return to their homes to summon their fellows
The trapper must be caught!
He could see them coming, down the path
The rat river trapper was on the attack .
Nine armed men, explosives in hand, and a score of dogs
In his foxhole, He would hold them off
Leave home, destined for the woodlands and the winds
Wisdom, knowing what must be done to live
Hunted, through the wild like a wounded animal,
Withstand, the elements and conquer the mountain
Unlikely hero
The trapper withstood them all
Following the caribou tracks,
The trapper would go unnoticed
His only deviation from his methods
Would be his downfall
Caught by surprise,
He was gunned down, shot nine times
Ended, will survive

2. Shield Of Stone

Behold in awe, the land forged from the flames of Gods .
Ancient volcanic soil gives birth, to hills
Of Oak, Spruce, Pine, Maple arid Birch,
Minerals await discovery under the crystal clearness,
Of a northern sky,
Glacially carved, through billions of dawns from our
Farthest lands north, and south to great lakes,
The Laurentian plateau, a shield of archaean plates,
For millions of years, weathered by the ruin,
This shield of stone is held strong over an aeon of
Tectonic supremacy, where the rock is at its thickest,
The Boreal covers miles, untouched by our hands,
Pre-Cambrian plates of distinction, Kazan, James,
Hudson, Davis, The Laurential Uplands,
In the stone, A song awaits the hammer fall,
The ground beneath it sunders as landscapes form,
Shifting plates the shape of Earth s geology
Changing shapes as borders move and boundaries form,
Yet existence will thrive, creatures will live and die,
The trees will drink the sod, for all time,
Encouraging the process to go on, nothing can be done,
Its strength wont be undone,
Can you feel the fire inside of it?
It will burn away the stone so that strength can flow
Forever from its source, the conflict of the Earth
Trembling underneath, the ground is out of sync,
A conflict inside, the plates will collide,
Yet existence, will thrive, creatures will live arid die,
Trees will drink the soil, for all time,
The laws of life have no rules, and require
None to govern them. Shield of Stone

3. Where Men Fear To Build

This is folly said the kings of sunrise,
Men are dying with their fears, realised,
Where men fear to build,
His mind had faded in his tomb of stone,
Lips were withering, forgotten and old,
Stillness enhances the overwhelming cold,
Voices of the wild, tame tomorrow
The days cut into the bark of trees,
Years etched deep to roots of steel, Comforting was this thorn in his side,
It pierced the skin only to poison his hide
And yet this calling doubt in my mind,
I am summoned,
Into the storm we ride
Be of the blood of the Earth,
Where men of inconceivable worth,
Born in the days of old,
He rides on wings of cold,
A sage of forgotten why?
With white hair and wrinkled face,
He satisfied his greed and gave into his need,
To go where men fear to build
Barred gate, way out locked,
“Not Pathway, unfurl!”
Upon the summit lay the throne of the world

4. Divonioan Ascention

Born of primordial waste Stunted limbs,
Misshapen shape Tetrapods!
The one's, from which we all have grown
A species who's genes will inherit globe
Blown in from under a dry ocean haze
Petrified and fossilized the shards of our rate
Tetrapods! Distant cousins are all of us They must protect their young, but how?
Swelling tides, under webbed feet
Teeth evolving info weapons so
Their offspring can eat Tetrapods,
Fight against the undertoe
The age of the fishes, left in the waters below
Hide amongst the newfound trees
Escape from the ancient beasts
Who dwell in the seas Tetrapods,
Relief upon the virgins shores
A Paleozoic era to behold!
Feed and breed
Bite to the bone
And split it in two
They must be smart
To get to the marrow
Crawl on to land
Then learn how to run
Before you can walk
Don't ever stop evolving

5. The Stars Like Dust

I can see the source of forever
Bravely hiding behind the blackness
Extended open sky above our heads .
The stars they float like dust
They hang like birds in the breeze
Slow moving, receding, deceiving,
They're moving at a phenomenal rate
The Stars, like dust, encircle me
In living mists of light
The stays they thrive like dust
They shine with great intensity
Unyielding, overpowering
They make up every atom in me
The stars they die like dust
In time they'll change they way we see
Perception, never changing
It's not who you are or what you believe
They transcend night and day they stretch
For what seems forever more
Look up and feel their gaze this is what we came for
All things will be comprised, star dust, it's not just celestial
I stand, I see, I live, I breathe, I live, I can, I am
The Stars

6. Trench Raider

Under the cover of night,
Storm troopers will strike
Trench raiders bring shock and bring awe
Belt full of grenades
Rifles on back
Canadian corps
Plan their attack
Meticulous plan
Maximum death
The trench raider demands respect
Enemy unnerved
Shift of power turned
Flying flesh their alarm
To unforgiving harm
Meticulous plan
Brings certain death
The trench raider demands respect
Maximum Death!
Under the cover of night,
Storm troopers will strike
'French raiders bring shock and bring awe

7. To Our Glorious Dead

Revealed, the plan to over take the ridge
It was an ambitious plan indeed .
Could not repeat failures at Somme
Chances, they had only one, they could not falter
A fire broke out in the sky, the sound of 10, 000 thunders
The senses now smitten
Their trenches would reduce to mud
And fill with blood and limbs,
And forward they'd march up the ridge
To follow the creeping barrage of molten steel
Pulverized yet threads of resistance remain
Moving forward they'd mop up with relative ease
To the west, battalions were not keeping pace
Reinforcements would be needed to ensure
They would overcome
As they gazed upon it, the barren land in siege
The surreal bombardment, the world had never seen
The enemy crushed, by their cunning and foresight
To invoke the honour, of our forefathers plight
For they would achieve, what they could not
Canopy of steel, their guiding light
Steadily forward, we move with ease
Our soldiers head out, stalwart from green
When the soldiers looked down from the ridge top
And look on the view from on high
Victorious voices would echo
Songs of glory and pride, our nation was truly horn
To our glorious dead we pay homage
You showed the world our mettle
And forged Canadian pride

Peter Weinrauch — Bass
Tristram — Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Maelgad — Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Black — Drums

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