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1. Chapter I: Nautical Departure

On the sea I lose myself
My mind spills upon the waves
In the distance there is an oncoming storm

Returning home from a battle won
Women raped and slaughtered
The horrors I've seen
would make your eyes bleed
Bodies torn asunder

On the sea I lose myself in darkness
I fade away (fade away)
I have seen my family laid to rest
And I know that I will soon be with them

As I depart from sanity
Compelled by vengeance inside my heart
As I think back to the terrors I've seen
I promise you my loved ones this
I will destroy everything
That enters into my path

My blade comes to vanquish thee
My enemies will fall to their knees
Blood will destroy everything
I will take them to their final resting place

Soon my revenge will take its hold
When I finally unsheathe my blade
My memories will be avenged
But the storm stands in my way

Revenge will come my beloved ones
Revenge will come by my hand
Revenge will come the almighty one
Revenge will come fall into the hands of grace

2. Chapter II: Calm Before The Storm

As our hero and his fleet make their way across the sea, he knows he's sailing into impending doom.
The oncoming sea storm is going to be a violent fight against mother nature. These types of storms have also been know to awaken blood thirsty sea creatures from the depths, that will feast on him and his men.
None of that matters. All that matters is getting to the land of the tyrant and destroying his evil.
For now, they prepare for battle in this calm before the storm....

3. Chapter III: Untimely Arrival

The wave comes crushing my men
Creatures from the abyss will be our end
The storm has hit us, my fleet is in ruins
Our death is imminent, I'll be joining you soon

The enemy overruns my ship
I have to slay them all, saber through the flesh
Their blood stains the deck, it's beautiful to me
Our curse is rising from the deep blue sea
My ship is falling into the abyss,
Whirlpools of death will be my bliss

I have seen my men crushed by the force of tidal waves
Creatures from the abyss try to make the sea my grave

Reload the cannons, blow them all to hell
Friend or foe, how are we to tell?
If it moves you must decapitate thee
Send the enemy down to his knees
Faster than anyone can see, enemies falling by my swing despite the sea violently quaking

I have seen my men crushed by the force of tidal waves
Creatures from the abyss try to make the sea my grave
The untimely arrival of this destructive storm
Time comes to a halt until I reach the shore

The waves consume them, the sky turns red
Beneath me is nothing, but this is not the end
Life isn't a luxury to be thrown away,
But it's all or nothing to end this plague

4. Chapter IV: Ashes Of The Tyrant

Slaughter thy enemies, your kingdom will fall
Ashes of the tyrant, I will rule them all
Instrument of death calling his name
I see you are evil you must be slain

All hands on deck prepare for war
It's nothing we haven't dealt with before
Finish the rum before the massacres begun
You may not survive make right with your god

In this time of peril the tyrant stands strong
When this battle is over there can be only one

As we reign down their bodies pile high
They will bow before us then we'll take their lives
When the end is at hand you must make your stand
Your army is vanquished no one will hear your cries

I will see your head fall
Your corpse standing tall
Morbid memories
From my broken dreams

In this time of peril the tyrant stands strong
When this battle is over there can be only one
I am the one

Slaughter thy enemies your kingdom will fall
Ashes of the tyrant I will rule them all
Instrument of death calling his name
I saw you were wicked you have been slain

5. Chapter V: Solace In Sadness

After the downfall of the tyrant and eradication of his followers, our hero, and what's left of his fleet, begins the journey back home.

With the storm long past, and the sea creatures with it, he is finally able to grieve over the violent deaths of his family, villagers, and soldiers slain during this quest for revenge.

As he gets lost within himself, and finds solace in sadness, he doesn't notice the hulking mass that starts rising out of the ocean.....

6. Chapter VI: Octobeast

Staring into the abyss as the waters swirl below
The beast opens its mouth to inhale us all

I've seen true evil, rising up from the drink, god help us see
I shall smite thee, our cannon fire lights up the sky
The Octobeast reveals its unholy skin, it blocks out our sight
Tentacles break the mast, the battle has just begun

My men's bodies, are being crushed by the beast, my blood runs cold
I grab my sword, fight back with all my might, this is my fate
I stab its eyes out, hear its ungodly shriek, the time has come
I'm able to accept the truth, my life will finally end here

Mass and mayhem, the giant devours my fleet
The time has come for one of us to live or die

My quest is done, my vengeance won
If I die than I die it's the way it must be
I hear my wife, I hear my son
From the Ascendant Realm they are calling to me

Fury and flaying, hacking and hacking
I’m the only one left to stop the killing

7. Chapter VII: Ascendant Realm

Our hero awakens to his wife kissing him, and his son running into the room and jumping on the bed. The hero can't believe this! The last thing he remembers was being ripped in half by the Octobeasts massive tentacles.

That's when he comes to the realization that he and his family have been found worthy of entrance to the Ascendant Realm.

Before he can even take in the beauty surrounding him, he is ripped away from his family, and thrown to the furthest reaches of the galaxy

8. Chapter VIII: Blood Thirst

When I'm summoned to the tyrant's god, he reveals his godliness is fading
With no one left to worship him, he will cease to exist

Bring food of gods to make him immortal
Before I go he transfers his power
I make my way through the portal
First things first the Octobeast will cower

The monster has taken my life
But I will now satisfy my thirst for blood
It consumes me
Let the onslaught commence

I take my leave I am now a demigod
As I get sent back I've spawned to where I died
A battle with the beast I shall have vengeance
This time it's not my life that will end

At the edge of the abyss, once again on the other side
The beast opens his mouth, it's his turn to die
This amazing power will let me slay the beast
As I descend upon him it's my turn to feast

As the beast comes forth tentacles reach the skies
He consumes me whole, swallows me alive
I run down his throat to reach his heart
From the inside out I will tear it apart

I stab through the heart of this mighty juggernaut
I leave behind a crimson tide the Octobeast has died

9. Chapter IX: Maleficium

The ambrosia is in the wasteland of Abbeleth
Guarded by the shadow lord and his undead
It's pitch black as I make my approach
I cannot shake this feeling of dread

I pass through the gates and the dead begin to rise
As their flesh begins to fall off their skeletal remains
In the darkness I can see the glow of their eyes
The mere sight of this would drive an honest man insane

My blood thirst cannot end
It will carry me through
With each life I take I can feel my will grow
Demigod strength will aid in this fight
I will end them all on this moonless night

I crossed swords with the shadow lord one night
As fate would have it I escaped with my life
To defeat him I would need the strength of a thousand men
I embrace my powers now their lives will end

How can I kill what is already dead
Tear them apart with my bare hands instead
When the last body finally falls
I take comfort becoming enthralled
The carcasses all burst into flames
The shadow lord will suffer unto me
This attack on my life was in vain
Entering the tower I am the deathly plague

The carcasses all burst into flames
Shadow lord I am coming for you

I have always feared returning here
Now I'll slit his throat from ear to ear
There will be no honor in his death
The shadow lord will be the ultimate test

10. Chapter X: Tower Of Abbeleth

I walk through the doors with no fear in my eyes
I smell the flesh of the rotting inside
The shadow lord comes from the dark
The creator of wars, guarding the ambrosia

With my bloodthirst fading
How can I go on with this reign

I feel the cold from the blade
The lord thinks he's won
(Think again)
With my dying breath
I eat the ambrosia
A god I've become

I'm fighting for my life
As my blood hits the floor
I feel the death in my hands
The light starts to grow
Hope seems to fade
But I cannot stop
It's with deep regret
That immortality comes

The altar of the gods
The fruit that holds it all

11. Chapter XI: How Gods Are Made

My wounds all healed, and my power raging
My mortal life is at an end
I feel the power of the flames in my veins
My sovereignty will soon begin

I instantly obliterate the shadow lord
The pagan god will wither and fade away
A result of my insurrection
Time to begin your resurrections

Peace on earth shortly shall ensue
This lasting life I'll bestow upon you
From their demise the dead shall rise
Ruler of all in this revelation

I lost my family to the evil tyrant
My fleet to the Octobeast
Felt the warm embrace of the Ascendant Realm
Knelt at a pagan gods feet

To defeat the wicked shadow lord
My life I gladly gave
Across the galaxy I did travel
And that is how gods are made

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