Dark Lyrics


1. Grey Sky At Night

2. King's Cross

the archetype illuminates
my future's slip
on a hopeless deathtrip

stop a nothing
convalesce on the spot
inert until you rot

throw your cross
like a steak into the chest
on a hopeless deathtrip

crashed, scattered
blood on the filthiest hands
your worst nightmare is this curse

darkness, no governance surrounds
in pocket's all what's left
on a hopeless deathtrip

two can play this game
jockey for superior numbers
up the flames

throw your cross
like a steak into the chest
on a hopeless deathtrip

truth can't win this kind of fight
deception is your light

there's no hope
on your own

and now the archetype illuminates the slip
of my future on this deathtrip

truth can't win this kind of fight
hold the light

3. Helena

in a winter's tale
rattled off to all in vain
seduced into torture

here stands a monument
of a womanizer's fold
from diamonds to clowned
sunken down

those tender lies you bleed
deep within
paralyze this movement

she is who gains
from the broken sails of a man
clawing out the passions
only tides will know

a watery tomb
cleanse the name
outer shell melts away

what goes around
i could never feel your pain
through eyes pale

we are the chosen, to sail on

as we set sail, on a winter's tale
rattled off to all in vain
seduced into torture
she'll not shed a tear
for heartless souls

4. Hierophant

hierophant drugged out
wild eyes take you in
i helpless suffered
for far too long
intoxicated i stagger
into your world
and accept your fabulous
love to transform

this old boy into a man
of your sorcery

praise little queen
shower me in your
cleansing bath and transplant
your body in my life
the belly of the pits of lore
hanged the old man
friends of the beast

your brown eyes
drape over me
the soft touch punctures my shell
your breath on my hair
gives me oxygen to my dying life
let me love who i am

you're the instigator
with a constant flail
shoving in the future
shoving in the cleanse
by your very kiss

5. Caviar With Maths

portrayal of the starved and cloned
their message is calculated
the mind's eye fixation on envy
leads to everything wrong with you

a smoker cries for serenity
the ultimate vice
to feed on mounds of gold
and in time abandon what's wrong with you

and it's only time before mockery
starts to implode
yea well play the odds of solitude
for scraps of caviar

from the passages of vonnegut
the depths of my throne arose

i can throttle it back
the pathfinder

6. Landing On Ice

lone astronaut from 30 years of sleep awoke
to hale bop cult you're crowned
it's taking time to slow down this clock

no one comes close to you

a look around
at loss of loved ones
faces frozen in time
poison of their persuasion
will stalk on...

you recognize you're landing on
ice far from the dream
ice for nothing

to a wasted generation
rise accept your lovers arms
try crawling out through the ice berg
of our subtle differences
you get no one...

no one comes close to you

from unbitten lips and heart of gold
the chariot controls

7. Skinner

"understand stagnation is a choice, so trade in comfort for vitality... the unknown"
the lovers. temperance. judgment. death.
"on thing's for certain, this is no fool's journey. it's perfecting madness and rebirth."
the lovers. temperance. judgment. death.

to your own misfortune chasings cures
nothing is pure

fucked up homes, boarding schools, factories of
droves, drained-out souls

turn it off, abandon, the false
truths, heroes, fools

in solitude, start a new, clean the slate of guilt
the road is home

the hour strikes to unsheathe this blade
give it a stab

8. Handlebars To Freedom

let's dance, the come around
the figure that dies
rockin' rebel
what a given

reveal the way
from the weak and the coven
what a stage

last chance, your wreckage
you're weaving downfall
like a wheelbase that's coming untied
dawn the new day

we will wreck it all the way
and when given the choice
from the vagrant that claws
now we wont fake it

what a play
what a player

i laugh all the way

and proud yourself with ends
and proud yourself to death

i found the way... tower!

the precious to protect
the prejudice who kill

i found the way

9. Day Without Speaking

10. Singing In Solitary

hey i won't get upset
now bee stings are all raw
burn these snakes cover my glare
and took my heart, claws

you're like a dirt burglar
traveling down death row

lone, lazy, due to give
blood from the cowboys
i'm done, this was never my intent
i can't give up on this

raging i would be
everything is turned
on its head in progress
i can't let them go

"but i gotta stand back, i gotta step away,
it's all swirling around in my mind... and i can't!"

give up on me

"time and time again, i can't see why i gotta be
what i don't want!"

as we cover all of this
of this facade
that i bleed
cuz we're broke

these snakes wrapped around my hands and feet

"and i turn, and i can't see straight,
and i can't see anything!"

i implore, open your mind little boy
for now i need everything
from the guard tower of hell
i need all of this open

i will work
i will walk

11. Sammy Davis Jr's One Good Eye

when a world comes to this
for a one eyed god
put a headlock on death
with a book of love

choose your faith
take control
just for frills
rebel up
cure your heart
real eyes

and all we take, winds up in fire

when a corpse for rent
is giving your life hell

and the world is cut off
you're drivin back to l.a.
back to l.a.
we're back to the grave

choose your faith
take control
just for frills
could it be
that's what's wrong

one eyed god in our world comes to life
pushing closer
every time that you think you're on your way
give it your all
opening more doors than a bomb
the candy man can
written out of all the history books
and hollywood
everything that eye saw, blows your mind
triumph over
time to head to vegas on a roll
over and over again
(give pints of blood)

now you will fly, and you will hope
give your left eye, on your way home

12. Firedealer

the luck has run out
moonlight on the melt
cycle of mistakes
caged like circus freaks

taste the sickness
forks and knives hunger it
morbid spectacle
deformity of culture

your face in the sand
finger on the trigger
no age on name
your voodoo doll's in flames

you burned out
time to recharge

13. Dark Sun Sets

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