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1. Rubicon (The Fleeting Vessel)

There was a time in which we claimed our lives
Declaring no return to days of old
Then came regret and grief, but grieve no more, we are alive
And when we rode with grace, calloused hands to the sky
Shattering the mould and constructing the crown
From the abyss rose the sun
As we crossed the horizon of life
'Til the end...
Newborn we yield the fruits of our youth
Earthly delight
Newborn we cast death down to the dumps
Dreams unearthed
Mist abolished
Ripened land
Daylight splendid
Boundless beauty
Our home is built in season's bloom
The path is carved into the night
Mere skin and muscle we journey far
Through fields of wealth until the end
Now we bow before the RUBICON

2. Discovery (Chasing The Gods)

The morning sky glazed in timeless blue
Brings about an awe in our eyes
As it adorns a kingdom unveiled
And pays homage to the wild seas of our DISCOVERY
This is the day, come all ye reapers
And reap in (reap in) abundance
This is the day, the past is eclipsed
Memories anew, desperation exiled
These are the times of change from the roots to our veins
Onwards through ecstasy, spiritual poetry
These are the times, burn bright in us flames
Of the sacred animals, speech of the kings
Oh mountains high
In your reach we are safe
No more barren lands
No longer in search of the truth
Aeons of splendour at hand
Fertile ground at our feet
So soar we must
There cannot be a better way
Feel! Feel!
The dawning, the rapture
See! See!
The writing of gods in the sand

3. River (Nectar Of Earth)

The holy water flows
So sound your horn
In this golden age
Where I find you again
The essence of gods resonate throughout
What consumes this place, footsteps in fascination
Deep is the void and long is the road
Knees to the earth, the devil dwindles
So far have we come with the rags on our backs
Through the years living, ageing, weeping
Who we were now obsolete
Breaching the border of existence
From the RIVER we drink
The ale of time we drink
On and on and on and on
In attires of finesse
The great secret made known
Downstream where life's forever
Transcendental, above the cold, sick world
As we travel on
Thirsts are quenched, souls are cleansed
And all shimmers in the sun
Awaiting the moon
The essence of gods
Trickling down our bodies
What consumes this place
Endless fruition
Deep is the void
But deeper the heart
Knees to the earth

4. Utopia (Throne Of Earth)

Naught we are
Among the tallest trees
That sail to the sky
With twilight’s pride
Signals sent out from above left us to gaze in drunken joy
And heartbeats gallop exquisitely to the sound of a calm never known
All limbs in tact and the shadows we shed turns to ash and becomes one with earth
Now we submit to a life lived only in our restless dreams
The logs are lit
Gather ‘round the fire
We won’t breathe again
In frail human flesh
Devoid of grief, a toast to you my friends
Freedom has called us, we’ve answered with action
Devoid of suffering and regret
There are many sights left for us to see
As we create art with our scars
Painting revolution

5. Surrender (The Ages)

When we were frail
And we were lost in the haze
Never imagined the path we'd walk
We were cursed as rats
Flesh ripped from bone to bone
Desperate in the darkness
Dead leaves in the wind
Dripping with blood from every hole
No tongue to speak of your diabolical deeds
Woe burns deeply
And woe, in your tomb I reside
Naked and crippled in the perverted truth
Awakening of summer sighs
There is nothing for us in the world of man
Withering away
This fragile tall tale
And we must SURRENDER
Past, present, future
When we woke from the horrors of yesterday
Eyes open to dreams
And all will be well
Now growing older with the guidance of gods
And the freedom of birds
Our heads on high will REVEAL

6. Reveal (Nightfall)


7. Infinity (And The Dream Continues...)

And rest comes swiftly
In the prime of our days
Underneath the night in gathered thought en route to
So now we voyage
On the stars, the celestial ships
Nostalgia my dear old friend, truly, you've been erased
A tune etched in the crystal spring
A tune for the slain we left in our wake
Trampling, the stride of giants
Trembling, no more
Looking on, the grand opening
Looking on, with vision clear
Looking on, our carriage awaits
Looking on, 'til the end...
Seizing the throne as we announce the death and doom of a
dead world
Fireflies flicker, flaring with grace and hope just as we came
Winter cometh without a need to hold on, unlike before
Our lives have just begun, in the wilderness kings we have

Jason Jardim: Drums
Jesse Navarre Vos: Guitars
Dylan Viljoen: Guitars
Keenan Nathan Oakes: Vocals, Bass

Thanks to chalkoss24 for sending these lyrics.

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