Dark Lyrics


1. Panic

The panic sets in
I'm still in Hell
I've been damned to the dirt, bury me six feet deep
I lost my God in the grave
He buried for me
Heaven is a ghost town
Heaven is in her arms
Hell is dusk without dawn
Hell is in her absence
Purgatory exists for you and me
Forever within, forever without


[feat. John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos]

I will watch you sleep
Bring me back to life
Waiting for her lips to rest on mine
Sleep is for the weak
But I am so weak for you
Return us to death
Let my tears dry my eyes
They say sleep is for the weak
But I am so weak for you
I will watch you
Eyes sewn shut see only darkness
Sleep can't seem to shut you out
Chew apart my eyes
Then watch me sleep
Spit me out
Her eyes secluded in mine
Her face floats on endlessly
Arms wide, I embrace comets
Eyes closed, to new eternities
Welcome me in your oblivion
Obliterate me in twilight
I will watch you sleep

With every breath you take...
With every move you make...
With every moan you fake...
With every heart you break...

The sun and the moon shown through her eyes
When she wept, stars would collide and fall
My fingers now craters from her sorrows
Every crease a stream for the debris
With every breath you take
With every move you make
I'll be watching you

3. Crowd of Horns

I eclipse your hand with mine
Killer of suns, creator of moons
I rest in the arms of angels
Killer of suns, creator of moons
She speaks so softly
Hymns of angels sung
I saw your face and it looked like God's
I saw my sins and they looked like us
My soul dries as my skin swells
Inside my temple the devil dwells
Salvation through sacrifice of sin
Purify Heaven of the unforgiven
I will cleanse the world of this fucking filth
A flood of blood


Will pour from the skies


This is the day upon


Which all light dies


As the light from her eyes guides us
Saints are baptized by hands of sinners
Now your light reveals your shadow
Floods of blood to wash away the wicked
We are calling forth Armageddon
The final wish: sacrifice Salem

4. Burn Victim

Her breath of ash on my neck
So frail to the skin on bone
Her taste of fire on my lips
So weak to the scent of smoke
In the arms of an angel I fell from grace
I open my mouth to speak but her fire sears me
I open my hand to reach but her fever shakes me
She sits atop my coffin
Listens to the muffled cries
She cuts away my limbs
To be steps to the skies
Her fingers draw lines of suicide across my face

Slit the throat of every god...

Blood for blood
I drain all my ink to help her find the right shade

...To be closer to the sun

Blood for blood
Set ablaze my rotting flesh
Embrace my wretched corpse

5. Dogmother

[feat. Jason Frazier of Choke]

Dogmother! Dogmother!
I look into the eyes of the deceased
Disobedient, diseased, hymns off key
All the orphans' tears have left her eyes
The sin and doom of godless men
With a whisper, she beckons to me
I come undone, thy will always be done
To devastate the distance between Heaven and Hell
To dissolve the difference between you and me
The fear of God is the only hand I've been dealt
Kiss of the damned, my teeth in the apple of Eve
The witching hours are the only times I'm awake
I feel a darkness grip me, no attempt to escape
From dust I was born, to dust I shall return
A worm, a leech, I become a slave to the soil
Our eyes never adjust under the dying light
Our lungs never take in breathless skies
As the dark awakens, Hell becomes alive
As the light escapes, Earth slowly dies

6. Pack of Teeth

[feat. Andrew Hileman of I AM]

She is every breath I take in the morning
She is every breath I release in the night
She betrays God in every prayer
Stain my mind
The famine spreads under her breath
Plague the sky
The way she grinds her teeth
Losing sight
Apologies to sweet nothings
Thirst for lies
And choke
Her name caught in my throat
Her name tight in my hands
I'll make you wish you had an extra pack of teeth
No one realizes I breathe her in
No one realizes I breathe her out
Can you feel the ache as your teeth break?
You sink your fangs into me
Your bite won't break my skin

7. I Am the Grey

The vast emptiness spreads
A shadow I've cast upon myself
Why did the Sun never come?
It was I who shut it out
Settling for seasons of pain instead of finding shelter from rain
You pry your way into my ribs, trying to get closer to my heart
To hold it, to shake it, for it to move you
The darkness you taste as you walk into the room
Is the darkness that comes from inside of you
With each step you're going back through the clock
The arms carry you away, so far back you'll never escape
In an essence, she was the essence of love
This empty feeling will fill me up
Love is the betrayal
Love is the heartbreak
Love is the separation
Love is the suicide of us
Such a selfish way to live
Such a selfless way to die
I meet God as her breath wraps me in the winter
I meet God as the blood pours from her sewn shut eyes
I meet God with nothing but her shattered crown
Molested by the mother
Forgotten by the father
Betrayed by the breath of life
I've had too much of Heaven
I've found my Purgatory
As I watch her burn away
I'm finally one with God
I Am the Grey

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