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1. Kiss of Death

(I don't believe in heaven
I believe in pain
I believe in fear
I believe in death)
Lost a bet with God
Now I've got to deal with the devil
I need a new fix that will keep me from his tricks
Something's in my brain, driving me insane
A thirst for blood, my vision is stained
I open my eyes, don't see what I believe
I beg the reaper, 'please come for me'
But he told me I'd be left behind
Just how long can I stay trapped in my mind?
Every night I fall asleep
Hoping I'll forget to breathe through the night
I just wait for the day I die to be rid of this disease called life
Cursed by the demons
Damned by the angels
I'll beg God for your kiss of death
Filth foamed from my mouth
Waiting for death to begin
Now rid me of this sickness
Free me from the fate of sin
When your lips won't whisper out the words
That I've been dying to hear
I'll put my fingers to your mouth
And wait for the silence I can't bear
I'd rather ...
'Talk to the fist cause the jaw is broken'
I close my eyes, see what I believe
My insides burning, I finally breathe
Send me to the bottom of the sea
Where none of your love can sink me

2. Penance

[feat. Zachary Hatfield of Left Behind and Kevyn Reece of 2X4]

I thought I'd fight harder than I did
God would call me the victor, I'd be in his favor
But the sun disappeared, my soul started fading
Through all this love, I only kept hating
I shout your name 3 times
Curse it every other night
Every morning, I fall in hate again
Darkness surrounds me
My demons overtake me
To get into heaven, I'd sell my own soul
I wait to fade
Nail by nail
I'll dissect this world
Nail by nail
I'll dig my own hole
I wait to fade
(What do you want?
Penance, to cleanse your soul)
When did peace ever plan to find me?
All I found was a God to forsake me
If we could shed blood for our own sins
Would there be need for repentance?

I just like to watch myself suffer
No sleep, no pills will bring me comfort
So I'll take the nails and push them into my skull
Look at my scars, I've paid my dues in full
I'm fading out
I fade out

3. Face the Cold

Face it
I've been burning on this world far too long
Now God's trying to bring me home
I was always taught to fight fire with fire
The ash keeps piling up higher and higher
I could spend my days trapped in the snow
Freeze forever until the frost takes over
The fire's always at my feet
And just to see the red
I'll cut my throat to become alive
Free yourself from reality
Free yourself from all truth
'Hypocrite, watch your back'
I am watching mine
And stretching my neck to the sky
I will bite my tongue until I break my teeth
To show the world I am truly weak
I guess it's time to fight the flames until I face the cold
And when the Sun comes I'll cover my eyes
I'll only see red

4. The Deep

Life has expired, the light has gone out
Where do I go when I can't find my way out?
I pull my throat down, scream till the lungs collapse
Swallow my sins as a way to relapse
I've grown too fond of the sin I dwell in
Fading into the moments when I lose myself
Black earth has become my grave
I've lost all hope in being saved
But I still scream till the lungs collapse
Spit out sin as a way to relapse

But with every curse I rain down on this earth I despise I'm spitting in the face of Christ
Can I kill myself and still find heaven?
Suicide could be the salvation I seek
Maybe God is the only company I need
So just bury me, the worms will feed
The breathing deep
The rope tighter
The breathing heavy
The beat slower
I tie the noose at the gates of Hell
Hang myself up so no one will tell
This will be my last sin and God damn it
Has God damned me?

5. Vexed

6. Will to Die

I've found solitude in my thoughts of suicide
Feeling life in not being alive
Where's God if he's not here holding me back from the edge
I stare up from the barrel
I'm at the bottom and I'm never coming back
Mother Mercy, take me away
As I decay, nothing's left to save
I'll find peace beneath the ground
Hear my screams and know I'm safe and sound
I will burn where I belong
I stare up from the barrel
I'm at the bottom and I'm never coming back
You can't pull me out of this abyss
I am endless as the darkness comes over me
I long for death

7. I Lost God Today

[feat. Connor Karwowski of No Zodiac]

I can't seem to find anything inside of me
Erase every memory that I believe
Burn out my eyes as I watch the world now blind
I can't look passed all the dirt buried away in my mind
In my mind, in my mind, in my mind
Is there no salvation in my redemption
Only freedom in my damnation?
Just give me reason to breathe
'Cause all I do is find new ways to bleed
There is no escape from what I've done
I'll never shine bright under an open sun
So what's left to keep me sane?
I'll just put a bullet in my brain
I want to forget the pain
I won't feel anything
I've reached my breaking point
I got lost in the light
There was nothing to guide my path
So I found my way in darkness
God has left me for dead
My mind's under constant attack
Bury the cross in my back
Nothing's left to keep me sane
I'm putting this bullet in my brain
I will forget the pain
I don't feel anything
I can't seem to find anything inside of me
Iron faith in nothing
I can't seem to find anything inside of me
Iron faith in no one

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