Dark Lyrics


1. Fiddler In The Roof

2. While You Were Sleeping

Hector's bloodied an semen soaked carcass has bits of mulch stuck to it.
"You go have a nigh nigh's mate," blowing and flicking the pieces of mulch off then Hector is carefully put in the bag. Light's on.

Steve has just been called out to work (tree over powerline),
When he's on call he can make pretty good money.
Sure he misses out on the odd piss up with his mates when he's on call,
But he and Beth are saving up for their first home.
Steve's SS Ute drives off into the night.
Slipping through the side gate,
Steve has left the laundry door wide open.
Creeping through the old house just as quiet as a mouse,
Standing in the doorway softly whispering as Beth sleeps,
"How you doing? Tell your mum I said 'Hi', tell Steve I'll kick his teeth in. I want that cunt dead."

Pulling his erection out of his undies and softly thrusting against her lips.
"Oh, that feels so good, you dirty girl, now it is your turn, Beth."
Forcing her legs open,
He grabs the dolphin torch out of his bag and has a squiz.
She coughs and cum billows out of her flaps, cascading down to an unkempt knot.
Firm licks, soft chews, matted pube fondu.

Beth moans and starts waking up, "Oh, Steve, babe, please don't stop."
"LOL, it's not Steve you fuck stick." Beth cops a fatal beating.
3am Steve returns to find his girlfriend's body next to "Hector?"
Flying out of the wardrobe old mate smashes Steve to death.
Then he bums the absolute shit of the poor bugger.

3. Bashed And Fucked

Just say my fucking name cunt
With sheer hatred he smashes her face
Her skull softens under white knuckles

You never notice me
You never smile or say hello
For over seven months
We work at the same Woolies bitch!
I love watching the way you use those tongs
The way you shove them up the chickens bumholes
When they're done and then you slip them
Into sweaty zip bags

What the hell would you see in a cunt
Who restocks the fruit and veg
Look at this photo that's me and Manu
From My Kitchen Rules
We met at Crown Casino
Who's a stupid motherfucker now?

At least I got to keep your hair net
That you left behind in the tea-room
Oh God it smelt good
Please accept my little gift
Mal's penis is quite short in length
But has amazing girth
I'll replace all the bad memories
When I fuck you like a chook

He wallops the Bejesus out of her
While he taps up a doughy
Firm enough to stuff
Into her unconscious body
Building up a sweet rhythm
He reaches climax
You fucking idiot
You should've added me on Facey
Make me a promise
That you won't hurt anyone ever again
Anyone ever again
You look disgusting
If I were you I'd stay in bed
You should ring Phil and ask for time off

4. Nature's Pocket

Stench wafting from under the desk
Queefs are puffing out of her
And clap between her thighs
A yeast infection caused by
Forcing foreign objects into her vulva

Tara is plump and she's hot as fuck
All the office guys leer at her cans all day
New guy Darren gets invited to her flat
For a few beers and some nibbles

They burst into the living room
Kissing grunting moaning
Darren throws her down tearing off her briefs
Rotten odour makes him wince
He still decides to cup her genitals
Then something drips and pools in his hand

A cluster of wet paper clips
What in God's name
I've stolen a few items from work
Mr. Stanley can go get fucked
Please help me declutter and I'm all yours
I don't understand
Tara dacks her huge titties, wow
I suppose I could help you out, open your legs
Nervously fisting, digits flailing about in her loose hole
Daz can't believe what he finds
He sweats profusely

A box of staples, two yellow sticky note pads
Some scissors, pocket calculators
A world's greatest boss coffee mug
And a framed picture of Mr. Stanley's children
With their dog Sid
Tara tell me that did not just fucking happen?
Just put it in my arsehole
Darren rolls her over, slags on her date
Feeds his penis in just a little bit
Before something blocks his thrust
Pulling out a faeces covered pack of Bic pens
This is bullshit, I'll have a pull

5. The Terrible Thirty Twos

Since peter was a 30 year old newborn baby girl forever getting lots of compliments from everyone at day care
"Look at all that hair," they would say,
"She's so cute," "isn't she just divine, isn't she a little doll?"
"I just want to take you home and eat you,
Oh, yes, I do, I want to eat those chubby lil legs of yours!"

Now Peter's a toddler.
A cheeky 2 year old who pushed the fetish to the limits.
This sheet metal worker has spent all of his holidays and sickies at the daycare,
She just loves to wear her nappy, that feeling of piss swirling around her duct-taped scrotum
"Sweetie, it's time for you to enjoy mummy's titties,"
She's sucking for ages, her milk is non existent.

Peter's upset, bites his mummy and spits her nipple on the floor.
Judith's screaming in pain, "Call me a fucking ambulance now!"
"No! No you frigging stop it talking, mummy, stop it fucking looking at me you is stupid."
Peter gets the safety scissors, stabbing her so hard the plastic snaps the blade is deep
"Sorry, mummy," crawling into the corner, she craps herself a beauty

Lachlan Eddy: bass, vocals (backing)
Matt "Poey" Pocock: guitars
Storma: vocals
Jake Sproule: drums

Thanks to zacbergholtz for sending tracks ## 2, 5 lyrics.

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