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1. In Loving Memory

He sits, fingering his foreskin. He hides behind his monitor and smells his fingers.
This year he has missed six deadlines, so Mr. Robinson is like, "Glenn, you're fired!
I've found these things. Copies of 80+ mag, kid's toys that reek of piss,
elderly women's clothing, vials of urine. What the fuck?"

Glenn squeals and runs to his locker. The damning evidence is thrown into his bag.
Fumbling, a vial falls and shatters. The richest tang of urine overwhelms the room.
Tears fill his eyes. "Security, please get this fuckwit out of here! You really need some help!"

Sobbing, he shuffles home. He phones the escort agency and asks for Ruth.
"You're in luck, sir, she's available. Expect to see the sassy Ruth within an hour." "Good."
Bursting into his flat, he runs and quickly changes to his sailor suit.

He lays out his grandmother's nightclothes. She has been dead for 17 years.
All he has are fading memories and some soiled clothes.
Ruth arrives and Glenny makes her slip the garments on. "Hi, Granny.

"Now soil yourself, please. Piss, you slut." Glenny cares for his Gran, bathes her,
then he's rewarded with sex. This time he becomes so enraged. "They found you at work.

"You stupid, old woman. I told you to stay put at home. You never ever listen,
I'm going to drain you of life. I love watching you die, the lights turning off in your eyes.
Dear God, what have I done? I love you, Gran. Rest in peace."

2. Dpi

Lawrence & Associates 1997, end of year breakup. Claude gets the courage to approach Catherine from accounts.
Awkwardly, he says hello, feeling very threatened and self-conscious.
He distracts her and slips GHB into her champagne.

She becomes weak and feels very nauseous. He comforts her and leads her to the stairwell.
Catherine falls onto the concrete stairs. Clause quickly swoops in behind her. His penis weeps.

He whips down her pants, he peels apart her little, white butt cheeks,
delighted at the sight of mild yellowing from a little poo she had done before straightening her hair for the party.
Claude buries his face deep, inhaling her rich musk.

He sniffs her for six minutes and ejaculates on the cold floor. He pecks her on the cheeks.
"Thank you so much, sleepy head." The stairs are wiped clean with his hankie.
Claude then screams, "Catherine has just collapsed!
Please help her." No one suspects Claude and he gets away with it.

Later that night. Claude shows his dog an anus in a porno mag.
"See, Mr. Shuffles, that is where you'll find the musk is most concentrated."

3. Voyeurism

Twenty-four Bentley St.

Sheepishly, he passes through the rhododendrons. He pitter-patters to his special spot,
removes his slacks and folds them nice and neat. His sex is wet and ticking in the autumn breeze.
Kneeling down, he peers between the broken blinds. "Sweet Beth, you always look so beautiful.
Pretty as a picture. You are so hot, I'm glad that you're mine.

"Why the fuck did you invite that cunt Steve here?
See the way he's kissing your neck and making love with his soft hands?
I really despise the way you treat me.

"Lucky I have found someone else whom I have fallen in love. I'll get him out of my bag."
He masturbates, kissing his little friend but soon gets bitten.
"Why must they all break my heart?"
He stoves Hector's head in with a rock and climaxes, milking his slender penis on the rodent's carcass.

4. Bittersweet

Colin never liked his mother. Since early childhood, he was always bitter, distancing himself from her.
He never noticed girls at school. Colin only ever bit one, barking at her like a dog.

By the age of 33, he's so sexy. He spends many hours a day masturbating to pictures of moots.
He crops them out of pornographic books. All the clippings of curvy bodies and mammoth breasts
are now burning in the fireplace. He can't stand them, they all remind him of his mother.

He wants to have sex but he feels sickened when a woman slowly unbuttons her blouse.
He waits till dark. He waits for her. He hides in the scrub. He flies out, tackles her, cuts her wind off.

Machete held aloft his head.
He hacks into her torso and legs. He makes himself a perfect ass and pussy to sew his wild oats to.

He thrusts twice and it's all over.

5. Cardiac Defecation

Malodorous, filthy, dilapidated dwelling. A run-down caravan he calls his home.
Obese and unemployed for years. Heart attacks have made him weak.
Putrid skin folds harbour a rich paste. Sweaty stench from anus emanates.
While masturbating, he eats his favourite crisps.
Cheese and onion crumbs mix with semen and dense hair.

Screams at his young sex slave, "Lick the spunk off my guts, whore."
She is high on meth, semi-naked and chained to the radiator.
"Don't you dare scowl at me. I'll cut your tits off, bitch."

Struggling to get off the couch. Clutching at his chest as he falls to the floor.
Springing into life, the slave dives for his knife. Sticks him like a sweaty pig,
18 times in the heart.

She removes her panties slowly, straddling over his dead body.
She starts to defecate into his wounds. Faeces flow into arteries. Aorta full of excrement.

6. Necrobordello

He strolls down the alley. He raps on the door with his cane.
He enters the brothel, the stench of death is so strong. "Where are my girls?"

Mr. Schneider was already rock hard before the conveyor belt started to move.
One by one they start to pop out the flaps. "I'll take that darling, sweetheart, who's two weeks dead."

"What a lovely choice, sir. I'll just prepare her in your room now."
Mr. Schneider enters with some champagne. He pours two glasses and sits on the bed.
"I must tell you just how lovely you look tonight, my princess."

He tips champagne into her rotting mouth, then he kisses and bites at her full lips.
Her bottom lip then detaches in his mouth and this seems to excite him.

He tears her silk gown, exposing her large breasts. The grey skin is slipping from
her rotten nipples. He tongues them, kisses his way down to her hole. It's fly-blown
and covered with pus.

He growls her out and cops a mouthful of maggots. He thrusts his swollen genitals into her.
He fucks her for 12 minutes. Pulling out, he jizzes onto her gaping anus and smashed vagina.

"You dear thing, forever in my heart."

7. Unspeakable

Mark Wells and Richard H. Grieves are work mates. When they knock off they get pissed together.
Hours pass at the local pub. They decide to go out hunting, a young prostitute their prey.

They become erect as they cruise through the back streets looking for a "dirty".
Quickly, they are approached by a slapper. "200 bucks for both of you blokes, 300 and my arsehole is yours."

"Hurry up and get in the backseat, and get those little fucking tits out."
Richard snuggles her, biting and sucking on her mozzie bites.
Mark drives into the disused abattoir and removes his shorts.
He inserts his massive knob into her anus. She swallows Richard's sweaty shaft.
She gets smashed from both ends.

Mark's garotte wraps around her throat. Little whore slips away. She is dragged onto the ol' butcher's block.
A Y-shaped incision is made from her shoulders down to her pubes. Mark wanks onto the slut's exposed organs. Richard hacks off her head.
He fucks her in the mouth until he cums.
They dump the harlot's corpse in the lane way.

8. Intimate Disgust

He surfs the internet looking for a wife. Busty 40-year-old, no kids, non-smoker.
They meet up for dinner and drinks. She's 400 pounds. He feels repulsed but takes her coat.
She starts to gorge on everything. Grease covers her face. Her floral blouse is ruined by gravy and oil.
"I haven't felt the touch of a man in years. Please fuck me in the toilets before dessert."
"Thanks, but no thanks. Yeah, nah. Fuck it, what the hell."
Her size dwarfs him. Her pimply, flat arse shakes with every shameful thrust.
She reveals she has birthed six children. Her pelvic floor is weak.
All the red wine that she has guzzled forces the seal to break.
He's soaked in piss. It smells of burnt rubber and garlic. Quickly withdraws, vomits on her.
"You fat fucking whore! You have ruined my night! You've scarred me for life!"

9. Potty Mouth

Old uncle Les was a cunt. Such a cruel, violent man. Tommy was left in his care with the death of his mother.
12 years had passed, Les was very weak and diseased. He was dying.

Tommy now was his carer. A full-time job. He'd bathe his uncle and would cook his meals.
He adds human faeces to all the recipes that he prepares.

He just loves to see his uncle slowly poisoned every day. His gourmet meals containing loads of E. coli.
He would carefully Bamix the shit into his food. The horrible, old cunt is slowly spoon-fed death.

Les was always vomiting and suffering from chronic diarrhoea but somehow always clung to life.
He's so stubborn. Tommy couldn't take any more.
"Your life is ending today. You are such a fucking arsehole."

He peels off his boxer briefs.

"You touched me! Now fucking eat this!"
One last time, his ball bag drags over his uncle's chin.
He poos directly into his mouth. Uncle Les chokes to death.

10. Human Error

Enter room 19. Blood from floor to ceiling, a pretty little thing lies twisted on the bed.
Hands and feet have been cable-tied, stab wounds cover her upper body.
Her breasts hacked off with a steak knife.

Her hair and face have been removed, her perfect manicure ripped from her lips.
Labia and anus flayed, peeled off in one piece.

Laughter spills from the en suite. Police enter, "Freeze, you son of a bitch!"

They arrest a man with lovely hair.
He has much younger-looking skin.

A bra, holding lumps of bloody breast tissue, is ill-fitting. Red fingernails stuck to his.
Vaginal skin patch glued to his penis.

Lachy — Bass
Matt — Guitars
AJ — Guitars, Drum programming
Storma — Vocals

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