Dark Lyrics


1. Introduction


2. High School Sweetheart

Alan hated life.
He would always stare into the mirror screaming "You are such a disgusting cunt."

Years of sweet treats have decayed all his teeth.
Comments from girls left him sad as fuck.

Bree James was the instigator.

Now she lies bashed and duct taped to Alan's bed.

His penis starts throbbing as he stabs her.
Fucking with the blade inside her.

In agony she bleeds out on his doona.

"Die, you fucking spoilt cunt, I'll sweeten your heart that's so bitter."
Dribbles a load in her.
Flashes his pearly browns. Foul breath.

Cum seeps from her swollen and chapped hole. He winks and goes the growl.
It tastes like salty onions mixed with soap.

Alan adds some chocolate sprinkles. "That tastes really sweet".

Flips her over, opens her cheeks, giggles to himself "Haha
Your bottom appears quite clean, but really tastes so sharp.

What do we have here?

It seems you have tiny little balls of toilet paper stuck on your anus you dumb bitch."

He hacks at her ribs. Removes a cold heart. Soaking it in sugar and vanilla essance for several hours.

Alan bites into the vital organ. Claret spills onto his nice skivvy.
Soccer kicking her in the face. Slags on her corprse.
"I think we are done here".

3. Skinterior

Mr Jenkins is not the full quid and stands about 4ft 10.
Since he was the tender age of 13 he was always keen to help at Rob Morrison's shop.
Rob's the local butcher and part time taxidermist to some of the hunters and fishermen in this quiet little town.

Rob's not right. He's fucked up. He loves to head to the cemetery and snatch a fresh corpse.

Mr Jenkins is small, but he's really strong and good at digging holes.
The bodies carried to the wagon, they cover their tracks as if no one was ever there.

Rob is a master at removing skin in one whole piece. He gently flays the skin around the genitals so they're intact.

Mr Jenkins helps by holding the skin. He hands Rob the sharp knife. Prepares the skin for tanning.

This cute home is full of human cushions, rugs, and lamp shades.
Each curtain is made from three people cleverly sewn together.

Mr Jenkins hobbles to the toilet. Rob wonders why he's gone for twelve minutes.
He finds him in the lounge with the curtains. "You fucking wobbler!!! Cut that shit out now."

He is sucking on a leathery dick while masturbating.
Rob gives him a proper flogging.

"Don't ever suck my stuff off again!"

4. Seminal Torture

Ned thought he was cool.
He started a special men's club. On Tuesdays they would meet in his shed.
Kneeling on picnic blankets, they all nude up wearing nothing but socks.

"I'd like to thank you for all your continued support. Now I'll pass round the bowl."
He hands Bill an empty 2 litre ice cream tub. Bill is masturbating. Sweat starts to bead on his brow.
Semen splashes against the plastic. Grunting softly Bill milks out his very last drop.

Ned is last to squeeze one into the tub in front of all his guests.
Bruce enters with a hot blonde, dragging her by the hair.
"Please follow me downstairs."

Cold musty basement, shackled and head restrained.
Ned whispers to her "Frankly my dear, you are fucked."
Today's takings are added to the monthly supply above her head the valve is opened.

Thirty men cram quickly into the cold dark space, their socks shuffling on the concrete.
Cum drips in her eyes and mouth.
Tortured for hours, then Bruce stomps her semen soaked head in.

5. Eviscerated Harlot

12 pints of draught.
"Let's get her."

"Good evening sweetheart my name is Richard. Hop in the back seat with my best buddy mark."
"Tits out now! And fucking neck up ya cunt!"

He dacks the whore and chokes her with her own fishnets.
Undoes his fly, erection springing out into her dead mouth.

Richard parks up a bush track.

Scalpel in hand, he joins the love birds in the rear. A deep incision's made then Richard sifts through loose organs.

Mark closes her eyes.
"Please don't look at me."

Richard slips the girl's spleen on his knob, then he cums into it like an old sports sock.
Lady of the night hidden under some sticks.

Storma — Vocals
AJ Vasiliadis — Guitars
Matt Pocock — Guitars
Lachlan — Bass
Matt Giles — Drums

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