Dark Lyrics


1. Over The Top

[Verse 1]
On the horizon
In the killing fields
You have to fight to carry on
Look to the starlight
See your destiny
Never give up the will to be

You're gonna make it ‒ You've got the fire
Flames of your destiny ‒ Burning with desire
You've got the dreams ‒ You're burning higher
On wings of steel you soar to heights that will inspire

The magic in us all that will survive
The fuel that drives to keep the dream alive
Over the top

[Verse 2]
Out in the cold night
And on the darkest day
You have to fight against the grain
Look deep inside you
Find out what is real
Honesty and truth will be revealed

[Repeat verse 1]

2. 40 Deuces

[Verse 1]
Out in the city ‒ On streets of fire
I feel the power of the night
Fire and octane ‒ Leather and metal
I'm burning under neon lights

I'm shifting gears to ride the sky
My metal heart will never die
Forged in the fires of hell ‒ My pistons fly
40 deuces running high

[Verse 2]
Dark dirty women ‒ Whiskey and cold gin
Getting high and never coming down
My engines fire ‒ Fueled by desire
Like lightning striking all around


[Bridge 1]
Set 'em up and knock 'em down
Rock the night away
Deal the cards ‒ Roll the bones
Lady luck will find her way

[Bridge 2]
Buy the ticket ‒ Take the ride ‒ Pedal to the floor
Gonzo lust for life ‒ Kick ass! Alive forever more!!

[Verse 3]
Out on the pavement ‒ I'm burning rubber
Good Time Overdriving to the sky

Into the sunrise ‒ I'm riding shotgun
Devil driving ‒ Never gonna die

3. High Roller

[Verse 1]
Roll the dice ‒ Feelin' good tonight
Loaded and high rollin'
Blackjack gun ‒ shootin' 21
Whiskey river flowin'
Roll through town like a stone
Playin' another show
On the run ‒ A demon's son
Comin' to steal your soul!

Shooting stars blastin' through your town
Fueled by the devils fire
Light the sky ‒ Now we're gonna fly
Fills you with desire

Rollin' through the night

[Verse 2]
Good times metal blasts away
Ready to take over
In your head flames burning red
Spell taking you over

In a trance ‒ You start to dance
I'll be your star tonight
Taste my sin ‒ Crank it up to ten
Until the morning light


[Verse 3]
Come the dawn I have to go
But I'm still lovin' you
Songs entranced ‒ Deep in your mind
A spellbound witches brew

In my dreams ‒ I'll see your smile
Burnin' like a flame
I'll be back again next year
Callin' out your name


Rollin' through the night [4x]

4. Live Free Or Die

Rock on! Live free! Or die!

[Verse 1]
Patriots of freedoms fight
We the people shining the light
Illuminate our dreams in neon nights

Free to be who you want to be
From sea to shining sea
United in truth and destiny

Rock on and live to fly free
And you'll be...

Fly high ‒ High in the sky
Live Free or Die!!
Live Free or Die

[Verse 2]
Fly the flag and fly it proud
Scream for freedom ‒ Shout it out loud!
We are the keepers of the dream

Land of the brave ‒ Home of the free
The light of lady liberty
A beacon of hope and unity

5. Iron Goddess Of Vengeance

[Verse 1]
Forged in flames
Of devils fire
A bond in demons blood
Iron melts
In sun and steel
Await the crimson flood
Raining blood
Shall wash the skies
Foreseeing her return
Crushing all
False prophets' lies
The crosses start to burn

[Pre chorus]
Into the sun ‒ Together as one
We shall rise to take them on
Power of night ‒ Lightning strike
Waves of fury rolling on

Truth shall prevail ‒ She will avail
Freedom from chains we are as one
Strike of the sword ‒ Dark overlord
Reflecting in electric sun

So ‒ The sun shall rise
In skies of Babylon
Vengeance in her eyes
The goddess marches on

[Verse 2]
Machine of steel
A metal god
The beast it shall return
She ‒ The devils witch
A blood bitch
For whom hells fires burn

She will come
With serpents strike
To take back Satan's crown
Demons scream
And break the chains
Shaking underground

[Pre chorus]

She is the truth that forever shall be
She is the light that will set your soul free
She is the sun setting in a crimson sea

With her sword raised high in the sky
Riding lightning the metal gods cry
Princess of Hell ‒ Bringing the dawn

She shall rise

6. Out Of Control

[Verse 1]
White Wizzard's here to rock you all
In a raging metal storm
Riding on the second wave
Of a new electric storm

Rebel souls and rivet heads
Will make the hammer fall
Break the chains and go insane
Heavy metal is the law!

Lets Go!
Hail Rock and Roll
Metallic overload
We're gonna spin your soul

Out of Control!

[Verse 2]
In '79 we were left for dead
A new movement was born
Neal Kay ‒ Saved the day
Air guitar's in a crazy swarm

Lightning strikes the same place twice
It's coming back again
The Earth will quake to make your ear ache
Now crank the amps to ten


The anthems sound a new rebirth
A sonic blast across the Earth!

[Verse 3]
Motorbikes and muscle cars
Will own the roads again
Leather spiked denim warriors
Dirty women dressed to sin

Get on your feet and march in the street
Shout at the devil proud
Storm the gates in a bloody rage
Stand up and scream out loud!

7. Strike Of The Viper

[Verse 1]
Bonded and bound ‒ We fight for metal
Brothers in arms ‒ We swing the axe
Chained armor and platinum sword
Riding on a serpent attack

Legions ‒ Of Hell
Angels ‒ Of Light
Stand ‒ Up for metal
Stand up ready to fight

Can you feel the strike of the viper
6-6-6 [2x]
Come and join the cult of the snake
Satan's calling you
Come and join the legions of Hell
Fight to keep it true!

[Verse 2]
Devil dogs and sordid sinners
Blackened whores enslave the night
Demons dance as the moon is rising
Witches dance by hells starlight

Fireballs of molten metal
Meteor flame across the sky
Rocketing to another dimension
The dark angels wings fly high

[Bridge / chorus]

[Verse 3]
Wasted youth bring the rebellion
And the power of the night
Anthem of the revolution
For the light of truth we fight

Blood brothers bound together
As one we'll ride the wind
Metal soldiers marching into fire
Now the movement shall begin

8. Death Race

[Verse 1]
Out on desert sands
The race it shall begin
To the death and locked in
Wheels start to spin

The checkered flag will fall
As death may come to all
Mechanical beasts in battle
Road warriors to the end

The engine's thrust ‒ Into the night
Battle royal ‒ The ultimate fight
Bullets and octane start to fly
Every man but one ‒ Shall die!

Gasoline and flames
Across the sandy plains
Rockets start to fly
In the desert sky

Exploding overload
On the crimson killing road
Tonight there are no rules
In the final bloody duel

[Bridge 2]
A race to the death
For the power and the glory

[Verse 2]
Road villains in black
Charging the attack
Steel beasts enraged
There's no turning back

Blades slice into skulls
The armored saint shall fall
Swinging chains and swords
A deadly free for all!

9. White Wizzard

The wizzard steps into the light
White dragon standing by his side
Dark sorcerer summoning demons
On wings of blackest angels he shall ride

On through the night
Killing the light

His sword is raised into the sky
Thunder of the gods in on his side
The dragon spits his fire into the night
Sorcerer of hell will fall and die

The wizzard screaming retribution
Dragon spreads his wings in victory
The darkened land now burning bright
Surrounded in a brilliant neon light

Into the sun
We are as one

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