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1. Infernal Overdrive

Corporate politicians
Pig head kings and queens
Taking you for a ride
Illusion behind the scenes
New world order rising
Coming to eat your brain
Whore us all to the machine
We're all lost and insane

Straight to hell
We all nosedive
Shifting gears to
Infernal overdrive

On and on
As the beast grows more
Brainwashed fools lost in nevermore
Wake up see before too late or the
Evil machine will own your fate

Thinking we have a choice
Lost in constant lies
Reality is all gone - and now here come the flies
Mired in our shit
Lost in computer screens
Ignorant fools here it comes
The evil war machine

Straight to hell
We all nosedive

See them
Illuminate the disguise
Take your
Soul right from under your eyes

2. Storm The Shores

Sail away
Sail away
Forging ever onward
Into the seven seas of death

Forward - the overlords
Firing their guns
Into the seven seas of death

Don't let their glory fade
O the sacrifice they made

Storm the shores with cannon shell
Where the bloody heroes fell
Eagles fly into the mouth of hell

Fighting in the jaws of death
Smell of horror on Satan's breath
Battle cry at the gates of hell

Flashing bombs fill the air
Gunners ripping without care
Blood-soaked never showing fear

Plunging in the blackest smoke
Right through battle lines they broke
So darkest time can swing its final stroke

Don't forget the price they paid
Or the sacrifice they made

3. Pretty May

Pretty May took the needle and she blew away
Took a shot stop the pain to a better day
Run from shadows haunting her in the night
Opiate to launch a final flight

I know your soul is crying
And I know that you long for another
Way to feel
And I know your heart is dying
Oh hey hey don't let go pretty May

Surf the sky feel a high up to the moon
Feel the stars burn a bigger rush coming soon
Dance away the pain running straight to the sun
Burn your tears and disappear

4. Chasing Dragons

Blood lust
I'm dying in your hands
A war that has no ending
This is my final stand
Moon in crimson
Black widow in disguise
Spinning webs of crystal death
The devil in your lies

Woman of the blackest night
Hell fire star burns bright

Lost in you
I'm chasing dragons in my mind
Searching for the final rhyme
Drunk on love's poison wine
Blinded by the light I sought to find
I'm chasing dragons in my skies
Lost in your hypnotic eyes
Angelic brown that hypnotize
The spider's kiss brings my demise

Demon claw
Slices in my skin
You brand a mark of death on me
Captor of lust and sin
Soul of black
Yet I come back for more
Like a lost messiah
Shackled by the scarlet whore

I'm running
Yeah I'm running

From the demons that haunt me
From the death of your smile
From the spell of your eyes
Oh oh oh the power over me I must shake
Have to get away

I've been chasing dragons all my life
Illusions of a mad man walking
The edge of a knife
The smoke and the charred remains
Of the love that we burn
Drift into the summer skies never
To return

5. Voyage Of The Wolf Raiders

Oh father where art thou soul
Was it left on the battlefield...
Awash in deadly waves
A soldier's fate was sealed
Oh lord where is your light
Would you shine it for me to see?
To men who died on front lines
We owe our freedom eternally

God willing they sail away
To fight for a better day

Giving life for freedom for all that live
And die in the USA

Marching into fire
Eagle soaring higher

Set out
To fight
For truth
God speed will see the raiders through

Taking an oath to fight
For what they know is right
The gods hold candles for them
Burning flames on horizons so bright

They shall stand tall and rise
Bringing freedom for all
Stoking the flame and guiding with its light
Burning liberty through the darkest night

The sun will guide them home
The sun will guide them home
As they march out of the fire
Blood-soaked fists raised high

Bullets fly
Exploding sky

Freedom forever
Never surrender
America - still stands strong
Red, white and blue
Standing so true
All as one - under the sun
To those that died
Standing with pride
Never forget - blood of heroes
Band of brothers
Marines to the death
You left it all - on the killing fields

6. Critical Mass

Forged within redemption
Creeping death surrounds you
Floating in a sea of lies
Your worst nightmare is coming true

Used to playing your games
Stealth and out of range
Hide behind a pen and words
Now the cards have rearranged

I don't care what you think of me
Hypocrite's philosophy
Judging words flow from your pen
Substance more of mice than men

Look into a mirror see
Deepest hypocrisy
Skeleton closet
Filled with misery

Now mirror fade to black
Just another useless hack
One swift rush we're coming back
Rip you apart like a hard attack

Shred your guts to red wine
Expose your blackened soul
Revealing all your worthless lies
Time to pay the final toll

Chess board is revealing
A king that's met his fate
You overplayed your hand my friend
Your time has come it's far too late

Lords of karma ring bells of your toll
Words manifest a backdraft in your soul
Flames arise turn words to dust and ash
Melting blood red reaching critical mass

The dragon spits his red flame
Burn your words into the night sky
We'll rise to take the chalice
On dark wing the wizzard flies high
Now we are growing stronger
Hold high swords of destiny
Riding upon the waves
Guiding light upon a blue sea

Angels fly - our souls ride high
New rebirth - to sail the stars and sky

7. Cocoon

Sparkles on the dewdrops
Pearls of life
Star bright
Angels soar above you

To dust now into Pupa
To be reborn
Chrysalis dimensions
Colors rush
Your wings firelight

Death shall not be the end
Your soul now dances in the moon
From ashes you now transcend
Spreading wings from the cocoon

New life
Butterfly violet orchards
Heaven's sunrise
I feel
Your heart is beating in me
Forever and ever

May your colors always paint the skies
And wash the pain in my eyes
I pray to see your soul's return
Torching the skies with a fire that burns

8. Metamorphosis

My soul into hibernation
Growing into new rebirth
Manifest reincarnation
To rise up from a sleeping earth

With wings of fire I am reborn
My soul of light into the sky
The snake charmer sings me higher
Into new dimensions I fly

Arise the gods to bless my flight
See me through on blue starlight
Finding my way to new lands
Power of the night in my hands

My time has come
Deaths grip undone
I am now one
With stars and sun

9. The Illusion's Tears

[Part 1 - the quest for light]

The trail begins to dark
Into the forest I hark
Echoes dance but no return
Seeking a distant child
Magical and running wild
Lost answer for which I burn

Seeking eternal flame
She's the one with n name
Dream manifested in my mind
To fall in trance entwined
Arms wrapped in velvet twine
Eternally bonded for all time

Hands of time race across skies
Illusions tears burn my eyes
Losing faith in finding her
Colors of life begin to blur
Road of hope left unpaved
To this quest I am enslaved

Beauty chasing in the night
Lost love blinded by its light

To stars I pray to find
Spirit to be my guide
Are you just imagined too
To find the final rhyme
Lost somewhere in time
A love I seek that is so true

Running into abyss
Seeking a lover's bliss
Euphoric spell from just one kiss

Melting the candles red
Spell cast wake the undead
A love that cannot be unwed

Lost in the rhyme
Somewhere in time
I must fly away
On angels wing
Lost love I sing
Siren to the sun

[Part 2 - a galactic dreamscape]

You are the nighttime in my mind
Escape within a velvet moon
The angel holds us in his light
Soar on a rainbow's misty flight

Until the gods will
Show their face
We sing a song out into space
Illusions of time flow their sands
Passing magic stardust
Through our hands

Now we are sunbeams in god's eyes
A spirit sprite shall be our guide
The life force lightning in our souls
Galactic sun burning black holes

Soaring into crimson night
Magnetic energy and light
Transform as one illuminate
Reincarnate reborn we are as one

[Part 3 - final requiem]

Star light star bright
The dragon's wings in flight
Twilight tonight
Our fusion will ignite

Power power
Our love will set the stage
Devotion emotion
Our souls become engaged

We fall into the trance of mystery
The love we found fulfils our destiny

The illusions that I fear
Still haunt me everywhere
But when I stare into the
Dancing light
Now I see you there

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