Dark Lyrics


1. Fight To The Death

Don't preach to me about your god-tell me who and what to be
Don't tell me how to live my life or seek my destiny
In the light of choosing to be free my mind will find the way
In the heart and soul of my freewill I'll live another day

Free to choose and to be me
Power rule my destiny

I am a soul of light in overdrive
A stardust rider of the sky
You'll never take me alive
'Cause I'll fight to the death for the light
Forever flying high

Never try to brainwash me into thinking what you believe
Keep your religion to thyself and get away from me
Forever I'll fight to keep my mind and always rule my soul
You'll never gain an inch of your desire to control
The path is clear to fly so high
Like a dragon in the sky

Like an eagle soaring higher
Riding in the wind-never to give in
I will stand my ground forever
Always true to me ‒ forever I shall be

2. West L.A. Nights

Driving west on the boulevard
watching the sunset in the sky
Good times all around me yeah
I'm feeling free and flying high

Girls dressed to kill walk by
as the moon is rising
Streets alive with the glitter
of hopes and dreams
and fantasizing
The Santa Ana
winds are blowing
through my soul
Makes me want to
lose all self control

The rainbows rocking and
the boys are ready to go Oh Oh...

Rocking in the streets
and I'm feelin' alright
My soul is a rollin' in the neon lights
Riding the stars on a West LA night,
West LA night
The place where rockers used to rule
You still hear that magic sound
An earthquake of those crazy times
Shakes it's energy all around

Everyone gambling one more time,
shooting for a royal flush
Magic flowing through your veins
in the night you feel the rush
Dreams are always golden
and they always shine
City of Angels you'll
always be mine

3. Starchild

An angel of my dreams you are
A song of sirens evermore
Blessing for my weary soul
Beautiful star child I adore

A love so sacred in your eyes
Sent to me by Gods on high
Forever the one I shall embrace
Seeds sewn in eternal grace

On dragons wings
We touch the sky
Because this love we have can never die
Forever on high we climb
Forever you and I

In your eyes I have found honesty
In your voice I hear a calming sea
In the light of truth you shine so bright
A beacon of hope in the misty night

In my darkest hour you came my way
Color these shadow shades of grey
Giving me light for a brighter day
On stardust our souls will fly away

4. Flying Tigers

Into the cloudbursts
a liquid crystal sky
Hells angels screaming do or die

Like sharks in flight
P-40's show their might
A razors edge
Speeds through the night

Wings of hope will rule the sky
Battle angels flying high
Bravado in their eyes...

Like steel dragons soaring ever high
Entering battle unafraid to die

Across the sky, soaring high
Still they ride, the tigers fly
War hawks fighting
so the dream can stay alive

Into the fire fight
the battalion rages on
Surgically striking to the dawn

Sunsets behind them
knowing they will die
They carry on into the crimson sky

Blood of heroes running strong
River of hope - an anthem song
Still the band played on

A bond of brothers
In a field of hopes and dreams
Lives forever changing history

5. Night Train To Tokyo

Walking streets on a summer night
See her there under neon light
Lipstick, Leather, Silky skin
My body burns My head it's spinning

Possessed by fire - I can't control
Feel the devil - in my soul
Demon prowler - takes my mind
In the night - I'm gonna make her mine

Oh she's got me, Yeah she has me
Chasing her down like a crazy dream
Got me spellbound, spinning around
Mind turning evil, the devil inside yeah

She's a dynamo
In the fires of sin we go
and she's swinging low
On the night train to Tokyo
Night train to Tokyo

Lookin'at the girl with jade green eyes
Puts me in a trance and mystifies
Night wing lady riding the wind
Dressed to kill and in for sin

Going down the alley
My midnight goddess
Walking in the shadows of dark abyss
My love is ready to strike her down
I creep up as she turns around
Pulling her close I bring her in
Kiss those red lips taste like sin
Submissive angel going down
Dreams of love as we hit the ground

6. Night Stalker

Stealth and possessed he stalks the night
Blade is polished-ready to strike
His eyes they cast a deathly stare
Chill of evil in the air

Demon raider in the street, every day is trick or treat
For devils dance within his mind
A witching hour for all time

Look out tonight, he's creeping up behind
Death by moonlight, his blade of steel will shine

Nightstalker coming for you, prowler on the run
Shadow striker with a gun
Nightstalker coming for you
You better run and hide or you know you're gonna

Shadow rider on darkwing
Devils dance and demons sing
Siren songs into his mind
A dark prince of the fugitive kind

Desire to rip your flesh tonight
And drink your blood til morning light
He licks his blade and sets his sight
A lone wolf running in the night

You better run and hide or you know your gonna
feel it deep inside creeping up behind ya
better run and hide or you know your gonna die!

7. Fall Of Atlantis

Alien ships race from dark empire
seeking utopian eden
crashed to the earth in a ball of fire
Forever bound and imprisoned
City was built under crystal sea
So would rise a society
Alien race that sought freedom from
The dark beings and evil ones

Arise - City undersea
Atlantis came to be
In magic ocean spray
A brighter day
But darkness awaits - at hell's gates
Death would arise bringing their demise
Soon all were dead - aliens are bred
Man would arise - the immortal soul will die

Demons imprisoned bang on the gates
Souls of the damned are screaming with hate
Smelling the blood of these souls of light
Hungry to rape them and take their lives

In the desert plains demons ride
Calling for the dead to rise
Trumpets blow and serpents glide
Souls of light meet certain demise
Evil free to rape the light
A new race conceived in the night

To the city now they ride .
Stallion of fire on deadly stride
Harvest souls - one by one
DNA of the chosen one
Now the light they manipulate
sewing in the seeds of hate

8. Blood On The Pyramids

Now comes an age when men will seek the stars
From andromeda to fire red sands of mars
Pyramid eye seeks realms beyond the sun
Searching to find a God-a chosen one

Stars possess the minds of men
Seeking answers in the sky
Conflicted in his alien blood
The beast inside shall rise

Thirst for greed and power now mans fate
as the seeds are sewn by fear and hate
Men forever cursed in lust for Gold
The serpents rise - the power takes it's hold

9. Demons And Diamonds

[Part I]

Floods and famine rape the dusty land
Devils orchids bloom in desert sands
Power dynasties and monarchies
Shaping the new worlds destiny

Kings and Queens wage bloody wars
Power and gold still seeking more
Enslaved by greed and tastes of sin
The new world order shall begin

Light that once was inside of men's souls
Black with greed and demonic control
Dark alien looks on from afar
Awaiting the rise of the seventh star

[Part II]

Demons scream as seeds are sewn in sin
Men enchanted by the devil's grin
Blood on the hands of all now sets the stage
Eve of a new time and of a new age

Religion and power a dark possession
Gods and idols a lost obsession
Seeking a key the gates of Babylon
Demons took man on a carpet ride
Diamonds blinded him from the divine
Forever a slave the curse goes on and on

Men consumed as lust for power grows
Storms of war bring forth a blackened rose
Centuries pass the song remains the same
Men still chasing Gods with different names

10. Dark Alien Overture


11. War Of The Worlds

Shot down from above
Deadwing black dove
Demonic blitzkrieg fire
Dark Deadly funeral pyre

Valiant me would fight to save
and guard the fragile light within us
On the wings of angels - they will fly
Risking their lives to saw us

Fire fight in the sky
So many more to die
Atomic clouds and fire
Now blackened everywhere

12. Starman's Son

Man prays to the sky searching for an answer
Glass reflects a soul searching for truth
Conflicted by evil running in his ancient veins
history of his past troobled with pain
Demons on his shoulder dancing with temptation
To walk the road of greed like many before
Light he feels inside his soul seeking revelation
Hiding in the shadows of violent wars

Screaming at the sky
Why must all men die
Where is eternal life
Is there a god in the sky an almighty on high

Praying to the stars he sees a Light so bright
flickers like a candle in autumn moonlight
Brings an image of a man a son of the Gods
Hoping he can save his soul from being lost

Praying tp the skies
Lost men blind their eyes

We all seek a messiah to show us the way
A Lord on high to take the darkness away
Where is the light that we seek
Lost in the void as our minds grow weak
Forever lost in a quest to be reborn

Where is our star man's son
Our god - our chosen one
Will he save us all
Or have we missed the call

There is no messiah or king on high
The only answer remains in you and I
We must join to rise up and quest to be free
So love can conquer-fulfill destiny
Our light will shine and live to carry on
We shall illuminate burning so strong
A new sun will rise up into brighter day
Hope forever living on truth lights the way

Wyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson ‒ Vocals (lead)
Lewis Stephens ‒ Lead guitars
Jon Leon ‒ Bass, guitars
Giovanni Durst ‒ Drums

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