Dark Lyrics


1. Chemical Sunset

She left him on the roof
Looking out onto the city
It's towers concrete and steel

One humid afternoon
In a month of dying crickets
And corpses of burned out cars

With the image of his profile
Still etched on teary eyes
And the chemical sunset
That stained their good bye

And later that year
When the satellites were falling
Debris from a crowded sky

She often thought of him
And the roof where he was waiting
Through days and through fevered nights

And she fears now the streets
That once led her to his house
Are erased by the colours
Of poisonous skies

2. Sally Left

Sleep in the grass
Let the silence embrace me
Time took her in, with his loveless desire
Sang her a sweet lullaby

Frail as a ghost
She was fading so slowly
I knew she was leaving me soon
Then with a smile and a whisper she kissed me
"Claire, I will come for you soon"

We heard the tolling of bells in the distance, I begged her not to stray
But in the morning this house was half empty, she found her bed in the grass

Mornings are pale
And the sea side deserted
Summer has left me behind
I hope that Sally will know where to find me
If she comes looking for me

I hear her whispers through radio static, I see her face in the clouds
And in the morning this house will be empty
Make me a bed in the grass

3. Endless Science

So glad we found you
Under the open sky you wind your way through the meadows
You are the road that will take us to in between day and dream

We hold the compass, you hold the promise of life yet unlived
We grow boulder, speeding along to discover an endless science
Road race with time

Will we feel the passion, will we feel the pain
Will we touch forever, in the other lane

Sally is smiling, time is a shower of light through her hair
Trey is flying, white knuckled hands on the steering wheel
I greet the sun, speaking it's language

Everything is still now, we have turned the key
And the race is run for Sally, Trey and me

4. Soulburn

Looking for a way out, for a stirring in my soul
Trying to remember things you told me long ago
So long have I waited for a riddle to unsolve
People call me crazy, they have left me in the cold

But I can't leave it all behind
No I can't leave it all behind
How can you leave it all behind?
Oh I have touched it with my mind
Oh can you touch it with your mind?
Oh can you touch it with your mind?

Frozen by the fire I have looked into the flame
Now my eyes are crystal that will melt if I forget
Cannot turn away now, cannot shield my blinded heart

For I have touched it with my soul
Yes I have touched it with my soul
Oh I have touched it with my soul
And I can never walk away
No can you leave what you have found
No I can never walk away

5. Insomnia

The end of the night seems so long and hard to bear
And the blood upon my hand cannot be my own

Wait for the chance that has been given to you
Now leave this obstacle of fate

Walk across the field of light
Leaving no traces on it's ground
Dream tomorrow, come inside with us

For this second is now captured and frozen
In a secret place, hidden from the day

Time is everything
It stands it's strain
Feel the darkness drawing near

Breathe it's air
Like the rain that falls
Broken up yet frequently...

Just one last touch
As the curtain falls down

To halt the wheel in it's endless spinning
Hold twilight until dawn
To stop the stars in their skyward crossing
And the sun from growing cold

6. Storm Season

Moor the houses, lay low all masts and poles
Shear down the trees, anchor your barks
Gather your children and pray that they will be there when dawn breaks
Sound all your warning bells, cry for the lost sailors at sea
They are the first who will know what a storm can be

You will remember me, you will remember me
I am the scar upon your soul

I am the voice that speaks, I am the voice that speaks
I am the silence that precedes

The turning, the end of everything
All you have loved, all you have built
All that you are will be taken away by me
Who loved you with ever rising force
I will not stop what I unleash
Mine is the fire that devours what it most desires

Lost on a raging sea, lost on a raging sea
I am the voice to lead your home

7. Nightside Of Eden

I feel the push of a stormfront, look to a darkening sky overhead
See as the first drop of water pierces electrified air
Turn back to the thunder that calls
Now the swallows fly low to the ground
She smiles in the dead of the night
And the lightning rides high on the storm

I see the black clouds in your eyes
Clouds in Eden, drowning paradise

Heaven has opened it's flood gates, rain has been pouring for days
Telephone lines are all dead
Sally, by candlelight, stares
She stares at the fire that burns, while the world is extinguished by gales
Sally, with a joyful despair, is the storm that has laid my heart bare

I see the dark love in her eyes
Eden's nightside, new paradise

Thanks to MPloskov for sending these lyrics.

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