Dark Lyrics


1. Leaving The House Of Thanatos

Silence in Thanatos' hall whispers behind his great wall as dreams of atlantis, a call from afar soft words we can never recall

waking beneath this vast dome drawn by a voice that is home I glide like a shadow cross starlit terrain not knowing my nature or name

take me over the waters of Lethe bring me safely to shores of remembrance see as seeing recovers our dreaming dream as dreams may deliver our freedom

knowing what darkness must hide I draw you close to my side the river is close and a boatsman is there he speaks with a voice made of sand

leaving the silence behind tracing the paths of my mind the temples of Hypnos recede in the haze our eyes are ablaze like the sun

2. The Book Of Love

radiant pinpoints, they sting my hand I grab a fistful, a gift for the breeze who will carry them far and away with case

stars in my heaven, they turn and turn like holy fires they burn and burn and in their pattern my love is spelt like a sigil of grace in the womb of space

ever as time goes on and on and on these stars will burn forever ever as time grows heavy-headed, wan ever ever as life goes on and on and on my heart is yours forever ever as life grows tired and forlorn eve

3. Soteriology

In scarlet fields where fallen angels sleep: a ground upon which mortals dare not tread, where moves the image of the fallen man who holds the star within his hand beneath the shadow of a darkened sun: intoxicated by the wine of life we slumber through our days of emptiness and blindness and forgetfulness.

Within the fire of awakening: there lies the core of my triumphant self. a spark ignites a freedom greater than all life, my mystery profound.

Upon the altar where the chalice stands: where coils the serpent round its offering of knowing and of sight, the power to transcend beyond the tyrant's throne.

4. Helen And Simon Magus

Come and meet me by the river meet me down where the willows grow let us walk amidst the flowers with their colours all aglow let us watch the waters flow

and forget our fear and suffering and forget our throes of pain watch the clouds so softly gliding by with promise of light rain may we never part again

still the world keeps spinning round and round and the stars watch from the sky and they don't care if we live or die their angel's eyes are blind we were lost and never found

thus immersed in incognicity we must rise from the blackest deep and emerge above the waters freed of demiurgic sleep we shall soar where we once did creep

5. Thirteen Days

thirteen sweet days of longing I love you more every day thirteen long days of torment I miss you more every day to touch you to hold you to see you again no, my tears I cannot hide from you thirteen days

6. A Strange Procession...


7. A Dance Of Shadows

I have seen a dance of shadows darker than the darkest night touched by madness I have swirled the pirouette of death

wakened by a black rose blooming in the frozen fields of sleep I have known such pain and pleasure ecstasy and fear

I have seen a strange procession mourners of the ice-kissed soul I have known and I have suffered at the hands of truth

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