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1. Space Invaders (Intro)


2. The Union

Every day you think of tomorrow
You fear for your end
To know the future of the earth
Is the key of life

Someone left us the key
But we don�t know where it�s at
To know the future and our past
Could be dangerous for all

Light, the power is coming from their union
Fly, all the skulls are overhead
Shine, it�s time for revelations
Bright, the ancients come from the stars

Crazy men want all the power
And the last skull they�ve found
In Atlantis it was buried
With the secret of universe

All the skulls are in their hands
And they know how to use �em
Good and evil are fighting again
But we know who will win

3. Top Secret

You have seen a light from the sky,
Heart a big crash on the earth
All the people are searching for the death zone,
But the area was just closed

Another mystery, the people want to know

Secret, secret, is falling from the sky
All the people think, who was, and why
You know that there is another life coming from the stars
From the sky

1941 was the year of the crash down
The spaceship was moved to another place
Magazines were talking about that all day
The authority was talking about an accident

4. Last Navigator

Riding in time we move in the space
Navigator of stars and inter-space
Builder of giant constructions
over mother earth
Eternal gate is the holy door

Air, water and mother earth
are good for landing over
All men are your slaves
to build your colony, to live
From unknown you�ve come here
and people fear you
Like a god you start to talk
with the ancient man
You start to build your colony
like a fantastic summer place
You arrive and you go
by the eternal gate

You�re flying �over human

Where are you? Where is Rah?
You�ve vanished somewhere
Tell me to crack the code

Two dimensions and two earths
connected by a fantastic door
No human can use the door,
it is only for the king
Pyramids are your tomb,
you�re living like a god
The last king rest in pain
no more aliens in through the door

5. The Skulls

We are ready to leave the earth
We are ready to fly away
We will conquer another world
We are gods without a throne

They are not ready to know the truth
They think that we�re the gods
From the sky from the stars

Clever minds build the skulls
All the power is inside
Throw the skulls on the earth
Someone will search and someone will find them

Leave the earth and the Skulls
On the earth somewhere
All the secrets are into the skulls
And they will know the truth

Thirteen Crystal Skulls
Power Hidden Truth
Thirteen Crystal Skulls

Union of the crystal skulls will reveal you the truth

Thirteen Crystal Skulls
Power Hidden Truth

6. Missing Link

We see you, but you don�t see us

We are sailing day by day
We are searching for the land
The connection from East and West
That no one has ever found

Losing direction, we are seeing
Only water everywhere
Over the ocean, following the Stars
The right place is here

Feel it in the air, Atlantis isn�t far

Mysterious land you keep
Your treasures concealed
Hiding between continents
Impossible to Find

Under the Oceans
With all your secrets
You are the center of the world
And now we know
That you are
The missing link between two worlds

7. Creature Of The Abyss

In the highland, there is a hiding place
In the highland the monster lives
Under the water it is concealing
Creature of the water we want to see

Survivor from earth attack
Hidden in the sea and lake
You are the only one
Creature of the abyss
Monster from the lake

Monster living on the earth
Aliens willing to kill� em all
Conquerors of mother earth
Throw the bombs on the surface

This new place is good for you
Men from space are conquerors
From the sky you came to fight
all of you burn like in hell
Stellarian fighters are ready to strike
The monsters will die

Survivor from earth attack
Hidden from sea and lake
You are only one
Creature of the abyss
Monster from the lake

Now you are only one
The survived of your fate
Scotland�s legend now you are
The last creature of the earth
You appear sometimes out of the lake
and tales go on

Survivor from earth attack
Hidden from sea and lake
You are only one
Creature of the abyss
Monster from the lake

Legend of the North

8. Power And Blood

It�s midnight in a lost time
The stars are brightening in the sky
The victim is on the altar of God

The sacrifice is starting
The men are dancing around the fire
Now it is time to call the God of the sky

We are believing in the God from the sky
With a spaceship he arrived

Kill, kill, kill the victim
Sacrifice for God
All we drink her blood from the skull
Blade, blade hit the body
All the people drink
God drink with us her blood from the skull

There is fear and terror
Spaceship is brightening in the sky
All people are looking outside

God is out for blood
Hungry for a fair sacrifice
Someone will shed tears for fear

Your soul is flying among the stars
Bright for us near your sisters
Somewhere out in space
We�re proud of your sacrifice
Quite is God
filled with blood

9. Perfect Design

I never saw it in the past
But I�m sure what I feel
There is a lot of magnetism
A lot of big designs
Visible only from the sky
Only when you fly so high
South America, England, Europe
And so on lot of
Signs in the fields

Perfect designs on the ground
not by man drawn

These signs are coming from the sky
Men don�t know why
Universe is talking with us

Scientists threw out
Some messages and hoped to find
Someone to hear them
Genetic trees traveling in space
And we�ve received them from another place

Signs, more, signs with message Aliens wrote
Signs, more, signs we want to know the code
Signs, more, signs, but we don�t understand
Signs, more, signs, we think it �s a joke

10. The Observers

We are here not sent by God
To check mother earth
1000 light years from home
There�s some work to do
Save the humans from destruction
You are near the end

If you fly high, you will see
You�ve done damage
And we are here to repair

Fly, fly to see your earth from heights
You have to think of a better life
You have to work and work to have a better world

You are far away to pacify the world
Fight, war, everywhere
You want to use nuclear bombs
they will get you to the end

11. Mothman Prophecies

Flash in the night like in a thunderstorm
I crash my car in on a stone
I saw an alien in front of me
A lot of people have the same dream
Don�t talk about it, but believe and save your life
I lost my wife and I want the truth
Search for the meaning for that incubus

But I don�t understand how to smell the death

Prophecies we are not dreamers
Mothman is the voice from the space

Drive and drive in a land so far
Another place where people die
I arrive but I don�t know where
Here I breathe a strange atmosphere
Watch the nightmare and the world is in your hands
Every night Mothman appears to you
Evil creature shows you the truth

But I don�t understand how to smell the death

Prophecies we are not dreamers
Mothman is the voice from the space
Nightmare shows us the future
It�s not a dream it�s the prophecy

Darkness, sadness and lots of nights
Another vision is coming soon
Screaming, water, fire and blood
A lot of people trapped on the bridge
I see him the Mothman wants to tell me
Save the people from the tragedy
Is the last prophecy

12. I Wanna Fly Away

I�m so down and lonely
No one will understand why
I�ve it all but I�m alone
There�s an angel voice that
Calls me in my mind
It�s coming from space or another earth

I close my eyes
I want to sleep
A blond angel appears to me
She is not a dream
Come in my land she asked me
I left my heart out
I am alone
I�ve nothing to lose
My eyes are blind and
I don�t believe in love anymore

I want to go but I don�t know
How follow my angel in the sky
I want to fly but I have no wings
Follow me into a new life
Now it�s time to say goodbye
Unchain me, my body is floating high now
Silence broken in my head
It�s not some fake disease

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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