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1. Ninth Night

The winds blows through the forest
In an iced winter night
Frozen trees like spectres in the dark
The old man stand in circle
Silence all around
Hands to the sky
The gate of power is open wide

Magic knowledge, dancing fires
Ninth night, this is the ninth night
Can't stop the mystic visions, secret voices
Dana's between the fires
Dana's between the fires

Fires burn in the forest
Fires burn in the night

Hands draw secret symbols
In the wind, in the air
Frost and flames on the sacred soil
Mortal sight is faded, unveiling the world
Second sight is rising the future is now revealed

Magic knowledge, dancing fires
Ninth night, this is the ninth night
Can't stop the mystic visions, secret voices
Magic knowledge, secret fires
Inner power flowing on and on

2. Guardians

Rising powers black in the way
In the forest spirits are dancing
Dancing on and on

Forgotten legends hidden secrets
The book of shadows open wide
The fields are burning, children crying
It's just a vision of coming times

Secret rites, pagan knives
Seven nights before the blood red moon

Guardians protecting the faith
Guardians defending the light
Guardians keepers of solstice
Guardians power that comes from the sky

Black wings of death coming through the trees
The wind is frozen and the eyes are weeping
A darkened scent of fallen leaves
The end is coming the end is near

In to the night on the fairy hill
Spirits are calling
In to the night on the fairy hill
Future is now revealed

Lost in time the knowledge supreme
Druids are falling down in misery

3. Head Hunters

Find the path of immortal sun
Hear the call of the morrigans
Walk among the ancient trees
Feel the power from within
Way of the warrior
Death is singing on the hills
Braves don't fall

Head hunters
Skulls on their belts
Head hunters
Looking for prey
Head hunters
Lost in the dark
Crimson stars burn on a deadly sky

Torches lighten mighty stones
Sacred rites cobald blades
Iron, velvet taste of blood
Dreadful masks beneath the hood
Frozen tears
Crumbling on the ring of steel
Echoes of drums

Flowing fear inside your veins
End is coming end is near
Heavy steps surrounding you
They look for prey, the prey is you
Lost in the forest
Death is calling, death is real
Falling down

4. The Ring Of The Ancients

Lost in a middle of the forest painted black
Hundred knights praying bres
Can you hear their singing voices
Ascending to the moon
Here's the gates of Annwn

Lifeless my limbs torpid my tongue

In purple robe sits a warrior old
Telling stories of dead comrade bold
Their bodies fell as their spirit rose
To the home of the heroes Herjan's hall

Mystic riddles, symbols of the stones
See the ancient rites, never known before
Revelation, come black sun
Burning inner fire, never felt before

Oh when time has come, rise your fist
Feel the power that comesfrom the past

Ring of the ancients calling
Deep down inside my heart
Ring of the ancients calling
Proud warrior never die

Creep iron serpent, come almighty bress
Sacred pictures drawn of wood
Shadows dancing around almighty stones
Marching skeletons on battlefields

5. Half Moon Path

In the heart of the night
Across mountains and precipices
They wandered to know the truth
The bard, the madman and the old priest
Were following that secret terrible sound

Echoes of drums in the night
Fear that grinds your heart and your soul
Watch out the invasion's near
Thousand shields and thousand swords

In the silence can you hear that roar
The rise of the power of almighty Rome
In the silence can you hear that roar
Coming in the night across the half moon path

Trembling with fear they started a restless run
To warn the chieves of the coming threat
But a cursed fate hung over their heads
Soon the way was lost

One by one they fall in to a nightmare
Evil spirits around the trees
Paralyzed by that awful visions
Their eyes saw the village burn

In the silence
In the night
Hundred warriors
Across the half moon path

6. From The Mist

The moon shines high from the top of the hill
A white curtain rises
Spirits are calling as the old man stands still
Waiting for the crimson light

Feeling the presence of a power supreme
Becoming aware of the secrets
Lying away from the human sight

The night, the forest
The last caress for
The old man waiting for the mist
Ancients calling, tribes united
Annwn is the otherworld

Fingers like iced branches
Clenching the sword
The last battle is lost
A look to the village
A prayer for the sons
Dana's calling your name

7. Ogam (Mystic Writings On The Stone)

Can you hear the voice of the silent trees
Of the mystic river that flows inside you?

When the rain fall on the wall
And your heart is full of sadness
When you feel the chains of hecate the queen
Darkned visions will come

Ogam gives you strength
Mystic writings on the stones
Ogam sacred signs
Find the way to eternity

Blood! No one can save you
A sentence of death, paralyze your mind
Silent moor behind your eyes
Prey the ancient monoliths

Ogam gives you strength
Mystic writings on the stones
Ogam sacred signs
Find the way to eternity

When the evil tricks with serpent's kiss
And your soul bleed for sorrow
When the endless night makes you blind
An inner light you can find

Ogam gives you strength
Mystic writings on the stones
Ogam sacred signs
Find the way to eternity

8. After The Battle

Fight for the glory, defend your land
The day of the battle has come
Axes and swords hear the clang of the shields
The fields like a pool of blood

On the hills burning fires
On the fields blood and steel

Legions of Romans encircle our men
Celtic will break the lines
The second assault is rejected with strength
Withdrawal for Cesar's men

After the battle the haul of war
After the battle we drink a lot
Drinking on and on

Celebrate the victory with sweet hydromel
Warriors and women are drunk
One of the chieves steals half of the haul
But the second one rises his sword

... who fucks with the haul?!?

The drunken chieves fight for the haul
Now tribes divided... will fall...

9. King With The Silver Hand

Flight of raven, messenger from otherworld
Flight of raven, fairies dancing slow

Fought the firbolgs in the north
Learnt the magic knowledge
Took the stone of fal
Power of the gods

Roar of the flight in the darkened light
Death smiles from the sky
Side by side, desperate cry
We fought to overcome
Battle's won, hundred died

Neverending night kill to survive
We fought for the king with the silver hand
Neverending fight took the holy fire
Nuada is the king with the silver hand

Blood on the swords, the fighting goes on
Legendary tales of immortal gods
War is pain, war is death
No place for poetry
Victory has a bitter taste

10. Valhalla

The Kingdom of Odin is the Kingdom of Gods
Where only souls of the brave may rest in peace
But someone among them had the skill of deceit
And raised the hand that would open the road to Hell

When the winds of Valhalla run cold
Be sure that the blood will start to flow
When the winds of Valhalla run cold

The ring has been broken and a soul must be saved
Among the bravest of men, who rides to Hell
The longships are sailing and the chariots ride
And yes the anger of Thor will serve you well


Raise your hands
Reach and Valhalla will save your soul
Raise your eyes
And Odin will lead us on

They say that history repeats itself
Upon the year of the seventh Century
Well nobody knows no you never can tell
So you'd better run now and hide away


11. March To Alesia

Roman legions marching on
Hills are burning
Tribes divided, cowardry

Warriors strength warriors faith
Are lost, desperate fightings
Once united, now divided
People is dying
Run like ghosts in the middle of the night
To save our children

Cesar's glory, Casar's lust
We're gonna take it

Marching marching marching to Alesia
Hundred legions wait around the walls
Marching marching marching to Alesia
Rising power of the mighty Rome

The chieves are blind for power
The druids have lost the way
And Cesar waits
The tribes will fight each other
The brothers fight each other
Like a civil war
One by one the tribes are falling down
The march of roman army

Merciless Cesar's game
Legions are moving
The last chieves will be put in chains

12. Tuatha De Danaan


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