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1. Pathology Of Our Existence

(I see this shit going on...fucking pisses me off.
So look around you, this isn't our neighbourhood, its a fucking battlefield.)

We are driven to failure,
But my blood will not be shed.
A resilience of greater fortitude,
To the forefront of admiration of a bastard.
Creative yet a life of worthiness,
When is it my time to shine.
Fractured yet he is still swinging strong.
Finally earning a right to be a apart.
Designed for identical reconstruction.
I was born to start this change,
Worry for the weak yet cry for the strong.
In a world, where everything is wrong we look in ourselves.
We are the one's that belong.

2. Human Disfigurement

Mental anguish is filled with fears of disapproval.
Never was I accepted in your eyes.
With diminishing feelings of joy, you were never satisfied.
Always the cup close to your mouth, so we could never see you spill a drop.
Frightened with the thought of whether I would even awaken.
To dream reality, like an overdose waiting.
A full collapse.
To finally make something shine in your eyes.
A heartbeat ticks with timeless thoughts running around.
We crowd and begin to look down.
To see you embedded without a thorn crown. Are we disfigured in these eyes?
Are we the ones that create such stutter?
How do we awaken a beast, when all we have is one last wish?
Suffocating the last wishes and demands you could never let go.
I could finally overcome the atrocities that once held me back.
Staring into the eyes of the ones that beguiled me.
To rape and forget the ones you love, a life your too familiar with.

3. Confined

Fear is a factor in the decision to bleed.
But don't you see its profaned creed.
Dressed up, to make you imagine you're set free.
Yet it's all wrong, We must look pass into the realization we're all trapped.
Some are so mindless. We build on others beliefs.
How can we be buying into this?
A society brought up on inculcation.
How can we, break free. It sickens me, the way we are brought into this life.
What we were once fed,was nothing more then avidity. Draining our life down to the bone.
We eat the bullshit from their hands, We crave every last drop.
Yet I'm worn out and distraught that this is what we are born into.

4. Failure To Succeed

Our days are numbered in this day and age of destruction, where the weary and weak are slipping in a coma. The only safe haven in this world is our independence. Where we must look at ourselves in the mirror, to really see dominance in its final hour. We have a world full of options and we never take a second glance. We think this is such a sudden failure, did this come so abrupt? We will never see the day of light again, when we are shackled within ourselves. Choke the last witness that beholds the truth. Where do we look when we have lost all faith? Where do we look when we have lost the love to be happy within? Faced with the fact that the world is overgrown with malice. Where our economy is in a sudden downfall. There is no way to resurrect when we are flooded with anguish. When will there be a new day.

5. Baled To Death

Focus on the thought we wont survive when our freedom is contradicted. Even with the whips against our backs we will no longer be afraid. When your optimistic views are ravished maybe you will finally see your tyranny yet we will still have to face ourselves. Forever a fight of bitter ends. Where we feed the masses this lack of information. Where media fills our minds with temptation. This world drives me into asphyxiation. An injustice of actions demanded. We have to realize we must gather. In order to capture and devour. Never will we be the one's that are shackled down. We must break free of what, we once thought we were meant to be. Count the bodies as we destroy what they made us believe. I will hold my head high.

6. Enticement

How have we reached this point of no return. Where a majority of the world is raised in ignorance. When logical thinking no longer exists, but the one's left have the will to resist. Take a look at the world through these eyes, will you crumble at your defeat. Only when I close my eyes do I feel alive but when they open I find myself engulfed. There is no hope for this cause, yet were persecuted. Considering this way of life is actually a flaw. So we sit and question the will of man. But your to inane to understand. How can we run before we can even crawl? How can we judge before we know? How can we help someone, who wont help their self? Its this reasoning and way of thinking that has became a burden for a chance of evolution but we are still stuck at a premature birth. Only in a world where we besiege the innocent shall we call it a persuasion? This is no more then an invitation leading us into a life of degradation.

7. Devour Thy Throne

Every time I hear your voice, it reminds me of the echoes. The torturous melodies a remittance to wake the dead. With the masses at the stare, I'm at a lost of words. Yet your full of despair, in the end I'll have my. In the end I'll have my revenge. I will have you in my hands. I will show the world, what I'm worth. Raising your head in victory. I wont be held down, I wont let you get the best of me. Serenade the queen, by suffocating her. She will be buried in the trenches.

8. Heathen

Faced with a lifelong decision, that is a regiment of our disaster. We will shed your blood to excel ourselves to a higher power. I'm Looking behind the lines in a chase that is as distant as a god that walks the earth. Decimating the abundance of believer's that cant even begin to question. A Death? A simple opportunity for us to look back on a world that has crumbled so vastly. Where we can't even look in ourselves to continue we must rely on this faith I have lost. I will stand where my father once died, to see if he shall rise again.

9. Your Cremation, Our Reclamation

What if the world was castrated and left with no dignity. Would we finally see everything we have taken for granted is no longer free. Why in the hell. Are we born to follow our idol's. We are baffled by the thought to be ourselves. But I am sick of seeing kids living in this addiction. How can I remain to see you the same. Our lives are ran by the thought of fear yet we will rise and persevere. But I still see this society come crashing down in shambles. Our way of life is meaningless of what you call this great vision. Do you turn a blind eye? Or do you consider everything you see a lie. We are born with misfortune in our veins, we are sickened with pain as you boast in vain. Infatuated with yourself your all the fucking same.

10. A Misconception

How do they overcome when all has been refused even when their land has become their own debt. They are still pushed into a burning furnace with no way to escape, is this their fate? If the role's were turned, what would the world be like would there be a sense of nostalgia. Fuck why would we have to even look back? When there is no reason for change. A sense of freedom that they have not shed blood for is all I could ask for in this. Yet your praising a false god, where there is no faith. When your main belief is to eradicate. With all of this only to please and increase. Firmly pressed guns to the temple. How much can one oppress before laid to rest? Do we not even consider to question these actions. A topic that is under minded and ill informed. Fuck! It might as well just be ignored. How can we even stand to not lend a hand. We de-moralize a whole society cause we are brought upon the believe that they were born underminded. In a state of force by which the only reason. We have survived and risen as a country has been the fact of superior weaponry makes me question.

11. Your Broadcast Is Interrupted

We are Born Into Sin.
But how do we crawl from a shallow grave,
Thrusted into a world of mindless slaves.
A consistent wave of debauchery.
Is this all society has come to be?
We are driven to extinction.
In a world of malice.
Incarcerated we are guilty of rape.
An aspiration of sexual desire.
We admire they confirm and conspire.
Is it the need to succeed or is it just greed.
You sell your morals short
Yet you will concede.
We live in a world of shame.
Where difference is considered treason.
I will never buy into this lie.

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