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1. Swallow The Slaughter

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

No one knows exactly how to crawl inside his head
Spitting on him
Pulling hair
Won't rest until they're dead
Teasing, taunting everyday
The morning bus to school
Playground in the afternoon
Sits back and plays the fool

The underdog
Bears its teeth
The boiling point
The line is breached
Throw the stone
Cast the rage
Swallow the slaughter
The debt is paid
Over and over again

Young man joins the military
Shiny, brand new gun
Shipped halfway around the world
A war that can't be won
Captured by the enemy
The hope of life does fade
Thinking quick the fight or flight
Enables an escape

Years gone by
The test of time
Has made some harsh demands
Constitution fading as the radiation scans
Gone through life and war
Only to have it end this way
Doctor has the test results
Hands tremble
Bodies shake

2. Snuff

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

Street corner trick
On sunset strip
Long legs red hair
With cross to bear
Fled to the west
In Sunday s best
New life to lead
Strive to succeed

Spit me out
Spit me out
Suck me back up again

The silver screen
Her lifelong dream
Vision denied
Time after time
Audition time
Another line
Use to abuse
She can't refuse


Underground film
Will pay the bills
Chasing the fix
Treats come with tricks
Turn for the worst
Drug money cursed
Against her will
Performance kills


3. Firewater

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

Sit down like you do
And I'll cross my legs too
My friend
What's in that pipe
Strikes my appetite
Sweet blend


Two shots for you
One shot for me
Can you still see
It's your turn again
Let me help you hold the pen
And sign this deed



4. Float Face Down

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi, Rich Day]

Treacherous waters
Smashing and thrashing around you
Blistering lips
Salt water you'll kiss
Take a sip
And the trip will begin

You will fight for your life
'til you float face down
Gasping for air
Spit out your last prayer
Then you float face down

Ravaging current
Swirling, engulfing the White Sea
Struggling to live
Never forgive
Captain's order
The slaughter received

Unspoken terror
Heart beating faster
Inside you
Sun going down
The vultures will sound
Screaming out but the shout can't be heard

5. Fight Or Flight

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

Dangerous, threatening warfare
Explodes everywhere
Diving for cover
Smoke and sand fly through the air
Insurgences are coming
Nowhere to hide
Focus is sharp
Decisions is made to survive

Run, flee, escape
Choose your own fate
Mommy says go for the eyes
Will you live or die?
Fight or flight

Grazing solitude
Zebras out in the plains
Lion is hunting
Adrenaline pumping through veins
Predators spotted
Zebras reply
Shuffling fast
Escape or they meet their demise

Saber tooth, razor-sharp tiger
Stalks early man
Caveman is startled
Primitive weapons in hand
Fierce tiger growling
Eyeing the prize
Smashing its head
Bloodthirsty look in its eyes

6. Pitbulls In The Playground

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]
[Special Guest Guitar Solo By Frank Blackfire]

Snarling attack
Money is made
Hail Mary pass
Best friend betrayed
Against all odds
Losing the bet
Meet your demise
The stage is set

Only a matter of course
It's time to show some remorse
For what you've done
Hopelessly riding the high
You aim to get higher
Into the fire with you

Trained to attack
A killing spree
Making your mark
In history
Against the law
Busted the ring taken away
Canaries sing


Play action pass
Disorder, dismay
Contract is void
Miracle play
Front page report
Made the headlines
Sunday night game
Ignorant crime


7. Parade Of Two Legs

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]
[Special Guest Guitar Solo By Frank Blackfire]


8. Hook In Mouth

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

Thousands of people come into your life
Pulsating sounds are shaking
See you the next time I pose a question
Are you out of your mind?

Hook in mouth
Hook in mouth
Hook in mouth
Hook in mouth

Plant the seed in your mind
And you know it's so insane
Because the hook is sacred
Yes, the hook is sacred
Think I need some new bait?

[Chorus x2]

9. I've Got The Fire

[Montrose cover]
[From The Album "Paper Money" (1974)]
[Music & Lyrics: Ronnie Montrose]
[Vocals By Joe Cangelosi]

If you're lookin' for something, that you can keep
Well baby, pass me by
And you want something, that's twenty years deep
Baby, don't even try
But you want someone, to take your soul
Maybe lift you a little bit higher...
I've got the fire

Just cause I'm skinny, don't you sell me cheap
I'm as long as a country mile
Well some like it wide and some like it deep
And guess which one's my style!
You think you can beat me at my own game
Well baby, I say you're a liar
Well I've got the fire

10. Feeding Frenzy

[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

Scent of the carcass is near
Unrivaled talent to kill
The competition is fierce
Against all will
Guarding the food at its source
No chance of sharing the prize
Inches away from its cause
Feed to survive

The feeding
The bleeding
Jaws clenching down
Feeding frenzy

Kill and eat what is too slow
Feel the hot breath down your neck
Tapetum lucidum glows
Kill and protect
Tracking the one that's astray
Breaking the stride of the prey
Smelling the fear in the air
Teeth and claws tear

Inches away from its claws
Inches away from its cause
Chaos and terror arise
Fear in the eyes
Ripping the flesh from its core
Hovering over the kill
Splitting and cracking the bone
All feast at will

Tony Portaro Guitar, Vocals
Joe Cangelosi Drums, Vocals
Rich Day Bass, Vocals

Background vocals by Mike Logue, Kevin "Reverend" Imor, Ricky Rockit, "Spyder"
Peluso, Kostadin Kamcev, Harris Johns & Whiplash.
Cover Artwork was created by Ed Repka.

Thanks to tiagao_extremo for sending these lyrics.

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