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1. The Drowning Years

These empty years, in sadness repose
What once were joys
Now have become sorrows

I drank them all away

Once, I held hopes, loves, and dreams...
Now they're sunken into the sea
And I've no one left to save me
From drowning eternally

I drank them all away
I drank myself away

2. Of Empires Forlorn

Damned, I crawled valleys silenced with death
Through the seas of carnage, over mountains of regret
Reaching solace only to behold barren wastes endless

Just when I needed you the most
You had forsaken me
To this kingdom of ghosts

Bleak are the skies above this ruin
I've found no solace in cathedrals fallen
I am so far from the light and warmth of Heaven

To the hell of myself
Alone I am damned
To weep for you

Now, above this vast ruin alone I stand
All light and hope has fled my kingdom and land
Betrayed by bride and brethren,
My heart bursts in your hands

Forlorn empires
My kingdoms damned
Forlorn empires
I am damned

3. Voice In The Wind

I hear your voice in the wind
Haunting me once again

Maybe our dream is over
But the sorrow never ends

I hear your voice in the wind
Haunting me once again

I knew someday you would leave
And abandon me to forever grieve

4. In Aeternum

Tearstained are the halls of my empty soul
Melancholia's haunting call is the only one I have known
Innocence has lead me into this void
While years eroded a youth I never enjoyed
Through childhood I slept unsheltered from the scorn
Now I've awakened with age to love ever lorn
Forever and ever I'll search for the solace
Which can only be found in an embrace

In throes of desolation I prayed unto divinity
I endured the emptiness and frigid pain but even god had forsaken me
I prayed to find a solace for my heart bereaved
Only to be forgotten by the god I once believed
Now I serve this punishment under the ice condemned
For my loss of faith to hell I was damned
Downfallen in iniquity, desolate I'll be
My somber stare traverses sepulchers lonely

Eternally, my limbs sealed in place
Livid, and dead I bow my face
The only shelter from the cold
Of the ninth circle of hell

To see what awaits in forever
A lifeless gaze, my final endeavor
I looked through the blackened skies
And beheld the radiance of paradise
My eyes have frozen in false sanctity
Eternally bound, my tears have turned to ice

[Lyrics by: Tom Phillips]
[Copyright 1994, 2003 Vast Music Lachrymose]

4. Soulsadness

Sunk into the corner
Where the forlorn drift to die
A broken man is staring into his glass
With weeping eyes

Drinking away this empty life
I'm bleeding to death inside
Torn apart by bladed words
In sorrow capsized

I gave myself completely and deeply
But that was never enough for you
More alone than ever,
Your knives have finally pierced through (my heart)

Drinking away this lonely life
I'm bleeding to death inside
Torn apart by bladed words
In sorrow capsized

Now, I know I will die alone
Cold and broken...
Now, I know this Hell is my destiny
You took everything from me...everything...

I am the desolate one - Bleeding
You took everything from me...everything...

Drinking away this waste of life
I'm bleeding to death inside
Torn apart by bladed words
In sorrow capsized
I gave my heart up to your knives

I'm bleeding to death inside

5. Epistle No. 81

[Candlemass cover]

Mark how our shadow, Mark Movits, mon frere
One small darkness encloses
How gold and purple that shovel there
To rags and rubbish disposes

Charon beckons from tumultuous waves
Then trice this ancient digger of graves
For thee ne'er grapeskin shall glister
Wherefore my Movits come help me to raise
A gravestone over our sister

Even desirous and modest abode
Under the sighing branches
Where time and death, a marriage forebode
Twixt beauty and ugliness ashes

To thee ne'er jealousy findeth her way
Nor happiness footstep, swift to stray
Flitteth amid these barrows
E'en enmity armed, as thou seest this day
Piously breaketh her arrow

The little bell echoes the great bells groan
Robed in the door the precentor
Noisome with quirsters prayerful moan
Blesses those who enter

The way to this templed city of tombs
Climbs amid roses yellowing blooms
Fragments of mouldering biers
Till black-clad each mourner his station assumes
Bows there deeply in tears

6. Sorrow Of The Angels

Heaven weeps with my sorrow
Through the clouds' veil of black lace
An infinity of angels
Share the tearstreams I pour away
Within the storms of sadness
I'll eternally remain
Love is lost forevermore
You are mourned by this rain

Forever Weeping

7. From Empires To Oceans


"Of Empires Forlorn" was:

Composed by Tom Phillips, except
"Voice in the Wind" - original composition by Klaus Hess with new
material by Tom Phillips, and "Epistle No. 81," traditional (Sweden).
"Soulsadness" includes a piano collaboration based upon Jake Bodnar's

Arranged by: Tom Phillips
Co-arranged by: Jim Hunter

Performed by:

Tom Phillips - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Jim Hunter - bass
Scott Loose - guitars
Jason Gray - drums

Thanks to ju5t-a5k for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to plomerus for sending track #4 lyrics.

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