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1. Believer

When everything seems to make sense
Your actions speak for themselves

The judegemnt you pass fall on deaf ears

Only God can judge our lives
Never back down
Never compromise

We all live by different means
No one is the same
Even if we don't see eye to eye
Things still have to change

With answers so clear
The war we fight
The ending is near
In our line of sight

Until then
I have had enough

I can't led this stand
This ends before it starts
You'll only lend a hand
To tear this world apart

2. Savior

Run with me till the end of time
From shore to shore be by my side
Let your prescence be known
Let your love shine through me

This day is given as mine
And i see it all again
The lord giving me to lend
A gift like pearls and gems
And if its tarnished in these hands
You give me the chance to make amends
(over and over again)

Please renew my heart
To where it was before
I will surrender everything
Just to see your face

I want to (hear your voice)
Over the screams (of the lost)
I ask of my savior to (show me the true love)
That will stifle my (selfishness)

Lift me up above myself
So i may become selfless is your grace
I owe you all that I am and still take more

How can I give back the tears I took from you
My hands are stained with the blood that saved me

My life is staind with the love that blessed me
My body will never be rinsed of the marks of (my savior)
You set me free
Set me free!

3. Idolizer

So many people
So many faces
Stare a hole right through me
Not knowing that they're looking at imperfection
The cold stare of expectation
Gets the best of me
These wounds will be opened
For the world to see
Lets rewrite the chapters
Of a story that lets me down
No longer slaving myself to a pattern
That part of me must die
The process begins of me
Returning to what I was
And not of what I've become
This feeling I know all to well
I feel the weight of the world
The pressure is lifting
Read through these pages again
And see what I left for you
With closed eyes, I beg of you..
Find a way from this hole
No longer fall into place with the rest
Rise above the ashes of complacency
you will always, be my idol
My faith in you will not fail
My faith in you will not falter

4. Seeker

5. Tragedy

6. Surrounded

I can finally feel your security
As it wraps around me
I can breathe freely now that I'm not drowning

The scars left from the past still haunts me till this day
But I must keep my head up

I will fight this war deep within my soul

The silence brings comfort to my weary heart (my weary heart)
I will fight this war within
I must fight this war within

The sacrifice that was made stopped my extinction

I keep searching for the strength

Look into this heart
Let loose these roots that bind me here
Make me the vagabond that I am meant to be

I'm Surrounded by your existence
As I gasp for air let loose these roots that bind me here
I'm surrounded by your existence
As I gasp for air, you are all I need

7. Antihero

I will never be like you
This reflection looks darkest, from one side

You are my antihero
you're consumed by what you have gained
you are my ANTIHERO
stray from all you have known

When i reached out for forgiveness, you turned away
I will never forget my captive
My captive, you turned away

Lines remain unspoken, yet they stay all the same
give to the weak after we have given ourselves

Lead me to my burial
I won't take park in our demise

In the end, all will be just fine
the final judgement will lay on you

8. Undefined

Your hollow words mean nothing to me
They mean nothing to me

Your ignorance pushes me to my breaking point
Selfish and senseless
Portray and witness
The corrupt mind takes away the truth

Father, forgive them, they know not what they do
Father, forgive us, this is not the path to you

I refuse to be a slave any longer
I will walk my own path
As I bow to no man
I will not fall

There is a far better place than this
My justice is within the hands of my creator
Welcome to the new Roman empire
To rise and fall
To be forgotten and left in ruins

My God
My God will stand forever
His kingdom will reign

9. Vision

I cant see straight
Because my hands are shaking
I don't know if I can go on like this

Where are you
When I need you the most

These sleepless nights are getting to me
The thoughts keep running on repeat
Is it worth it
Worth it

Can anyone see me
Can anyone hear my plea

Or am I a ghost

Walking a thin line between life and death

(between this life and the next)
I can not find this state of mind
I was content
I was once content
Nothing can fill this void

Where can I find the peace
That I found before

10. Era Revive

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