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1. The First Witnesses Of Lucifer

I am the burning fire in man,
Final tryst of sophia and pride;
Dwelling beyond causal limitations,
All-seeing, acausal third eye.
My will: the line in the sand;
Sole ember that ignites your flame;
Constitution of cenotaphs,
I am I, the crimson tide.

[lead: R.S.]

Behold! For His tongue is a blade! Rays of the Black Sun: heed His words, virulent decree, ye, first witnesses of LUCIFER.
Recite His words and resound His chime, portentous gospel of the end of time; kiss the tears of beheaded saints - the parasites of an obtuse god.

Luciferi Excelsi! O, Beast Divine!
Anoint Thy witnesses, fruits of Thy crime.

Witness! The spoils of Tehom swine; dismembering sephiroth hearts;
cosmic pillager, radiant Shahenshah; redeemer of the lunatic ilk.
Ascension beyond demiurgic scope,
the mark of LUCIFER
in Loki's ruse;
in Shiva's wrath;
the scepter of Set;
amidst the waters where Typhon dwells.

[lead: R.S.]

[lead: R.S.]

2. Vanguard Of The Morning Star

Ferrum Legionem!

Abrasions and red fangs; hypnotic, carnal lust;
Trishul and saber erect, transgression on seraphim.
Daemoniacus militam, sworn to deicidal path,
Rejects of secularity, like vultures they descend.
Iron legion, Devil's vanguard; harbingers of strange eons,
Dwellers of the shadow-side, vermin of existence.
Vanguard of the Morning Star: pervade against the tide,
Seething and scalping a cadence of conquest.

Severing the arteries of all who breach the gates,
Gnashing spine and teeth beneath cloven hoof.
Jaws from realms below devour cherub flesh,
With fervor and madness the precursors ascend.

Daemoniacus militam;
Sanguis diaboli;
Ferrum legionem;
Triumphus diaboli.

[lead: V.M.]
[lead: R.S.]

Of velvet and brimstone, vanguard fire-born,
Daemoniacus militam, avowed to sedition.
Iconoclasm subjugation,
Vanguard of the Morning Star: bastion of SATAN.

3. Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine

Trapped I am in this maze of flesh, chained to transience, a cancer in the veer of Chaos; nailed to the concrete tablet of creation. Unchain my atma, o Sentinel of the Black Flame! Decapitate my Ego unto currents reversed. My providence shall be re-written! For I covet to be conceived... Conceived in a crepuscular swamp!

Re-emerging! From the cervix of a lawless whirlwind, I stand alone as the envoy of daemonic dispersion. Solve Et Coagula! In bile and blood I crawl, razor scales ornament my serpentine shell; now, I exhale insidious fires of omnipotence. Wolf-like hunger steers my jaw to the throat of the universe! In bile and blood I thrive, trampling the heavens like an unhinged swine.

[lead: R.S.]

Crepuscular swamp, unhinged swine.
Pralayic permeation by pain divine.

Catharsis: with each death, transmutation unto liberation.
Abhorrent: in the eyes of all who dwell in illusion.

[lead: R.S.]

Ravaging, Maya - mortal shackles yield to fire.
Salivating in a bhakti-trance, cosmic-cremation my absolute desire.

Deus Malum, Deus Mortem; Deus Infernum;
I applaud and rejoice as this sphere concaves in flames.

4. Liber Lilith

Vile temptress, Goddess ov Drakon! Initiator of perversion in mankind!
Let the phalli of murderers glow within Thy orifice of defecation.
O, ravishing Queen of noxious blood! He who repudiates Thy pulsating cunt,
Shall yield to strangulation by the severed, umbilical cord of a fetus.

Whisper the name of Thy consort: SATAN - the blaze of dissipation,
As You poison the minds of monks and besmirch virgins loins.
Ravage me, Goddess of Sin; permeate my dreams.
Augur of my rebirth, engulf and molest me within Thy womb.

Maha Lilith! Ama Lilith!
Infect my blood; infest my sleep.
Maha Lilith! Ama Lilith!
A thousand stillborn at Your feet.

[lead: R.S.]
[lead: V.M.]

Queen of Sheol, stillbirth vessel,
Ama Lilith,
Creation's bane.
Feral harlot; unchaste spirit;
Maha Lilith,
Mother of Sin.

[lead: R.S.]

5. Grotesque Carven Portal


6. Embers And Revelations

Take (it) as a matter of faith - the Lord labors in obscurity. His schema, a wraithlike revelation, like embers pining incineration.

Pandemic! His lava invades our veins, chastising clay-born predilection. Throne of disorder; in sulfur diadem, (our) Lord breathes on embers, grants revelations.

Embers and revelations...

And thus we fall through the magnum void; unchained and reckless, where no life dwells. Earthly-coil dissolved, transference - no return from the Dragon's crypt. Rejuvenation, resurrection,
Reverberation: Praise the Lord!
Praise His kingdom!
A mordant inferno: forever revealing, undying embers.

[lead: R.S.]

Behold - Age of Fire!
Praise - lawless desire!
Distort - those who resist!
Hail - The King of all Kings!

7. Disavowing Each In Aum

[dedicated to sociopaths & confidantes]

First taste of familiarity.
Separation from the whole.
Callous in sensation, smoldering from within. Poignant was the epitaph written before the dispersion, but how does one accept that which is intrinsically alien?

Seldom does one catch a glimpse into the vortex:
Shimmering, red, madness beneath the eyes. Lifeless.

Veins pumping odium. No pangs of scruples. A labyrinth devoid of guilt; illicit ambitions. I - unfolding obscurity,
Zenith of deceit.
Apex of disharmony and calculated malice.

[lead: R.S.]

Conducting the fatal orchestra of defiance:
A trail of ruptured lives and severed hopes.

The vessel is extraneous.
'Tis the content therein
That poisons and permeates
The constitution of virtue.

Seizing all via negativa, disavowing each in Aum:
First taste of familiarity, separation from the whole.

8. Shahenshah

Hear ye - I avow every drop of blood spilled upon this sphere. Heed My command, wolf-race of Cain; lineage of Death's Emissary: proliferate scripture; solicit infidels; sow seeds of despair. Entrench within their hearts the diagram of Uncreation.

Savior and messiah, foretold by sages, son of an absentee ruler: did the contour of that sanctified beggar at last descend? Or, stymied still, were false idols the recipients of reverence? (Idols molded in clay, shaped by injunction and upheaval.)

Shahenshah -
Lord of Elemental Chaos;
Shahenshah -
Rapturous Sun;
Shahenshah -
Father of Elucidation,
Echo, Uncreation.

Every kingdom beneath the stars shall burn, and seas shall rise a thousand-fold to the sky. O, archon, emperor, monarch, shahenshah - the luminous jewel on the acausal crown.

[lead: R.S.]

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