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1. Weapon

2. Cacophony! Black Sun Dragon's Tongue!

"O Zalim! My heart seeks liberation.
Yet my lips! Taste (a) looming damnation...
Do I quell, these instincts born of Fire?
Yhvh, My spirit burns on The Desolate Pyre."

"O Kafir! As You speak, I hear Death's thunder;
Thy vanity shall sever the cosmos asunder.
Defiance! Your words' wounds bleed in the Heavens...
Oh LUCIFER, 'tis time to embrace Thy penance."

Fallen One of flames, mourning of the dusk.
In broken bonds of time, His pride ignites the Earth.
The seas divide all kin, as martyrs drown in blood;
When the Black Sun illuminates, our souls rejuvenate.

Spear of my destiny, Cleansed of mortality!
My master - Oh Lord of Plagues, Thy burden, my final stake.
Angel of Calamity! I weep to Thy cacophony;
Breathe through my deeds for Thee, Anoint these worthless limbs...

Swarming locusts, ancient star!
Carved in sin, Ye Holy scar.
Your mad laughter pierces time; Omega deity ‒ perdition's chime.
When the four winds caress the Sun, The coil completes the cosmic run!
(As) Atoms erupt harmony is raped, In the womb of chaos the Dragon awakes.

Oh, Lord of Plagues...

3. Serpentine Ayat

I was born to worship Thee, Goddess.
I (can) feel Your celestial force.
The time of rebirth is upon us;
Serpent Goddess, heed my call.

Kali Ma ‒ You are immortal fire;
Kali Ma ‒ such divine aura;
Kali Ma ‒ my blood, Your weapon;
Kali Ma! Answer my call!

LUCIFER - The Fallen Angel,
(With) Belial, a Prince condemned.
(With) Beelzebub, the Lord of Flies;
SATAN - the Emperor - awaits!

Lilith - She commands my wrath,
Maha Kali guides my path,
Chariot pulled by the force of Tan,
Jai Kali! Jai Kali!
Dire visions' miasma jade,
Virgin blood adorns my face,
Epitaph of the Shamshan Race;
Jai Kali! Jai Kali! [x2]

LUCIFER; Belial, Beelzebub; Hail SATHANA!

4. Mortem Pyre (In Darkness And Blood)

Uniting the separation, severing perfect unity;
The fractal dilemma;
Manifest in grains, miles beneath the smoke;
Silent and formless...

Shapeless mirrors shimmer in the night,
As glowing embers commune astral light.
Where is the Cup that conceals Knowledge of Sin?
The stench of all Life, the scent of every Death,
Was always apparent within Thy bone and breath;
(And) must we bathe the corpse of attrition?

Rampant and raging, remnants of creation,
A mortem pyre as a spiraling welkin claw;
Ivory grandeur, demiurge overthrown,
(The) Tree of Life implodes, stillborn.
The purest, naked power (which Lilith devours,)
Stormed by the Shakti, a novel Athma shines -
Atrocious shift within the Garden of Mist,
Yet, the Lotus shall bloom forever more.


Into the realm of Sheol, We sing, pray, rejoice!
The gates eternally opened,
Aglow, forever cognizant...
Come on! Ye seekers of gnosis:
Let our march be the final tumult.
Revolt the incarceration of skin,
Extol the forgotten lore, Amen.


5. Archana

Devout icon glows in skin,
Libel swept, beyond reason.
Menstrual-blood anointed flesh,
Parasitic mortal vision.
Silhouette boiling deep scars,
Celestial, blind devotion;
Open the gates to pure death,
Archana, inferi, libation.

Non-secular seed - Flame of All,
Compelled within her chalice.
Mongrel design of human error,
Foreshadow of extinction.
To reach beyond the 'grand' scope
Of cosmic manifestations,
No mortal coils, no covens of hope ‒
Cathartic decay: salvation.

Instinct of morbid traits - death-worship,
Souls that live bound to the ropes of His Dharma.
Spiritual Shamshan path ‒ flame seeker!
Belong to the halls, temples of Archana.

To walk an elemental path,
To descent the vessels of excess;
Wisdom from an ethereal source,
Veneration, sacrament of faith.
'Tis a blind man that walks afar,
Oblivious, strays the realms of bliss.
What pleasures we do attain!
Embraced by the Serpent's kiss.

In a dark, red corner of the human mind,
A raven unveils a poignant sign:
"As feathers append to the fog of decay,
Samskaara ascends, the Sun concaves."

6. Drakonian Paradigm: The Flame Of All

We welcome first this Night,
Utmost sacred Night,
And a prodigal son of Eve;
We guide him through the caves,
This man, who broke the chains!
And strip him off his shell.
These dreams are not the kind,
Where one can wake at will,
Those voices not of Saints;
The sonata in your ears,
Is the foremost Angel's hymn;
'Tis the song of LUCIFER'S morn.

How far will you go?

To see the Diamond glow;
For how long can you burn?
When ashes cover your eyes,
And worms gnaw at your loins,
Will you cry out for God?
The truth may set you free,
If you truly do believe,
My Pulse is the Way.
Initiation has a price,
My friend, your spine (is) still frail;
My Laws are set in stone.
How far will you go...?

Ascend through the void of naught!
Drakonian Paradigm ‒ caustic rebirth!
Transparent before the Eye, all-seeing;
Kiss the bloody tip of Kalilith's tongue.
Devoured by the storm of Qliphoth,
Culmination of fatal seeds.
The end of secular illusions,
Dawn of a spiritual mutiny.
Seeker, you ventured beyond.
This torch I anoint to thee;
'Tis made from the messiah's limb,
Who questioned (My) ethereal majesty.
Look within, not above -
As My breath exits your exhale.
Be One with the accusing glare,
Now emerge through the broken veil.

7. Remnants Of A Burnt Mosque

For the insolence of kin,
Why absorb all guilt and lies?
Soar through the incipit
Left Hand Path Through fierce, alchemical heights.
When you crave power and naked flesh,
Does venom inflame your seed?
Curse the weakling bringer of virtue,
Carve his righteous skin.

Fornicate! Desecrate! Pillars of illusions. Eradicate! Subjugate! Pillars of illusions. [x2]

Dwelling in the paradise lost,
I serve a singular force of dark might.
Spawned within the womb of unrest,
My mind was shaped in a chalice of incest.
With pride I grip the torch that He bestowed!
In malice I ignite their holy sacraments.
My strength - rooted in LUCIFER'S Sigil,
My reward: the Seal of His Doctrine.

I am awake, it's not a dream!
A dead empire, such exquisite lust;
The incense shook my infant paradigm -
Infected reek of a violated hejab.
There lies your feeble, limp prophet,
A crushed heap of purity and prayers;
Asphyxiated and mutilated messenger,
Thrust into SATAN'S vile intolerance.

See the Leviathan lake of skulls?
A crimson saga of Muslims burned!
While Mohammad weeps (like a broken parasite,)
(And) Only the dead whisper Allahu - Akbar.
From the remnants of this burnt mosque,
A coven erected for the Reaper sublime.
Recite with me, the sacred verses;
As the outer sphere erupts and subsides:

"As I feel the elements of SATAN'S eminence,
Earth, fire, wind and water succumb as one!
Beware the drums that thunder this plane,
Echoing failure of the bastard son.
Oh chastised Mujrim, you will bow to me -
The blood of Cain runs through my veins!
For I am the rightful ruler of this realm:
Bismi Iblis ‒ in the name of the Fallen Angel!"

Vast deserts covered in ashes and bones,
Oceans deep narrate
The Reaper's Ordain;
In sinister shadows the raven departs,
Over the night sky, guided by lunar helms.
The Scythe of Gnosis may be the salvation we seek,
Alas; so easily unseen mere, mortal constraints;
To tread the obscure path that Darkness commands -
Our binding flesh is the mosque that must be burned.

There lies your feeble, limp prophet,
A crushed heap of purity and prayers;
Asphyxiated and mutilated messenger,
Thrust into SATAN'S vile intolerance
See the Leviathan lake of skulls?
A crimson saga of Muslims burned!
While Mohammad weeps (like a broken parasite,)
(And) Only the dead whisper Allahu - Akbar.

"Read the scripture,
Of Death and Woe.
Evil triumphs;
My word is law."

Vetis Monarch ‒ Vocals / Guitars (lead) / Guitars (rhythm) / Guitars (acoustic)
Vileblood Dahcnial ‒ Guitars (lead) / Guitars (rhythm) / Guitars (acoustic)
Sabazios Diabolus ‒ Bass
The Disciple ‒ Drums / Percussion

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