Dark Lyrics


1. Pighammer

2. Around The Turn

Magic slipping
Tightly gripping
Exhale waiting
Lower slower
Glowing flower
New dawn fading
Will pass over

Give up on the drifting
Get up, I'm resisting
Falling out
Take it, driving faster
Take it, my passenger
Around the turn

Something missing
End of tripping (Needles in my hands)
Feeling I'm
Decapitating (A shadowless form)
Feeling restless
Conscious protest (Scheming with the plan)
Silent fighting to get past this

All I want
Suck it up
Never stop
All I want

Take a hit
Take a shot
Higher Hell
Back it up

3. Assassins Of Youth

Straight out didn't know what to do
So I took out the Crown
Started cleaning the room with some Pink Floyd
And I looked at the floor
I was hoping for more full canisters to help this
Pass out
Black tar
Bright star
Show me the way
I was too far gone couldn't write anymore
This was respiration

Assassins of youth

Hard lines forming on my face
It's a rapid pace
It's a race to the end
I was too far gone
Couldn't fight anymore
So I'm closing the door
And I'm moving on

4. Thunder Invader

Distant commencing
Crush the offensive
Fire the drum that
Jump starts the turbine
Pinching the hole
Through every existence
Turn it up


Carving the sky
The flares split the darkness
Steel away to bring the
Deafening silence
Format the noise
To low oscillation

Flares rise
Pierce the night sky
Now hear
Nowhere to hide

5. Static Killer

Everything is what you see
I take a beat
I love a screamer
Take it all
You take it deep
A static killer
Give me everything you got

We get so high
A demolition
Automated champion
A valiant
A static killer
Dig it

Will you scream for me?
Serial chiller
I'll take everything
What have you got for me?
Static killer

Accelerated function
Coloration fading above the lowest portion
Information critical
Determining the physical
Automated temperature
A cranium iridium
A Static Killer

6. She

We are all glass
And our friends electric
This is our Dark Nation
This is my secret weapon
And you know when it's driving
Could I feel more alive?
Always thriving
And she is everything you see

Dirty Dreamer

Are you anywhere?
It's the game
All the same
She make the world come alive

I'm not scared
Always be prepared
Living life like a scarecrow
There's no time for sleep
And I'm not scarred
Though peeling away
Peeling away all the layers
This is the real me
This is the real me

7. Get It Together

Get It Together

Here we lie
The beginning
This eternal
Save us all
Try to put it back together
Timing's right to evoke a secret seance
Time to fight this undying hunger
There's no lying
Deepest darkest
I'm accepting we've been using
This could still become a sticky situation
Got to deal with these urges no

Get it together
Get it together

End of night
The beginning

This infernal
Trade it all
Do it over so forgetful
See the light
It all happens for a reason
Time to kill this unending season
There's no lying
Deepest darkest
I'm accepting it's the hardest
Take my body
Take away the hesitation
Take away the sensation

Thinking about the days when we went insane
Snorted ten pills
Started hallucinating
Popped some Viagra to make my hair stand up
The Patron kicks in and it melts my brain
And then there was the time that we were inside out
Ate enough E to turn my hair into frosting
5 am in the parking lot
Couldn't help ourselves
We just couldn't stop it
No remorse, no regrets
I'd do it all again if I had the chance
End of night, see the light
Rode the horse and I aced the test
Time to fight it off
Time to come together
Time to turn it up

Make the case
Kill the moth
Self revealed
Take the loss
Can't replace
Just because
What we feel is chaos
Use this trust to get it together

8. Chrome Nation

Steal and cheat
Critical subliminal
Terminate eliminate
Coveting the vertigo
Take it in
A vision
Stitch it up
Keep on doing it right
Right straight on

Fight the Chrome Nation
Violent position
Treat the limitation

Hold tight
Keep it low
Critical subliminal
Terminate eliminate
Cheat fate, too late

All the great minds have an unseen plan
That will be revealed at the end
Dismantle, cut what you don't like

Hold tight
Turn it on
Form a line
Gift of the sun

Chrome charged clicker
Dreamer flicker
Come home quicker
Take her liquor

9. Shifter

It's hard to resist the feeling that
All these choices in our lives
That everything is superficial

Show of strength with a hit
It's a promise
Carefully plan this re-emergence
Shadow play lost control
Crystal daze blackened shores
Killing soon I will tear it apart
With a hint of silver
Ramming down the throat of the river
Far away interzone
Images all our own
Rising moon wears a thorn made of crowns

Get higher with the shifter
Get it out
Give it up
Don't resist her
Mechanism drive the superhuman motor
A super killer

Shadow play
Carefully planning
Show of strength
Tear it apart
Killing soon
Breaking the damning
Feeling you breaking apart

Implore dark things
We've lost control
Icing the world
Suck up the fuel

10. Slave

Blow it up
My condition
My conviction
Couldn't stop if I wanted to
Oaths of my addiction
This affliction
For you it's methodical
Modern day Gods do it all the time
Counting on the ways
Do another line
I'm traditional
I'm a radical
True fanatical for you

You can be my slave
I will be your savior
I command you
Through this I will save you
Make another spell
Fix our evolution
We will bury this wasteland

Can't hear the vision
Can't see the mission
Infinite Wayne's are
Are writing all these verses
On the same plane
Given space time
Carry it across imaginary lines
I'm a radical
True fanatical
It's true

You can be my slave
I will be your savior
I command you
Through this I will save you
Make another spell
Fix our evolution
We will bury this wasteland
Driving you inside

I know what you like and
Doing it well
I know what is right an
Play show and tell
This is our solution
Take it all the way
Do it all the time

11. The Creatures Are Everywhere

Ogres hiding everywhere
Flesh wounds leaving scars
Telling stories of sirens
Knife throwers and tyrants
Carving confusion
Suspense leads to illusion
Black noise, black toys

I could never stop it
How could I have ever known?
Nobody's knocking
There's nowhere left to go
Surrounded by the zombies
Choose your weapon
Kill the fiend
It isn't murder
This is the real thing

They walk among us
Seldom seen often heard
Stalking us in our dreams

All these days again
All dark things Amen
Half hollow I fear
Watch and pray it's here

12. Behind The Sky

All lyrics by Wayne Static

Thanks to a-bag for sending these lyrics.

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