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1. The Earth Only Endures


2. Forests Ash by Dawn

In silence
Her screams are heard
The night has
Felt her pain

A blaze against
The towering black
The night is filled
With anguished smoke

The stars
Look on in sorrow
Her skyward hands
Now fall in flame

All have crumbled
In the wake of the flame
Where once stood majesty
Now only ashen black

The sun will rise
On a blackened earth

The rain comes now
But it comes too late

Cruel is nature's way
Destroy to rebuild
All of man's empires
Built in the ashes of the last

All burns down
To grow anew

3. Toward Mountains

Dreamer born, view obscured
A grey haze
A construct of man

A time not for his kind
Modern age
The human decline

This city, this tomb
I will not die here

The sky has called
I will forge my own path

The sun breaks over peaks
Dreamers's path
Now clear he departs

To escape
Human tombs
To align
With soil and sky

This city, this tomb
I will not die here

The sky has called
I will forge my own path

The forests shall be as home
The dreamer turns
Toward mountains

To live without feat
To die without regret

To be at one
With the soil and the sky

To be set free

I will not die here
My body will become the earth

4. The Elemental

Where roots may grow
I stand watch

I am the mountain
I am the sea
These rivers my veins
This soil my flesh

My roots touch all
I feel the earth's pulse

I am the great old oak
I am earth manifest

I know your presence
I know its pain

My thoughts are the same
As the roots of the trees
And the waves of the ocean
My world is one of green

I have seen your kind
You choose to live
In a world of red

Ever have these roots
Stood tall
And ever will they stand
Will you choose
To stand with us
Or will you choose to fall

Your thoughts may be great
Your hands may be gifted

But in your wake
You leave only devastation
You are hurting the green

5. Stormcall


6. Children of the Iron Age

Pure and lawless
The earth's first light
Came the seasons
The cold of winter's night

Hammer struck nail
Soon, would strike steel
And man would strike man

Always looking forward
They forget to look back

A people,
Misplaced in time
In the ruins
Of our father's visions

History tells
Of a pure age
A time of man
And earth alone

Born in the ashes
Of iron cruelty
There is hope
In the children's gaze
A chance to return
A chance to survive
A chance to accept
The embrace of life

We stand here,
Sons and daughters
Of your iron age
We choose not
To fall in this way
We return
To an age of simplicity
We choose to survive

7. A Place Among Stars

Against the nothing
A birth in flame

Amidst cosmic seas
Bringer of all

Her blood gives life
As it flows through her lands
Her children drink
From her veins

The night's stars
Her ancestors
Our gods

Night falls
In the shade of her trees
Day breaks
In the light of her sun

The fortune of man
To know her beauty
And to be given
A place among the stars

8. Skysong

Given life
They built their kingdom
Underneath her loving glow
In return
They brought destruction
Today they
Shall taste their own

The age has passed away
Of watching over silently
Today I bring a storm
To cleanse her pain

I've seen the ages twist and turn
Seas turn black
Forests burn
I've known this peace
Once before
You cannot have her

The rain will fall in floods
Their cities will fall
Her soils cleansed
The green world
Shall grow again

To man I bring
A vengeful storm
You were unworthy
Of her love

I send the rain
They watch the sky fall

(As the sky falls down
Around me
I know this had to be)

(Our time has come)

9. Cities Built On Conquered Ground

[Bonus Track]

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