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1. Diffused In A Dream

Hey, enchanter, hold on - what are you asking for?
Is it my life? - or do you want more?

My smile was thrilling through my fingers
Non- you found it on your lips

Would you like to step nearer to me?
Shall I nod to you carelessly?
You see, it's deep inside of you and me
Taking it out is the touch of death

Diffused in a dream
My laugh makes your eyes blind to see
New roses for all those who arrived
New hearts, new beasts and solemn bride
So what about the sense of fullness?
One of the freezing delicateness of fear

Maybe, I'd be diffused in a dream
And you'll find the splinters you don't understand
Are you afraid of your own tears?
Is it hard? It seems not easy to bear


Hold your breath again
Close your eyes & feel your sweaty lips
Shine your hours to the land of screams

I will overflow you with a pale rainbow
I will cut the half of your dream
I will paint red your wall of laments
Let the play of light begin

Hey enchanter...

2. Esoteric Suicide

When the sun goes down
And the light has gone
And breath has stopped
You know what's been done

No smile left, no tear was wept
Yes, no need to read what's dead
Just another why is closed
And how may there have left

Strange or nice - two ways of doom
Walking along my grave with you
But I don't wanna wait for the moment
The moment when you bring a noose

Biting worm inside
Slowly choking on what he ate
Hands hidden in your heart
Fallen angels stealthy fates

3. Flashbacks Of Freedom

Crawling forward in the ecstasy of our blindness
Feelin' above, under the drums of our anger
Snow burns in our hands
We're strangers to ourselves
Society is dying when the spirit flies

An ancient calling makes us die
With a smile on our faces
Neverhealing wounds that cry
Piercing our time, belief and life

One day we'll meet on the same way
Buried deep in our brains
We'll recognize each other
Changed but not insane

As the nothing light crushes and blinds me
Time drives me ahead
My memories are pulled from within, I know I'm nearer to death
So, I go on with my insane smile, shaking with inner cold
I defy me bitter night realm, looking for reborn freedom of life

Heretical sunshine - face of the future
Heretical sunshine - with hands open wide
Heretical sunshine - in my walking shoes
Heretical sunshine - a day of my sunrise

A piece of immortality to take
The heart is cold and head in flames

4. Halushka


5. Misanthropic Days

A party of forlorn scars
And lust roams in the air
Illusions caress reality
In the cauldron of the empty words & stares

You lick your lips to feel
The sadness inside all of us
The clear response, we're at the end
It's time to go, the bottle is drunk

Be quick & take a handful of what remained
You deserve less than you're asking for
Between the new walls of joy & hate

6. Delights Of The Dusk

Shadows of your smiles beneath
Dancing mists I want to seal
Heal the wounds that make us weak
Yes, there's no peace for me to feel

Taste the underwater kiss
It's a dream you're gonna miss
Cold eyes free breath
The way down & turning back

To find the feeling I've lost
To say what I really want
To see the last light from the stars
Diving into the sweetness of dark

My mind is bursting out
My mouth's shut, it realized
My heart forgot all doubts
My brain has been left behind

7. Mindstorm

Sometimes I feel there's no meaning
Sometimes I know your fear
Sometimes I look into your eyes
Sometimes I hope you'll realize

Don't know what to say
Don't know what to feel
Do I hear what I hear?
Do I see what I see?
Is it life what I live?
Is it air what I breathe?
Is it light what I need?

8. Barriers

I saw you in a different time
Decking a corner - place to hide
Your rhythm has changed, it's hard to see
These stains on your soul revealed

Bleeding fists can't find peace
You sell your dreams reflecting tears
Time will heal & find the truth
Tasting frost that made you burn

Choking on the fear you feel
Shaking with your scream beneath
A fortune-teller of your own life
Non-, extremes in you are mine

9. Extremes In You

With the darker steams I'm flowing
Right inside your veins
As I get into your breath
You're reaching on the hands

Our own hell creators
Our own heaven dictators
Shining when we're dying
Screaming when we dance

Fade to fade as reality has changed
Burst out, cracked up, confronted
Side by side challenging life
Unheard voices flying through time

10. Don't Turn Back

You're living in dust
and dirt of this world
You're longing so much
To achieve something good
You know you're right
Nothing lasts forever
There ain't much time
Lost again another fall
And nothing remains behind you
Just everlasting war
A deceived child standing alone on the shore
You feel misery, lack of faith
anger with everyone
Just step the hunt, no power left
You've told yourself - put up with it
You let things slide
Tryin' your best so far
It's too hard to make up
for lost time and start
Start again to watch the world
behind the window apart
You're staring through blind eyes
at the dead sky
See yourself standing alone on the shore
A rough sea in front of you
No chance to break it anymore
You'll find your face deep in sand
You feel misery...

11. Dead Horse Beating


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