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1. The Dream King

Some say
If no one is watching
There is nothing to see
A changing behavior
In this exhibitionist matter breed

In illusions I form my identity
In distress I feel relief
The only reality is the intangible dream
I create to dwell in

I live the unraveling of time
Pointlessly going nowhere
As the seasons of my soul pass by
One by one

I waste my time wondering
Of all the possibilities
Of what could have been if
Me wasn't me in this form
Life starts getting strange if you
Don't believe real things to exist
Questions as is it fair?
Have no meaning at all
In the court of the dream king
Where trees have branches made of gold
I've found my companion in a bottle of envy
What I crave can't be found here
Among the mortals of this world
Because what I want are
All of the answers

In solitude I create
What I need to live
Longing for the end in my
Metaphysic prison

Keep on searching answers will arrive
Just like they've done for those before
You king of nothing king of everything
In your garden endlessly you'll thrive

2. As Black As A Diamond

Anguish, the queen
Has came back to dine with us,
We must prepare the table cloth
Made of tears and dust
Wait for the hourglass to stop
But don't waste your wishes
On more sand anymore

Crawling to a new state of unconscious fears
I need music to survive, creativity to live.
When solitude announces its malignant presence there is
No more will to fight,
Just another song to write

Everyone need to open wide their eyes
People need to stop from going towards their demise
We only have to tear down the walls we are setting to ourselves or
The circle will not end

Thou deserve to dine with the gods
At the end of the journey
But what if there hasn't been no journey at all?
So what would be the odds?

Concrete fears and plastic nightmares
Occupy my field of vision
No respect for anything
Except for your own profit
The man,
Once a diamond,
Has turned black

Just wait for a moment now
And think
Our life is too short for malice
Or depression or anxiety
If our mind is free from pain
We can overcome every border
To save us from those reapers
Our mind must be in order

But you became one with your shadow
And now you are lost

Please don't cry so much my friend
Because you are made of stars
And stars are made of eternity
And when this vile race will be no more
We'll be part of the everything again

3. Clinamen

Life is wonderful
I'm thrilled to be here
As a spark of lighting
As a splash of water

If you close your eyes and
Lay down a while in peace
In a field with grass and trees
With the sky above
You'd think of

Billions and billions of atoms
Endlessly binding and giving birth to
Billions and billions of life forms
Fighting from dawn to sunset on
Billions and billions of planets
Spinning and crashing and then there's you

On and on will grow the universe
Calm and wild it flows
Ancient as the existence itself

Beyond comprehension,
Life just happens to be
No one can outlast it,
As absurd as it is

You can travel far and search for nature's treasures
You can live the art, panacea of the wise man
Nothing is important
Nothing will remain of you

On and on will spin the universe.
Calm and wild, it flows
Ancient as the existence itself

Overwhelming fear of void takes over the mind and
Stops any drive that would make actions real

On and on will go the universe.
Calm and wild, it flows
Ancient as the existence itself

4. Metempsicosi

Effimero questo giorno
Come il papavero che si disperde
Troppo debole per sopravvivere a questi lampi di intemperie
Il tempo passa dicono
Ma intorno tutto รจ sospeso
In un presente perpetuo

5. What Was Left Behind

White chains of remorse
Cover the landscape
Of my mind

The urgency of being
Makes you tend beyond
While an imperative denial
Echoes in your soul
And I curl up in my shadow
As time passes

While the mind is hand-cuffed by desire
Fear of death inspires creativity
And memories of sadness
Corrupt the clear vision of the whole

Despot of life
Deaf to the prayers of reason
You are nothing but a ratio
Unfelt but not neglectable

I am annihilated
As time passes

So we recreate
The mandala of existence
As we were so well taught to do
Fall gives way to winter
Father gives way to son

6. A Heart Of Wolf

And I've never been so far from life
You showed me what the moon is like
The forest now so far behind
Then why am I so unafraid oh heart?

Heart of mine, I don't mind
Just be warm, we are you
And I and if I die to me lie
Don't let me know,
The chances past by

Oh heart

Heart you heat what he hears
But he has frozen you alive
Just sing this song to melt my tears
And force it stop me asking why

If I can't mind, just make me die
Just to remember me I'm alive
Show me what fear is like
So brain, you'll start to let me fight

Swallowed your
The start

Make him feel panic, just pound violently
Force him remember past regrets,
Now just stop

Heart I lied we feel from mind, you're just a muscle pumping wide
Brain I've got promises to keep, so walk these miles, before I die.

Why are we lying to each other, why are you lying to me
Don't let me ask, don't want to bother, close my eyes, don't let me see

Freeze this moment in mind, freeze this moment in mind, freeze this moment in mind, freeze my mind

Gazing at mortality why you let me see

Gazing at mortality
Rip my eyes away

Thanks to federico.dicera for sending these lyrics.

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