Dark Lyrics


1. Broken By Refraction

life lies within this dark puddle outline. left sided bar denotes the bastardly line. light reflected. bent.
fractured. then gone. soft wave form. shape of love you once lost. bend this life. broken by refraction.
distortion. bend sinister. a wrong turn. taken in my life.

2. Dummy Text

i am text. i am peg. place in box. put in hole. click and drag. cut and paste. i am yours to contain. i am
yours. i am mock text not to be used. i am square peg put in round hole. now cut me. kern to make me fit.
click. cut. drag. drop. delete.

3. Mournful Visage

all masks i've tried have had slits for eyes. every mask i've tried. all have had slits for eyes. i can't see.
with these slits for eyes wearing this cheap disguise. i can't breathe. breathe deep this lie. breathe deep
lies. i cannot breathe. i must take this mask off of my face now.

4. Salt Fertile Earth

salt. on fertile earth. stunting all growth from the inside. salt from my blood. labor of life. dead where I
stand. i have sown earth with blood. blood soaked earth yields nothing but dust. dust now my crop. from blood.
brings not but dust. i have sown earth with blood. blood soaked earth yields nothing but dust. i have killed
myself. i have sown earth with my own blood.

5. Watchmaker

killing this man. kill for me. he was i. the he not meant to be. the cogs are falling. down. down. down.
killing this man. he once was i. he i've killed. now let him die. die. die. die. walk with me. walk with me my
path. no longer. he is the past. kill. kill for me.

6. Flowers Of Evil

sow the seeds in our hearts. that will flower into evil. the beauty that cannot be touched. nor attained. and
that is its purpose. to create want where there is no need. fleeing our own gardens in pursuit of a single
petal. falling. falling this petal. fall from grace. you die just to touch it. for that which never existed.
sadly we flee our own gardens in pursuit of that which never was. never bearing witness to the fruits of our
labor. nor the flowers of our love. sow the seeds of evil. starve the seeds of love.

7. Invert And Crush

stand upon nothing. preaching weak man. i have come to crush you. come deny me my stand. for crushed you'll
be. you and your beliefs. underneath my feet. wither and bleed. bleed beneath my feet. god is nothing but a
foundation upon which the weak stand. i will crush this foundation. and upon nothing again will you stand.
standing upon nothing. you are nothing but a man. i will kill you.

8. Arise In Might

rise. rise. rising. arise in might. rise. rise. arise in might.

9. Like Saturn Devouring His Children

i hate this past I once created. past events are all my wretched children. i hate all of my children. and I
like saturn will kill and eat them all. now they all must be devoured. past events are all my jealous
offspring. like children to be devoured by saturn. your home is now oblivion. here in me lies all of my
children. here in me lies oblivion.

10. Gunscope Transplant

dear watchmen of all of our lives. we've gouged out our own seeing eyes. so that we may remain blind. and give
powers of vision to you. now lower your sight upon all. be masters of all our affairs. but who do you answer
to? and who indeed watches you? who watches the watchmen? i do. And i can see you. for what you are. and I can
stop you. dead. i. with gunscope renewing my sight. have targeted you with my eyes. and under your gaze and
your guise. i will drop you wherever you stand.

11. The Darkness Of Mere Being

the darkness of mere being. is the darkness of forever knowing yourself. but in being too blind to see it. too
blind to stop it. from running through your shaking fucking hands. only to taste it. what is left on your
fingers. to be sustained. by only the memory. the memory of what could have been. cloaked within darkness.
never to see the light. of your own beauty. but blinded by the fire of life. the darkness of mere being is the
darkness of never knowing yourself. but in being too blind to see it. you let it run through your fingers. not
to be touched by you ever again. this darkness has eclipsed your life. you are trapped within this shadow. this
shadow of being.

Thanks to tornfetus for sending these lyrics.

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