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1. Nuclear Alchemy

Fire at will!
Arsonists of Lucifer
Conflagration sworn
Heed the flames command
Let the holocaust commence
Angel of the sulphur pit
Tread forth, from the gas cloud

We toil to fuel the fire
Such is our sacred fate
'Til black smoke rise at heavens gate

All that was burning again now must be
Nuclear Alchemy

Tidal wave of alkahest
Disruptions holy force
Cloaked within the darkness of the world
Burst forth!
Cremators of the crucifix
With vitriol in heart

But first our flesh must burn
To flame our minds must turn
Until we stand erected
Perfected and prepared
Like spearheads of Satan's host


All that was burning again now will be
Nuclear Alchemy
Transform! Aspire!
By the fire of will and the will of the fire
Nuclear Alchemy
Pyromaniac witchcraft

2. Sacred Damnation

Violence! In holy brimstone plumed
Wild destruction sovereign
The beast sublime
A wolf upon the ridge at night
Hungry is the dark
From where extends the radiant blade

Held steadily at my throat
It has sharpened my voice
So that it one day may pierce
Whatever stands before me
Raised from affliction to the mighty halls
In veneration of the devilgod
Resonating as the heavens fall

Born of the power
That authors the vehemence of the cobras thrust
And willingness in the blind perdition of the storm
In cruelty so utterly precise

A leprous smile behind each prophets neck
The eternal curse
A black wound hissing
In the Christ flesh

So we make our offering
With voice and blade alike
From the flames of sacrifice
A sulphurous scent
From affliction to the mighty halls
To the kingdom of the devilgod
Where freedom is the only law

Of iron will is the anvil wrought
Anointed with the blood of tyrants
In sacred flame our vengeance forged

One single stab to penetrate the armor of our foes
As truth is told, their laws denied
Their heaven sent, damnation sanctified!

3. Teufelsreich

Of origin unknown
Towering above our heartlands
Beneath celestial malignment
As star collide with star
Over a terror ridden Bethlehem

A scarlet moon
Shall shine upon
A fallen Babylon
Where no morn shall dawn

The silence of the prophets
And their severed tongues;

For dark are they indeed
The depths we now must traverse
Steeply they stretch into night unmapped
Where stars like lidless eyes gleam

From deep down there
Returning my stare
Until fearless into that abyss I may fall
And the flames of the altar rise

A scarlet moon
Shall shine upon
A fallen Babylon
In churning seas the ash outpoured

And thus I lay my head
Upon heaving earth
And abandon myself in the fever of dreams
In search of...

4. Furor Diabolicus

Come winds of force, brandish your scepter
Slash through the cobwebs of time
Blow the dust away
From the tombs and from the shrine
Like riots that stir in the heart of men
Such must be the work of our kin
Peaceless, restless, ceaseless

Of all that tie us down
Whatever blocks the path

Riotous procession from the abyss
Predatory pilgrim fiends
Stalwart leather rebels stamp
Triumphant satanist march
Subterranean outbreak, upheaval of submission
And their inevitable fall

Black rattle the banner
Against the heavens of the heart
Where demons soar
And thunder roars
At Satan's call

Furor diabolicus - eruption's ascension
Furor diabolicus - wrath of the gods

No escape and yet you fly
A will to live that soon will die

Furor diabolicus - madness of the abyss
Furor diabolicus - breathing chasm depths

Wild and fierce, the storm is coming
No time for when and how
Did you think it would wait forever?
The time is now

Come winds of force, brandish your scepter
Slash through the cobwebs of time
Blow the dust away
From the tombs and from the shrines
Like riots that stir in the heart of men
Such must be the work of our kin
Peaceless, restless, ceaseless
Furor diabolicus

5. A Throne Below

Downwards, search and you shall find
Certain as the setting sun was so descent
But the deeps are old and without end
There's more than darkness in them

More than a heart may hold
More than man may learn
Before the eyes of a god
In judgement stern

Down there
You shall reap what you have sown

There flow the rivers of our being out of sight
Into never ending night
All we have ever known
All that was and is to come
And all which never came to pass
In that abyss alike extinguished

Down there

All that a heart may hold
All that man may learn
In that piercing light
To ashes turn
Yet without fear
We must journey there
And stand erect
Before the lidless stare

6. Ultra (Pandemoniac)

What madness stirs in the depths of the dark?
Ever so near...
Like forlorn beasts of prey stalking their captor
Unholy revenants
Manifestation of the curse that gnaws
Like shards in the folds of flesh

Sanctity begotten in damnations womb
Abominations in the presence of whom
The fertile seeds of iniquity deep in the heart
Begin to germinate and take form

Eyes for teeth and teeth for eyes
Teeth that see and eyes that bite
Through the gates of the night

Wild and free - the power

Their trail is marked by a residue of nameless rage
And the severed hands of the thieves that sway
In winds that howl forevermore through the abyss
And rise at will
Up from the Netherworld

7. Towards The Sanctuary

I am he that move in the valleys
Of the damned, making haste
Persistent like the rasps at chains of the world

Into perpetual dementia the crossroads twirl
Here at the eye of the storm
But from an unusual tree my cane was cut
And it is ever by my side

Wherever leads the trail
Whatever burden that oppress the heart
Where sorrows thrive
And shadows linger everlasting
On vacant thrones

Behold a river aflow
Winding and twisting, back to its source
There goes our way
Through everlasting decay
To where the temple stands eternally

Ours is a path of power
Edged by the remnants of the slain
Long have we walked upon it
But ours is the patience of the pilgrim
Who journeys against the tide
Ever towards the sanctuary
Beyond the shores of life and death

For it has made me a defier of every law
That robs my kind of liberty and grace
I am he that move in the valleys of the damned
And none shall lessen my pace

Besieged, expired and undone
The waste, from whence I am gone

Behold the last of stars ascend
To mark the return
To the night without end

Where goes our way
Through everlasting decay
To where the temple stands eternally

In words, in deed
In scars that ever bleed
On towards the sanctuary forever
Ours in triumph and eternal death

8. The Fire Of Power

Behold the arrow from a Devil's bow
Come cutting like a comet through the aether
Risen from low lands by the gusts of yet deeper tracts
A singular light in extension

Ascending now, on a course by will assigned
To illuminate the darkness of the mind
A fire of organic divine

The fire
The fire of power

A luminous procession through aeons of night
Ever onward 'neath the Lodestar
Against the winds, against the law of our times
Kindlers of the flame, pilgrims of the dark

Who do not fear to walk the way the vultures fly
Towards destruction and doom
Arms outstretched and willingly consumed

By fire
The fire of power

"For thou hast said in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven
And exalt my throne above the stars; until seated upon the
Mount of Gods, in the uttermost north:"

On a mount overlooks the known world
Stands a solitary man
Silent in the storm, with his bow in hand
Once a barren desert, now a sea of flames
And eventually but embers

So the fire of power becomes the fire of the end
Reddening the ruins of the earth
Now bow unto the merciless redeemer

Of fire
The fire of power
The fire of a God

9. Antikrists Mirakel

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