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1. Listen!

[music & arrangement by eilen]

[Mystic intro for the appearance of the leader of a sect.]

2. The Other Side

[music: eilen-breitenbach/lyrics: eilen, arranged by WARHEAD]

Speech of the leader in front of his followers;
he demands they follow his orders and fight against their enemies.

hahahahaha! listen to me
children, listen to what I say
you're all here to find the truth
to find God and your duty
so when I say kneel
you'll have to kneel and speak to God
and now fold your hands and close your eyes
'cause this is what God has to say to you

you're here to pray along your way
into the night, the other side
and when you find the one who's blind
prepare to fight, the other side

hahahahaha! listen to me
disciples, spiritualize my speech
there's one God on this world
he says walk my way and you'll never die
so I say believe and you'll believe
'cause God speaks to you
now lay down cause I've come to heal you
your mind and your body

you're here to pray along your way
into the night, the other side
and when you find the one who's blind
prepare to fight, the other side

3. Celebrate Your Loot

[music: breitenbach-eilen-zur heide/lyrics: eilen, arranged by WARHEAD]

[A song specifically against the catholic church of the middle ages,]
[asking them to celebrate the riches of their loot - even nowadays.]

holy church it's you we hail
feed us on our holy trail
give us gold and holy food
Jesus Christ we praise our loot

could be words in mind and head
wishing harmless people dead
did you act on God's command
"cleaning" all unholy land

celebrate, celebrate
celebrate, celebrate your loot

4. Six Billion Reasons To hate

[music: breitenbach/lyrics: zur heide-breitenbach, arranged by breitenbach]

[Metal song about the apocalypse and today's bigotry.]

way up, way down and no way to return
mankind that never learned
just talk 'bout love and respect but just lie in fact
I tell you that's the way you act

the deep dungeons in the heads
are filled with distrust, hate and pain
a friendly smile to keep the common face
it's the same old ugly game


go down, go down, go down without remorse
for your own end you're the cause
go on, go on until it's to late
follow your God and stand straight

you hurt each other with your hatred
killer and victim through and through
you think you're the only exception
and for this I hate you!


feed the dungeons in your head
preach damnation and stand straight
feed the dungeons in your head
we know you just preach to hate
feed the dungeons, feed the dungeons
feed the dungeons in your head

5. Flashback Of A Poor Man

[music, lyrics & arrangement by eilen]

An organ donor who, in need of money,
promises a doctor to let him have his organs.
He can't pay back the money and is eviscerated while still alive.

today was the day, money I didn't have
they came to me in their white coats
and took my kidneys and my heart
now my body's bloody cold,
my signature was my grave!

sign your name and you'll be free,
take the money and feel good
pay your debts, it's all OK,
20.000 you have got
I give you one year to pay back
and take your organs if you don't
now you know about the consequence,
so we'll meet in one year

I knew I couldn't get a job these days,
so where could I find my way out
20.000 dollars were too much,
the doc, he knew I had no chance
poverty was my gallows pole,
the rich were dancing on my grave
and isn't it disgusting, man,
I wasn't dead, I was alive

it's not a tale, man, this is true,
I paid my debts with my life
it's not a vision of tomorrow,
those things happen today
if you've got money, you'll get new teeth,
you'll get new skin and a new heart
but as a poor man
you will see your own flashback start

6. Shut Your Mouth

[music: eilen-breitenbach/lyrics: eilen, arranged by WARHEAD]

More than just dissatisfaction with politics;
we ask the politicians to shut up. No more lies,
bigotry and corruption that they receive salaries for,
a normal person can't even imagine.

you can speak as a man
you can walk as one
can be proud of your past
and the things you've done
all I read from your lips
is sweeter than gingerbread
Mr. President, I'm awake
shut your mouth, for God's sake


you promise good, promise work
money for everyone
but the best jobs in town
are for your daughters and your sons
why do you get the most
in this motherfucking land?
well, because all you give
is flowing back to your own hand

SHUT! ...

7. C17-X/05


[Virus alert in a research lab.]

8. Perfect/Infect

[music: breitenbach/lyrics: breitenbach-zur heide, arrangement by breitenbach]

[Sarcastic, apocalyptic lyrics similar to Mad Max.]

now we face the end of 1999
like rats they leave the sinking ship
the higher-class mankind
tearing down the walls of inhumanity
the crowd stands up with powersaws
to show you how to bleed

straight ahead
there's no beg
you will get - perfect/infect

with unjustice and poverty
you've tried to starve us out
but Judgement-Day's not far from here,
you'll see what it's all about
we'll shower you with pestilence
until your minds get lost
there's no escape from punishment,
eradication starts

straight ahead ...

tell me when
you start to wonder why
the day you can't deny
will see you passing by
you'll be on your knees,
beg and entreat, oh please
we all just have one life
and each life says good-bye

straight ahead
there's no beg
you will get
this last good-bye

perfect/infect, perfect/infect
perfect/infect, perfect/infect

9. Into The Light

[music, lyrics & arrangement by eilen]

Just like the light draws the butterfly,
the woman in this song is drawn to drugs which eventually kill her.
"It's over now, you went straight into the light."

the butterfly moves 'round and 'round
around the fire that burns so bright
the attraction he can't resist
the mystic sight is dragging it
into the light

you've got no wings
but you're my butterfly
so full of power when you're high
your flame is white, I lose the fight
you never stop killing yourself, you're going
into the light

it's over now ... it's over now ...
you went straight
into the light

10. Scream

People are coming to take me out of my house
Don’t understand the angriness of the crowd
Bursting windows raining down the floor
Don’t realice what they are reaching for.

Get out.

Running falling, slavering hands on my shirt
Again and again they punch my face into the dirt
I lost my last hope when they started to beat
I’ll never get myself out of this heat.

What for shall I die?

Now they tighten the rope around my neck
A kick the chair falls down, my heart attacks
No breath no life am I going to die?
What have I done, I don’t know why?

They say that you have caught him
They say he’s punished now
They say that none should mess with you
You infallible crowd
Be proud of what you’ve done
For your self-righteous sense of justice
The beast is dead, this is the end
An act of fair revenge.

But didn’t you know not just far away
Another little girl was raped today?
And didn’t you hear bou the man sitting in jail
That he has confessed this last two murders?

Get out.

11. K.Y.N.

My apartments round the block
Downtown there’s not much you’ve got
It was my last day at work
Don’t ask me if it does hurt.

I’ve got to walk
Cause they damaged my car
Last week at a slutty bar
Oh the rent l’m not able to pay
And my wife kicked me today.

Do yourself a good
In your neighbourhood
March along the floor and
Kill Your Neighbour...

People next-door drive me insane
What is their intention, what is their gain?
They’re disturbing me
When they’re passing my way
And it hurts
When they’re got nothing to say.

There’s nobody who’s really good
Out there in my neighbourhood
A man hurts his wife and children cry all day
I think I better blow em all away.

Do yourself a good
These were times I remember well
Things that I can hardly tell
I do repent and I have to pay
As the priest and me
Are on my last way.

12. Behind My Eyes

Where do I go?
Is life all I know?
Is pain all I feel
And time is here to heal?
And l’m watching from the other side.

There was the start
The years have played their part
A child soon a man
What’s left of my plans?
And the quest goes on until the end.

Who looks behind my eyes when l’m asleep?
Who looks behind my eyes when l’m down deep?

What makes me feel the way that I feel everyday?
Am I alive or dead on my lonely way?
And l’m going to meet my fate.

Who looks behind my eyes when l’m asleep?
Who looks behind my eyes when l’m down deep?

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