Dark Lyrics


1. 15th Century


2. Let Me Die

[music: breitenbach - zur heide - eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by WARHEAD]

incident of shame
the pope and his slaves want to tame
other points of view
non-religion is not true
what is god, is he
a point of view i cannot see?

let me die
i want to see god

fifteenth century
a witch in mortal agony
priests told women with red hair
they'd better "take care"
they didn't need a reason
for bloody treason!

let me die
i want to see god

so what is church to me?
church is pain and misery!
and what did they learn?
many people they have burned
there is one thing for me
one thing i would like to see!

let me die...

3. Good Christian

[music: breitenbach]
[lyrics: zur heide]
[arranged by breitenbach ]

shades of blood
and shades of inhumanity
we can see
your trace throughout history
decades of hope
you brought up to society
and centuries of pain
and hopelessness and misery

your mission is perfect
you spread and infect
annoying insect

good christians

forgiven when you cross yourself
in the name of god
millions have been sent to hell
is it faith
what makes you look up to the priest
or ignorance
or the fear of the beast?

your mission is perfect
you spread and infect
annoying insect

good christians

4. Hatred

[music: breitenbach - eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by breitenbach]

a little room with a lattice window
here i live there's nothing more
outside concrete, grey and cold
this is my home, i'm the one who's left
the second made me be the one i am
the stories people tell here are heavy
and this is mine...

oh my love was great,
thought that i am the only one you need
you gave me the only
meaning to my life
i changed everything for you
said that we'd love until we die
and somehow
we made the words come true

the first year we were together
nothing bad i did expect
two people in a world full of honey
and slowly i got blind
something happenedin the second year
we were kissing but our eyes weren't closed
and sex became a different thing
than we did a few weeks ago

i didn't want to realize it
i didn't want to see
you said you went to the doctor
what a beautiful lie
for the time we didn't speak too much
and what we spoke was simply shit
i knew i would like to get rid of it

so one day you were calling the "doctor"
and i saw you leaving our home
i followed you to his place
and looked through the window
you were kissing
you were pissing
you were fucking that man
and i was watching you

so believe, i jumped through the window
to get you, my dear
i was taking the knife that i had
and ram it into your head


5. Blindly

[music: eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by WARHEAD]

a tear drops down from your face
the wrong thing at the right place
your eyes a touch of nothing
your captured

the bloody truth is, you're stoned again
feel the needle in your veins
buy the stuff and be dead

a little higher you get
eat pills instead eating bread
emotions you share with pain
you're insane

as long as you are satisfied
you're standing on the good side
a hell's what you're living in


close the door behind your eyes
await the big surprise
the fire is burning cold
your life's sold

the stab hurts you, never care
a dead body, a living nightmare
it gets you before you can get it

the beginning of the end
the opinion you had to defend
the walk into the fire
your desire

never stop, go on and on
nothing's right but you are wrong
you have gone one step too far!


6. Good Part For Each

[music: breitenbach - eilen]
[lyrics: breitenbach]
[arranged by breitenbach]

honesty! misery! creep on knees to be free
don't you see, suffering is all you've got to feed the kings
self-defence! ignorance! second hand perplexity!
all that stuff are swellings of our cowardly society

if you don't ever close your eyes, you'll see what for your courage dies
cash is where the power rules, go perish on a ship of fools
you're not just only meaningless, you're draged into unconsciousness
but give a shit where you might go, it's all the same, the folks are only

dust, only dust
dust, only dust is what lasts
bloody hands are the sense, it's your cheat
so how long will you die for their greed?

good part for each

masquerade! glittering! free from care, everywhere
funny face! "mercy-b"! honest work! you are free!
whet your ellbows, go to score, try to win the social war
kill your brother when you must, if you don't want to be the lost!

our politix sell weapons to the middle-east fascism clans
while they decide in silent rooms their insatiable budget plans
so snatch-up what you still can grip, the hell awaits your final trip
with or without a cadillac you'll end up in the same disease, it's

dust, only dust...

look the truth in the eye, all you give, all you try
think it up, think it down, get a grip, you're on your own
powerful, mercyless, the law comes down to break your chest
in the end you will know, finished man, get a bow

when will you ever realize, the final path is suicide?
the time is right for "red-alert", go on, defend your lifes on earth
justice meets establishment, no poor control the government
woe to those who try to change, the mills of life will grind you up to

dust, only dust...

good part for each

7. Going To The Center

[music: eilen - breitenbach]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by WARHEAD]

the black door of a big neglected building
they call it papermill, we call it excess
i step inside, cold light shines
from a lantern outside, i feel depressed
i know this way well, so i walk down
to the basement to meet "me", friend
the rave-party starts right now
i ask for pills, enjoy that thrill

going, going to, yo

going to the center
let me arrive
going to the center
splitting my life

the first song they play, my heart beats fast
i feel the tension, escape from within
the bassdrum's hammering in my head
the dancefloor quakes, it makes me awake
the entrance to a better world somewhere in me
calls for me, some kind of error
i dance a thousand years or more
i'm lost in a vision, a lovely terror

going, going to, yo

going to the center
let me arrive
going to the center
splitting my life

a few hours passed by, i'm still dancing
it keeps me moving on, the beat and the sound
i find myself on the floor as i dance some more
it got me down

going, going to, yo

going to the center
let me arrive...

8. Carrie White

[music: eilen - breitenbach]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by breitenbach]

this is your life-long atmosphere
your mother keeps you trapped in here
a cruel world you can't escape
your name is carrie, you're in bad shape

your mother's mentally deranged
so you can't cope with life outside
the things she teaches you are strange
you can't differ the truth from lies

carrie white

you stand alone in the world of pain
your suffering is your mother's gain
the bloody child of a bloody ass
your whole life a total mess

there is no helping hand at school
no real friends you can talk to
no mercy, treated like a fool
it's just your mom who talks to you

carrie white

as you begin to realize
there's a power behind your eyes
satisfied, hear your mother yell
it is the exit out of hell

the ones who treated you so bad
are watching you now going mad
you kill the ones that took your pride
your final deed, the suicide!

carrie white

9. The Healing

[music: eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by breitenbach]

the black sunshine high above
smell dead children, forget to love
soul burns brightly, never see
never hear a word from me
one door is open, one door is locked
i am the mountain, the highest rock
you'll never reach the end until
your hands work for my own will


a loaded pistol in your hand
will never be my command
the dream you reach in your mind
well, i'm polite, you'll never find
without my hand, without my feet
a man is nothing more than meat
hell is for those who criticize
the truth, it lies behind my eyes


i don't possess you, i don't care
that's not my kind of warfare
trust me, you're small together we're tall
when you give me your life, child
it is the last time you will smile
for me the biggest, endless thrill
you never thought that i'd kill


and from the point that you are mine
you start to learn a different side
the one who reaches out for me
is trapped by sick misanthropy
cause i deliver you from good
i treat you like nobody would
say hello to the masters knife
and say good-bye to the beat of life



10. Inbetween

[music: eilen]
[arranged by eilen]


11. Warhead

[music: breitenbach]
[lyrics: breitenbach]
[arranged by breitenbach]

what do you think
while you are running here
between the bushes in the rain?
what do you feel
inside your fucking head?
cause now your "real me" goes insane

i will take your soul
for my own pleasure
many of you warheads
went that way before

be careful what you say
it takes your breath away
it takes your life

just another war

once again
you hear the hammering on the outside
the helicopters in the sky
you try to run
but you can't control your legs
you realize it's time to die

i will take your soul...

be careful what you say...

did you ever think
that your government
tells you the truth about your war?
you crossed the boarderline,
sawed the seeds of death
but in the end i beg for more

i will take your soul...

be careful what you say...

12. Missiles

[music: eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by eilen]

now here i stand, i've got no eyes
got no hands, no arms to embrace
the darkest day, crossed man's way
can't describe the sorrow in me

missiles never win
missiles never care
missiles never win

the papers said that we would try
nuclear weapons we say good-bye
but a few more tests, some islands sink
jack, we can do without sorrow you bring

missiles never win
missiles never care
missiles never win

the dead, they cry, do we need more?
where's the sense? what is it good for?

missiles never win
missiles never care
missiles never win

Recorded at Tonstudio Lulis / Osnabruck, October '96
Engineered by Uwe Lulis
Mixed by Rudy Kronenberger at Crownhill Studio / Dusseldorf
Produced by WARHEAD and Rudy Kronenberger
Mastered by John Cremer at Maarweg Studios / Koln
Cover-Painting by Oliver Schittenhelm
DTP & Digital Design by Christian Gowert
Band-Photo by Rolf Menzel

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