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1. Wasteland

Nothing lives nothing breathes a silent wind will blow
A darkness lies upon this land sent to us from below
A nothingness no one will see a terminated sky
A deadly pall of glowing grey nothing left to die

War after war in the homeland bomb versus bomb in the sky
A curse upon the earth itself a planet too can die
A race for control of the planet idiots ordering war
Multiple megaton pile-up knowing too well what they're for

A mutant race of tortured souls of warped flesh and bone
Inhabit this dead planet now a lifeless slab of stone
A stinking cloud lingers here we cower in our caves
We care not where the future lies atomic zombie slaves

Do you remember long before your mutant mind was born
Your memories are a murky mist from your mind they've been torn
Kill them all survival first your instincts taking hold
Protect what's yours collect some more a circle now unfolds

2. Revenge

He's on a rampage he's on the run more hell bent than you've ever seen
Tryin' to hell him that he's got no right is like putting out fire with gasoline
Crystal clear in his own warped mind hears voices screaming in his ear
Explosion in a nest of nerves satisfaction lurking ever near

Til he wound up knee deep in blood

The wound up spring inside his skull snapped and left him numb
He's at the end of sanity's rope the time to collect has come
He feels the need to right a wrong revenge is what he hungers for
His choice of weapons his own bare hands he's out for blood to even the score

Eye for eye tooth for tooth do or die seek the truth
Conscience clear your wires crossed won the war but the battle's lost

He's plotting his crime with stealth and care his mind is humming and
Spinning 'round
He won't fail he was driven insane his enemy deserves underground
A crime of passion turned to pain pushed him over the edge
His eyes show him only one thing flashing blades exploding lead

Eye for eye tooth for tooth do or die seek the truth
Conscience clear your wires crossed won the war but the battle's lost
Fulfilling his goal his vision clears the scream in his head subsides
One thing left to complete the tale to take one more life he decides
A suicide of stealth and care his mind in humming and spinning 'round
He won't fail he was driven insane his enemy deserves the underground

Eye for eye tooth for tooth do or die seek the truth
Conscience clear your wires crossed won the war but the battle's lost

3. Bullets & Blades

Footsteps behind you a killer at large murder for sale on the streets
With weapon in hand the manhunt begins no rest til the job is complete
No right and no wrong only dead or alive a target a prize to be won
If the money's enough then there's no place to hide just one more notch in a gun

Bullets and blades the tools of your trade
The weapons of death surround you
Your reason your rhyme your partners in crime
Your hands are still stained with their life
All it takes is a twist of your knife

For women and children you hold no remorse your price is the same for them all
No guilt no fear no time for a thought no name just a face no one saw
The last one was easy a woman of worth no charge for a lover's revenge
A slug in the skull and its over for her but for you there is never an end

The body was found in one week's time her legs in an alley downtown
Head with a bullethole still in the side in a cardboard coffin was found

4. Undead

Without warning without name tearing thru the ground they came
No tomb will hold them coffins crack earth is spewing bodies back
Cemeteries once were filled ancient curse is now fulfilled
One thousand years of tortured screams

Corpses fill the city streets the walking dead their sleep has ceased
Claiming souls the undead march they're marching on with undead hearts
Human targets living flesh tied and chained they die best
The dead they don't stay down for long

Tonight man's fate is sealed tonight the end is revealed
Invincible they will prevail immortal armies will not fail
Weapons will do no good they don't die like they should
Invincible they will prevail immortal armies will not fail

As darkness falls across the world the undead disease cannot be cured
Building armies burning down seizing cities all around
Smoke and dust and bodies rise victims taken by surprise
The living must be made undead

All hope is gone no chance to win we're now undead we're giving in
Memories of life before waking dreams an all out war
Death is not the living end to die is to being again
We will not stop we know no pain

5. Merritt's Girlfriend


6. Sudden Death

I call my life a war with death now the war is through
Time on earth is at an end death is overdue
Cannot buy another hour or bargain for a day
Life is theirs to give to me and now to take away

It doesn't matter that I've lived my life like I knew I should
In the cards before my birth did me no good
There is no light now up ahead no open arms wait
To live long and prosper was not my fate

The line that holds you tight to life is a thin one indeed
The hand the blade it's cut in two with terminal speed
A step to turn his eyes move in from out of sight
No name no face the time is now to shoot out your lights

Never gave a warning sign just appeared there
No time to understand body cold with fear
I'm being dragged down a gaping hole they're clawing at me
Smoke fills my aching lungs my eyes cannot see

Now the walls are coming down I'm losing my grip
Colors fade they run and bleed I'm on a bad trip
Cannot move cannot make a sound the foul stench of death
Now inhale the ancient air feel the reaper's breath

7. Wargasm

Soldier punches the code opens the airlock with ease
Sealing himself from the world turning computerised keys
Nuclear missile a top secret course a target no one will know
Climbs down the ladder a cold iron rail

Watching the clock on the wall ticking the seconds away
Reading emergency codes reads the same ones every day
Checking his firearm to see if its loaded it is but what the hell for
Nothing and no-one under the sun could ever get thru that door

Guardian of the great war machines keeper of pain destroyer of dreams
Watching the screens silently screams

There's someone else in here with him now he feel's he's no longer alone
Although no one's able to get in but him "I swear I just heard someone moan"
The smell of a burning jungle now is starting to fill up the room
You recognize the figure of the captain now
A shambling shadow of doom
You fought together in the forests and fields and fields only one of
You made it to the hill
His voice is like dirt and dead rotting leaves "this is not a drill"

Pull the trigger push the button
Flip the switch it's all or nothing
Light the fuse pull the lever
Set the snare it's now or never

Send the bastard up get moving now I order you to start the war
We will be the spark that sets the world ablaze mankind is on the edge no more

Leaning over his shoulder the casualty stares thru black holes
Watching the video screens vengeance burns hot thru it's soul
Starting the sequence by punching the code the password is just one word-burn
Time to abort is fading so fast from now on there is no return

Rumblings started below shaking the base to the core
Smoking the missile is ready to start the procession of war
Holding the gun to his own throbbing head his hands find it hard to keep still
Looks his dead friend in the eye and screams "you bastard this is not a drill"

8. Le Cou Cou


9. Humanoid

Semi-human semi steel cannot speak cannot feel
Twisted mess a tortured soul
Mutant brain a does not lie recording fear in your eyes
Future shock from the past

It's coming for you it's waiting for you
It's hiding on you don't want to know what for
To penetrate you a seed inside you
To produce through you ten thousand more
Breathing poison dripping slime abomination living crime
Reeking evil glowing eyes
Tracking blood scent of man prehistoric neuro-scan
Inbred weapons he relies

Feeling strange deep within, can't remember where you've been
Bruised and bleeding sore inside
Feel your body's about to burst ravaged by a deadly thirst
Breaking out in sickening sores

Wargasm are:
Rich Spillberg - guitar
Bob Mayo - bass & vocals
Barry Spillberg - drums

Thanks to blackraven for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to sukitghoulgul for correcting track #9 lyrics.

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