Dark Lyrics


1. Clouds Of Treason

[Music and lyrics: Luis Carlos]

My loyal traitors
This precious throne you'll never have
Thieves and betrayers
I heard you talk behind my back
But you won't get away
you won't try other day
It will be mine forevermore
Now I need friend
who will ease my pain
I must be told of good advise

Those that will climb on their king
clouds of treason dwell on their minds
to suppress their sick will
Fallen axe is what they must find

Hail the king
You will bow to me
Or by my sword
From your lives I'll set you free

The blackest future
This cold blood tyrant we must endure
Bloody solution
A revolution we should arise
But this cannot be real
we have no time to heal
We have to take the throne again
We keep ignoring orders
We keep following others
overthrow the king is what we try


[Solo LC]

A king with no pride
the lands with no lord
a wolf in disguise
Don't let them take your courage
Don't let them take your crown
Dissolve their bloody bondage
their heads be thrown
And I won't hear their lament
ignore their pity lies
Lead all their lives to torment
I'll drown their cries

[Solo Oscar]

You bloody bastards
I want to show you a great machine
This bell of gold
In the whole kingdom you will hear
But you won't see the trap
you will meet your fate
and this will be your final step
It's is the end of reason
I have killed all the treason
The phantom menace has declined


2. As The Wargs Arise

[Music and lyrics: Luis Carlos]

Beyond the edge of time
like thunder in the sky
we stand to face the pain
an evil with no name
Casting the coldest fire
bringing the darkest light
controlling your desire
ignoring all the cries

Cast the fear
and wrought your ghost upon the floor
unleash old demons of forgotten lore

Ride with me
Face the flames in the night
the beast awaits in my mind
Fight with us
Accept the embrace of the light
You will ride with me
Face the flames in the night
the beast awaits in our minds
You will fight with us
Accept the embrace of the light
Of dying embers we rise

[Solo Óscar]
[Solo LC]

The wind will change its course
once we're strong enough
the origin of your feelings
now has a new born source
Inside insidious fear
you're in control no more
there's none left in here
and then my will be done


With dying shadows we ride
and feel the wargs arise

[Solo LC]

Fear tonight
the beast is stalking
we're coming after you
Cold inside
your mind we're taking
loose control
On with the warg you'll ride

The earth will crack tonight as the wargs arise


3. Mastermind

[Music: Javi/Dani; lyrics: Javi]

Skies, open up
Showing the beginning war
The enemies of mankind
And they all must die!
But they don't know the enemy is here now
They must fight against the evil in their minds
The evil cause by ignorance can be destroyed
With faith in metal in my heart
I fight till the end

All come the fight comence: it's a war, no clemence here
No way I pay my life: the evil starts to scream
They cannot win this land: don't break these iron walls
I stand with all my faith: no mercy and no retreat

[Chorus 2:]
Darkness forces, attacking my dreams
My head is going to explode
In my brain I have the key
To cast and end to all
To cast this end to all

These wounds never heal, you must protect your life
You are the best creation in this hole called universe
Do not let anyone dictate the rules for you
You think for yourself you have the power to do

Dust and misery: the dust begins to clear
So that I can see: the fear of my enemies
At last they will suffer: in wails and howls they burn
Creations of my mind?: or is it all real!

[Chorus 1:]
Malignant forces, breaking my mind
I am an empty soul
I cannot feel
Anything, this can't be true

[Chorus 2]

You try to hit me
You don't have world to run
You try to bite me
I'll break you fucking soul
You can't scare me
I'm brave and proud as man
It's the time to kill you
I'm powered mastermind

[Solo Óscar]
[Solo LC]

Don't cry, open up your eyes, for me

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

4. Loki

[Music: Dani/Luis Carlos; lyrics: Luis Carlos]

Master of cold infinite treason
You're the trickster god
Ruins of a lost forgotten feeling
That abandoned you
Madness bringing this world to sadness
And nowhere more
Loki, cruel deity and wise tormentor
Of the remaining gods

Raising your anger
You'll cry in the dark

In oblivion he'll remain
And his sins will wash away
Prays his vengeance will arrive
With the end of all kind
He's chained forever... just hear his cries
But from abyss... he will arise

Liar, you've been doomed to face
A hateful life
Traitor, your punishment starts
Bound to the rock
Coward, your destiny is being chained
With your son's guts
Loki, you won't see the end
The torment began


I'll be back, and you'll suffer
Hear my cries, I will bring the end
Then you'll die, fall forever
With Ragnarok, I will take revenge

Torment you, they torment you
They seal your fate for the evil you do
This nightmare's gone, the nightmare's gone
Lost in the maze it's killing you
You will return, yes you will return
The suffering and the end will come
The gods will fall, they will all fall
And you will take revenge, revenge

[Solo LC]

Master of cold infinite treason
You're the trickster god
Traitor, your punishment starts
Bound to the rock
Madman, your insane behavior
Will carry death
You've doomed the earth

Raising your anger
Bringer of sorrow
Insatiable hunger
You'll cry in the dark


5. Sword In The Darkness

[Music: Dani/Luis Carlos/Javi; lyrics: Luis Carlos]

I am the sword
Casting the darkness away
I am reborn
Free from my sins is the trade
My life's the price
I have to pay to liberate my soul
My watch begins
My past is taking its toll

[Pre-chorus 1:]
I am the watcher in the night
I fight the demons of your mind
Just give me faith to survive
They say we will not stand
We live to defend this land
Just give me strength when I die

I am the Fire
Burning against the cold
I shall not take
Nor wife, nor lands and no gold
The watch's my life
You must understand there is nothing more
My will be done
Living and dying at my post

[Pre-chorus 1]

On this cold night binding vows have been made
We'll guard the realms 'til the last of our days

[Solo LC]

I am the shield
Guarding the realms of men
I am the horn
Waking the sleepers then
I pledge my life
To the night's watch from this night and on and on
My time has come
And I will fight for them all

[Pre-chorus 2:]
We are the watchers on the wall
We fight to fulfill our oath
Just give us faith to survive
They say we will not stand
We live to defend this land
Just give us strength when we die

[Chorus x2]

Night gathers, my watch begins and will not end until my death.
I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.
I am the sword in the darkness, the light that brings the dawn, the shield that guards the realms of men.
I pledge my life to the Night's Watch, for this night and all nights to come.

[Solo Oscar]

6. Tales From The North

[Music: Luis Carlos/Javi; lyrics: Javi]

[Solo LC]

There, lay, in a far away land
A place with a story of brave and cruel men
The barbarian life code
Sends their people to battle, die for their gods
The almighty gods in their kingdom of gold
By the sword they rule the world
Fear doesn't exist, prey for their blessings
And your souls will stay with them.

[Chorus 1:]
Come with us cheer and drink
In the rooms of Valhalla
Fight with honor in your life
Never retreat or escape and see
[Chorus 2:]
See your brothers live in the
Glorious land of the free
And share, with your brothers share
The divinity of brave men

[Solo LC]

We live with the frozen dark winds
The ice and snow are running through my veins
I stay strong with my axe
Rivers of blood flowing down the hills
When the battle ends
Valkyries raise the bodies of the dead
Carrying them away
Through the skies to the golden castle of Asgard

[Chorus 3:]
Fight with honor in your life
Cross the gates of Valhalla
Come with us cheer and drink
In the hall of the brave and see

[Chorus 2]

These are the tales
From a faraway land in the north
When those thunders roar in the sky
They're fighting!
Pagan hammers crash
Against lightning swords
Fighting 'til their last breaths
Until their last breaths!

[Solo LC]

Great builders with warrior souls never give up
They conquer with merciless might the world overseas
With the drakars wearing skins of steel spreading terror
They were drinking some mead in the skulls of their enemies
It's the legend of the viking land never be erased
Left their bloody footprint still on the earth
Hear their scream aloud in the frozen winds for thousand years
With gods they ruled the world, for three hundred years

[Solo LC]

Masters of their destiny
All it's written on a freezing piece of stone
The sacred stone
That recounts the terrible ending of their world
It was Ragnarok
The apocalypse that will come upon us all
But do not be afraid
At the end of it all you will meet them again

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

There's no more to tell,
Remember what you have heard
And never forget
Come with us at the greatest feast
There you cannot die
Share with them all divinity and fame
In the glorious land of the free.

7. Seas Of Lies

[Music: Luis Carlos/Javi; lyrics: Luis Carlos]

A blackened future
Destroying what we got
A demon feeding
On the wealth that we have lost
A dark horizon
Is falling on us all
The hordes of chaos
Are fading out the call

[Chorus 2x:]
This night and on we fight
Get drowned in seas of lies
For you and for mankind
Get lost in time

Greed would arise
Snakes surrounding us
Thieves paradise
Our dreams sent to the trash
The human nature
Is taking all the best
We'll face the failure
When our souls are put to rest

[Chorus 2x]
Get drowned in seas of lies
Get lost in seas of lies

Corruption's gleaming in its coat of gold
While integrity is dying in the cold
The depths of extortion where honesty fall
Are ravenous vultures devouring its soul

We must stand this time on the edge of sacrifice
We must fight for our sons so they won't be denied
This age of lamentation must come to an end
With words or revolution we, the people, have to mend

Hypocrisy is lurking among the hideous mass
The death of the world is right upon us
An act of defiance is what we need
To teach a lesson in violence and make 'em bleed

Our self denial will make us fail
So we are feeding the evil we create
Kill the monster so that we all can breathe
This night we fight for you and for mankind

[Solo LC]
[Solo Oscar]
[Solo LC]

The end is near
Corruption dressed in gray
It's crystal clear
Just fight and make my day
A blackened future
Destroying what we got
A demon feeding
On the wealth that we have lost

[Chorus 2x]

8. Back From The Shadows

[Music: Luis Carlos/Javi; lyrics: Luis Carlos]

Back when we started
None gave a dime
On the edge we move
Dawn of our time
Darkness fell upon us - Sadness
No mercy shown - Pain
We carry on - Fighting
A new day's grown

[Chorus 1:]
Out of the darkness
back from the pain
out of the darkness
we'll fight on again
Back from the shadows
into the light
back from the shadows
we march

Through darkness, we'll try again
We're marching on and from the ashes we'll rise

Shortcut to madness
the road we take
We said it clear
we're here to stay
Into the future - Rising
A voice is heard - Flames
Rise from the ashes - Fighting
Rise from the pain

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2:]
Into the future
our voice will be heard
over the anger
over the pain
Into the future
our flag will held high
over the anger
we'll rise

[Solo LC]

Back from the ashes, back from the pain
Back from the shadows, we'll march again

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

Back from the shadows, back from the pain
Into the future, we'll fight on again
Back from the shadows, into the light
Back from the shadows, we march again

9. Hell Is Real

[Music: Luis Carlos/Javi; lyrics: Javi]

Lights turn on, city awakes
One more day in life
People feel, anger and hate
In a living hell of lights
Falling dreams, lethal winds
Toxic rain, God is dead
All mankind goes to destroy
The entire mother earth
Explode, disturb, death, as I see

See the world in flames
All made by the men
Who like to see the pain
And make the angels cry
Hear the voice of death
Laughing all in hell
For our burning souls
Condemned to the end

You can play with your soul
For money and fucking fame
When you die and go to hell
None hears your screams
Burning bones, rotten skin
Poisoned blood, a sick place
The fate of men will be decided
By monsters with no soul
In your grave you can see...


Flames, eating all in their way
War, streets full of bodies
Don't pray and waste your life
All you must do is fight
Against the evil in the earth, now!

[Solo LC]

Flames, eating all in their way
War, streets full of bodies

It's the end, no more days
To see the sun's light
In the chaos of the land
Your tears turn to blood
Falling dreams, lethal winds
Toxic rain, God is dead
When you die and go to hell
None hear your screams
Cry, feel the pain as you see…


(I see hell, I feel death)

10. The Grave Of The Undead Crow

[Music: Luis Carlos/Dani/Javi; lyrics: Luis Carlos]

Broken promises made by unfaithful men
Planting seeds of misery
We harvest in our way
This journey through darkness began
Hold the scythe of death
The cold that is freezing my mind
Turns everything to red

A waste of men
A waste of time
A waste of lives... For nothing
High rank tells
Official lies
That will end the lives of men

[Chorus 1]
You buried my heart deep in this tomb
The grave of the undead crow
War will be damned nothing remains
No more sorrow
Empty hollow
Vengeance will be laid

The light holding my sanity
Is fading away
In the valley where sadness remains
We harvest the pain
We ask for oblivion to come
Wash our sins away
The cold keeps destroying our minds
My mind


[Chorus 2:]
You buried my heart deep in this tomb
The grave of the undead crow
Twisting my soul beyond the pain
Deep inside my mind
Freezing my heart in winter's snow
The grave of the undead crow
War will be damned nothing remains
No more sorrow
Empty hollow
Vengeance will be laid

Once more, pure lust, one goal
So spoke the raven
Once more, your lust, no soul
Won't stop to save them

None called, you left me alone
I feared the day would never come
When I could get away
The dark red road would take me home
And when the war called the young
I feared the night set in this hole
Oh, how to get away
The dark red road showed the way
It showed the way... the way
None warned, you were in command
The fate of men were in your hands
How could they get away
The dark red road to the fallen land
Your rotten soul killed all the hope
Fearing the night that filled this hole
Running far away
The dark red road paving my way
[Solo LC]

Why should I rape,
Why should I kill,
Why should I die for you

Following orders...
Just following orders
Once more, we kill, we die
So spoke the raven
And now, with rage, we ask
Why should I rape,
Why should I kill,
Why should I die

Danny Villuendas: Bass
Rubén Isla: Drums, Vocals (additional)
Óscar Díaz: Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Luis Carlos Gallego: Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Javier Gregorio Salazar: Vocals

Thanks to luiscarlos.gallego for sending these lyrics.

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