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1. Pallor Mortis

[Music: Richard Senko, lyrics: Luciano Miranda/Richard Senko]

In the silence of society, struggling for my existence.
They are faceless without will
I try to scream, but they silence my voice.
Ravenous beast craves my mind

Many souls crying, my body is now dying.

My life falls from my hands.
My heart crosses the border of the end.
Death embraces me, my last sin
Gaze petrified, pale skin.

Pallor mortis.

Thousands of bodies, not one soul
Tearing all lives, burying all in holes
Controlling all minds, taming the beast
Obliterating until all are deceased
My hands are tied, my eyes are covered.
The sheet that covers me into insignificance
Falling in the arms of intolerance.
Our hollow world

Death embraces me.
My curse.
Gaze petrified.
Pale skin.

2. Algor Mortis

[Music: Richard Senko/Marsell Senko, lyrics: Richard Senko]

Your world there are no more walls
Fell 'cause you believed the laws
You showed the same apathy
Coldness is all in the end

See what you left behind
It's not just your mind
Fading all your flame
Leaving them to use all your life

Minds are lost
Algor mortis
Draining all humankind
Leaving you in darkness, blind
Freezing all within your mind
Algor mortis

Raised inside a utopia
Created to be a slave
You thought you controlled your life
But they've guided you to die

Fall for the same old lie
Without any light
Trapped in the same old way
Persuaded to live with a rotten mind

Draining all your strength
Useless being

You fought for false theories
Believing in every rule
You lost all your future
You lost all your life

Reflect on your forlorn life
These fights for fool reasons
Idolizing puny gods
These gods just want your mind

You are imprisoned with blindfolds
For them to consume all your mind
You are in the last march of your life
They wrote your last line

No more reason to fight
We are side by side
No ideologies
We live surrounded by lies

3. Rigor Mortis

[Music: Richard Senko/Marsell Senko, lyrics: Richard Senko]

I retain their liberty trapped inside rigid bodies.
They must be controlled, ordered, they need a guide
All ideas will break like their inflexible corpses.
With my hands and my will, I suffocate all voices.

All free ideas should be killed by me.
There is no reason to let them think
They have to believe that freedom is a sin
They must know all is ruled by me

You follow me, you obey me, I'm the mighty one
Your life is mine, your mind is mine, you live in rigor mortis

I create icons, just so they follow
If they don't, they shall perish in eternal sorrow
I have their lives, souls, minds and all freedom
I will not leave alive anything that breathes

They just feel fear, because of me
They'll never know who took their lives

We have your soul, you are a miserable mistake
You kneel now, behold I am the Snake
We have your soul, you are a corpse without a face
You kneel now, behold your fall from grace

The existence is not for you
You are living in my world
All this disgrace it's all for you
You are living in my chaos

4. Livor Mortis

[Music, lyrics: Richard Senko]

See all vicinity, there is just us
Believed we had all the knowledge
We fell in a storm where we lost our minds
We lost, we failed, now we live in misery

Why don't we rise and fight against those who trapped us here?
Why are we afraid, if they only have a simple cross?

Behold this chaos, enough of these strings
Look into my eyes, I'll show what is real
We are stronger, you will see
Let's put them to living misery

We lost the signal of our lives
We fell in the same web of lies
We'll take our minds, feel our roar
We'll fight for it, we'll leave this livor

Feel their fear arising, just from your questions
They don't have answers
Make them feel your mind taking control of all your life
They lost a slave now

They'll try to take control of all your freedom
We have to fight back, not lose our stand
Knowledge is all they don't want to see
Let’s fight with honor for our fierce victory

5. Putrefaction

[Music: Richard Senko, lyrics: Luciano Miranda/Richard Senko]

It was my body.
It belonged to me.
Cells and dead fibers.
Just something rotten that I can see.

False words of hope.
False words of peace.
Attacking my dead neurons.
A great hatred to release.

Transmutation of brain
Tearing the cohesion of my cells in pain.
Worms consuming my soul again.

My eyes out of eyelids.
Each sacred page immolates.
Knowledge you want to forbid.
What remains falls in putrefaction.

Look at me, tell me what do you see.
Just a void, only thing that can be.
Lust for power and leave it all to die
Everything you have smells like lies.

All this anger scorching my skin.
Tearing the tissues, infected like deadly sin.
Laying my body on a bitter bed

Draining, rotting all from my flesh.
Taking all my life, rip, cut and slash.
You just want to exploit me.
Your lies.

It is my body.
It belongs to me.
Cells and fibers.
Rotten, I see.

True words of rage.
True words of hate.
Attacking until you ceased.
A great hatred is released.

6. Decomposition

[Music: Richard Senko/Marsell Senko, lyrics: Luciano Miranda / Richard Senko]

Deep inside, I can feel.
Eating and crawling through my veins.
Ripping my skin, cold as steel.
Devouring from feet to brain.

Thoughts rotting in my head.
Worms absorbing individuality.
Feeding on the tissues of my lungs.
Dragging me to the grave of society.

Liquefying all feelings, enslaving to submission
Treading the steps, I do not want, my decomposition.

You want me as a dead slave.
Without soul, without will.
No voice to scream.
Just another to kill.

My face wears a mask of happiness.
Disease attacking all dead cells.
Desires are useless.
Corpse cells, useless rebels

Lies, fear, sorrow, terror, pain.

7. Skeletonization

[Music: Richard Senko / Marsell Senko, lyrics: Richard Senko / Luciano Miranda]

You're just the shadow of an ancient fear.
See what's left of it now.
Seeing his true pale form.
Breaking the chains with his fall.

Impositions destroyed, releasing the clones
See all his fear, it's reflected in his bones.

Open your mind, open your eyes.
Question the old rules of old bones.
Reject the discipline of buried gods.
They're nothing, just dead stones.

See what remains of your chest.
Your rotten heart still beating.
Seeing his cold face, psychological warfare
We can fight, we can defy.

Break all bones, face The Death.
We'll resist, we'll fight

Come all, break bones, make your weapons.
Release from the god of blue light.
Refuse to be just a number in the crowd.
Believe in you, know yourself, stand and fight, follow your heart.

We will burn this meaningless life.
Old patterns that limit our individuality.
Tearing old orders that stole our souls.
Sweeping the dust of what's left of the old society.

"Freedom is never given by the oppressor it has to be won by the oppressed."

Show your face
Know your power
See your massification
End your skeletonization.

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