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1. Deadline

[Music: Richard Senko/Jean Philippe, lyrics: Glauber Ancelmo/Jean Philippe]

They all think of death
As a deadline
A deadly fate
As a great mystery

And they are right
But there is more
It's also the dawn
Of a great pain

The feel of loss
The greatest regret
Sometimes not worthy
The remorse crawls on your chest

Burning restless
My apologies
We are sorry
No one feels like you do

You lost a piece of your life
Never to replace it again
The scars mark your flesh
Forever they will stay

Nothing and no one
Is able to change it
He will not return on the third day
Don't even consider that

They all think of death
As a deadline
A deadly fate
As a great mystery

And they are right
But there is more
It's also the dawn
Of a great pain

Be different from the most
Get rational
Realize that
It is only true in fairy tales

Accept reality
The harder it can be
Raise your head, savor life
Because soon it will be your time

2. Escape From Nightmare

[Music: Richard Senko, lyrics: Richard Senko]

In the darkness
Where my eyes deceive me
My fears become real
The curse is everywhere

In this darkened world
The search for an exit
Am I trapped
In a dream or another life

The only thing that I know
The exit is my sacrifice

Escape from Nightmare

Amid pain screams
Death and blood everywhere
And when I close my eyes
Try to run from the nightmare

I feel something approaching
Veins tie me to shadows

Escape from Nightmare

Blowing the cold wind of freedom
The end of the nightmare
Now I feel a peace that I devour
In the touch of death

I feel my freedom
Cold wind of consolation

3. Sandstorm

[Music: Richard Senko, lyrics: Richard Senko]

Night falls and the war begins
When you're alone
Besides the cold and heat
The fear has already taken your shadow

I never know if time runs fast or slow
My path is always the same
Tonight I will wander again
Searching for a new way

I never felt the pleasure of the life you took from me
I never saw the hope because the sandstorm always hides it
I always see the fear pursuing me to torture
I always see the door of death, the entry for a life

When you open your eyes and nothing changes
You are really alone
The lonely desert is the gun that will take my soul
And this is what eternal desert wants
To taste impurities of my flesh
But my freedom is also eternal
And the desert will only feel the smell of my pain

4. Iron Bird

[Music: Richard Senko, lyrics: Glauber Ancelmo]

The iron bird flies above heaven
Dropping fire from its wings
A weapon of mass destruction
Bringing Hell to Heaven

You know you’re gonna die
Your world will be gone with you
It's a dead end way
The bird goes restless, merciless
See the spread of fire

Corpse hit the floor
Death satisfies with blood
Shed from the innocent
The Iron Bird

That follows the weapon of slaughter
For a second that shine
Makes your life fade away
The fire scorches the earth
Your homeland, the heaven

5. Gates Of War

[Music: Richard Senko/Jean Philippe, lyrics: Glauber Ancelmo]

The inner peace gives in to fear
Through this fear we are helpless
When we see everything around us
We witness the onset of war

The gates open with tempest rage
Hate is your force
Force that leads to carnage
Chaos violates my mind

Did it have to be this way?
Is it God?
Is this the life?
Why did I die?

We don't know our fate
We only know death is coming
Men fall at their sons' feet
Dreams stay behind

Lives are thrashed
Death forgives nobody
Justice is a non existing word
The enemy reigns

In this war there is no
Victim or villain

There are only two opposite faces
Taken by
Hate and pride

Fighting for what is right
Fighting for their lives
Dying for nothing

With no mercy
They destroy
One by one

Those who stayed lost their pride
And turned to slaves
Of a repressive law

That's where everyone perceives
In war there is no
Victory or defeat

6. Eye Of Judgement

[Music: Richard Senko/Marsell Senko, lyrics: Glauber Ancelmo]

What can our eyes see?
Unfortunately the limits are short
We can see structures
With no remark of true and false
Our vision confuses us
Everyone can see
The truth before our eyes
Have the strength to see it

Freedom satisfies you
Let it flow
The last drop is always the best
Free your most crushing images

To understand the true human nature
This is our greatest challenge
To overcome our limits
The true pleasure
Is to choose where to go
Live while you’re alive
Is it sin or immortal life?
False ideology

Society lives
In unreal hope
Creeds = fake help
Life is yours

Admit no interventions
Control your own fate
Hypocrisy is brutal
Look at the true reality

To follow this is to be blind
Still there is time
To make the certain choice
It is in your hands

Inside you there is no soul
Just a voracious craving

You are better alone, believe that
Dive in the abyss of truth
This universe awaits for you
Feel deep the might
The real life is yours

Eye of Judgement

7. Spectral Whisper

[Music: Richard Senko, lyrics: Glauber Ancelmo]

Closed within my curse
Only myself and my hate inside

No fear touches me
Nothing controls me
There are no innocents
No innocents in here

Stand alone, forceful, furious
Mortal silent weapons
No fear, no light, no life
No law, no sin, no God

This silence makes me create
Create to destroy
Destroy to live
And live to kill

Close my eyes and hear the spectral whisper
It is in silence I perceive the most unholy weapons
We live in a black alliance
The spectral lord has the key to reasoning

Spectral Whisper

In silence, everything is more fierce
More blood, more pain
A cursed kingdom
Filled with damned beasts

Look into my eyes
There is no hope
The end is coming
Nothing left to lose

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