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1. Jackal

Born with the soul of a liar
A murderer, bred for the kill
Out from your mouth comes forth nothing but deceit
I want only to see it shut

After what you've taken away
There can be no forgiveness
An eye for an eye
Will make the whole world blind

Still I want you to die!
Tack back what is mine
Still, I want you to die
Thief who steals life


You were the hunter...but now I'm hunting you down
You were a sinner...but soon you will sin no more
Cannot escape...I never rest, I never desist
Feel no remorse

[Lead: Laux]
[Lead: Carroll]

You lose! I gain!
From all your suffering
Now your lying tongue has been cut out

Deed is finally done
What have I become
Hate what is myself
Two jackals burning in hell

2. Living In A Whirlwind

Living in a whirlwind!

Spiraling out of control!
In the eye of the storm
Disconnected, from the world you were born
Cheating death, just to get your fix
Cannot survive, its the end of the line

They look you in the eye and all they see is an empty stare
Living like a rat, you choke on your own despair
Still you're sinking lower, each day more desperate
You hide below the surface, waiting for the end

Must escape

Ridden with the stress that YOU CAN'T TAKE
Arrgh, must escape
Not time to turn back, FAR TOO LATE
Can't escape

Everything around you, ceased to make sense
Waiting until your time will come...
To pass

Look into the mirror at what used to be your face
A ghastly visage you don't recognize, gone without a trace


[Lead: Laux]


3. Severed Reality

Descending! Into madness
Sanity falling away
Nothing remains from the world you have known
Enter the realms beyond the gate

Twisting masses taking form beyond the murky black
A scream breaks the silence and the skies begin to crack

Eyes burst forth from the body
Their whispers seared into your brain
Beckoning your descent
You stare into the void and it calls your name...

Twisting masses taking form beyond the murky black
Severed from reality, impossible to turn back
Souls held captive, wither away and die
Sickening screams of horror rend the affrighted skies

Trapped in the path of an oncoming STORM
Looking behind the eyes of the dead
Empty walls with no way out
Lost inside this...

SEVERED! Severed Reality
SEVERED! Severed Reality, Ugh

[Lead: Laux]
[Lead: Carroll]

The mind falls into black abyss
Nothing left the same
Mouths emerge from every shape
Howls like dust from the grave
Within cryptic realms unknown
Draped in endless night
With all your might you try to escape
but still you're lost inside...


4. Scorched Earth

Indiscriminate killings
Lacking reason why
Hunting you down from the sky
A trail of destruction
Afflicting plague and strife
Leaving the sick ones to die


Without mercy, without regret
Got you in my sights for the kill
Pull the trigger and you fall
Cadavers of the slain lie there without number
I pile their bones into my throne
And drink from human skulls


[Lead: Laux]
[Lead: Carroll]

Indiscriminate murder
Exterminating life
The masses cut down to size

Relentless shotgun violence
You're caught in the crossfire
Instant annihilation
Pierced from every side

Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth

5. Abandoned By Time

[Lead: Carroll]

Blood spilled upon the sands of time, the years passing by take their toll
Atrocities of ages gone, their tales forgotten and old
Another wicked tyrant reigns in terror, another city falls
Through thousands of years and millions of deaths we learn nothing changes at all

Lost from memory
Abandoned...by time
Through ages of depravity
Abandoned...by time

Though we thought the time was done when man preys on man like beast
Man is just an animal, its hunt for power will never cease
The ones who rule use you as a tool to meet their ends
Their hunger never sated,
their bloodlust infinite

Lost from memory
Abandoned...by time
A dark age of brutality
Abandoned...by time

Look at all the horrors
Across the centuries
Volcanic explosion
Brings kingdoms to their knees

Left a smoking ruin
Smoldering decay
Buried beneath the ashes
Lies shattered remains

[Lead: Carroll]
[Lead: Laux]

It all passes by, beyond your control your control
The march of time keeps pressing on, devoid of any sould
Witness your mortal life fade into the pass
As all you have known and all you have loved disintegrate into ash

Into ash!

Can't find a solution for your harrowing distress
Impermanence of all you see renders it meaningless
Those in your life one by one passing on
Who will speak of them when a thousand years are gone...

Abandoned...by time

6. Prey For Death

Heat beats down over barren wastes
Desolate realms of ash
Vultures circling overhead
They feed on your dying past
Victims of our need to consume
Strip the world of life
Can't sustain your decadent ways
How...can we survive?

End of humankind
And you know there's nothing left

[Lead: Carroll]

Parched with thirst but you cannot drink
The oceans melt away
Breed so you can eat the young
Keeps hunger at bay
Twisting mass of starving flesh
Hands held to the sky
Can't sustain these decadent ways
Knowing...it's your time

Left alone to die
Under the sun there's nothing left
Prey for Death

Rotting inside
Waiting to die
No one is spared from the march of time
End of mankind
End of all life
Nothing is left so you pray for death


[Lead: Carroll]

7. Nightmare Anatomy

8. Shadow From The Tomb

Forming vicious impressions of hate
Redemption of birth it is never too late
Enraging due to obliviousness
Anger from my catatonic state


Voices scream, mind erodes
Cerebral cortex shatters, explodes
Forcing my thirst onto the land
Will never be quenched by my raging hand


I will prevail
The beatings will never cease
I will prevail
The beatings will never cease

Don't give a fuck about the way of change
Until the voices find their peace
Bring me to annihilation
From your rehabilitation
Should've gave me stimulation

Took away my basic freedoms
Told me I don't fucking need 'em
Dope fed through television

The time has come, my conscious has told me to kill
The time has come, the weak submit to my will

A shadow from the tomb

I will prevail
The beatings will never cease
Don't give a fuck about the way of change
Until the voices find their peace

Tie up all the fucking brats
Children of aristocrats
Beat em' with a wooden bat

I show no remorse, women and children are first
I show no remorse, masturbate to the screams
of the cursed

A shadow from the tomb



[Lead: Carroll]

9. Senseless Life

From the moment you were born you were dieing
With one foot planted in the grave
Programmed by your surroundings
To react in a given set of ways

You can't think for yourself so you are already dead

Follow only the ways of your own, abandon laws of god
Held in check by convention, strangling free thought

Your choice is only consequence, eyes are stricken blind

LIES! Senseless lies
LIFE! Living a senseless life

Bred to swallow lies, to ignore the glaring truth
Do the world some good and resist
The urge to reproduce

Unable to be free, life's hopeless for you
Circumstance will dictate your every move

LIES! Senseless lies
LIFE! Living a senseless life
LIES! Senseless lies
UGH...Living your worthless life

[Lead: Carroll]

Heal the gaping wound between the mind, the body, and the soul
Cast off the chains which bind, for all time, regain control

[Lead: Laux]
[Lead: Carroll]

10. Forgotten Dead

[Lead: Carroll]

Encircled, cut off from reinforcement
At all costs you must hold the line
Living among the slain with the knowledge
You could join them at any time

The enemy advances without number
Signaled by a creeping barrage
The attack goes on for weeks and weeks
The trenches awash with blood

Gunning down the enemy
Each one without a face
What once were fields of green
Are now endless fields of graves



[Lead: Carroll]
[Lead: Laux]

Your comrade rises up to fire
You watch in horror as he falls
The life drained away from his body
Through the hole in his skull

Gunning down the enemy
Send them to their graves
The ways of man will never change
The fallen die in vain


The whistle blows, you are forced to advance
into oncoming machine gun fire
Caught in the blast as the mines detonate
lifeless bodies hang from barbed wire
Stabbed through the gut by a bayonet, blood
chokes your scream
Another dying sould is laid upon the altar of
mankind's greed


11. The Road Warrior

[Bonus track]

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