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1. The Hidden Legacy (Intro)

2. Nightfall Over Auschwitz

Auschwitz lies now still and silent
The real Mordor under the moon
Petrified eyes that stare in the darkness
They stare at an empty room
A hall of pain, of blame, insane
Where blood was spilled and will be again
The lair of the ravening Zyklon B
The dragon that awakes from its sleep

"Soon the HCN will enter their lungs and end their lives
And with their blood we'll dye our banners"

The legions wait for the crowning of a new age
For that frantic voice that flames with anger
One child stands in the middle of the appellplatz
Crying over a lifeless form
His mother simply could not bear the pressure
So she violently threw herself
Right against the electric fence
That surrounds this whole damn place
Strange how her old friends licked their lips
At the smell of her own cooked flesh

Horror - The face of terror
Horror - There must be some kind of
Error - Sadistic intentions
Armageddon - The new order calls
...And you'd better heed the call
Listen now, the hordes are marching

Shame shows itself in the face of an inmate
Who was forced to enter the lair
The wyrm sleeps peacefully in the shadows
So the Jew pokes about the remains
Looks for golden teeth and shiny hair
Their former owners gently donate
His task means a passport for survival
Though his faith is undermined by the stench

"When nature calls, we heed her call
Obliteration to the aberrations that debase our untainted blood"

The legions are marching
They are all praising and heiling by
Not knowing that their new order
Is in fact utter disorder

[Repeat chorus]

The Endlösung has arrived,
So you'd better pack your things and run
Undying nightfall has arrived
Flee now, be gone, now

3. Sippenhaft

[Jens Kiersted]
I'm a soldier for the Reich
I'm the archetype of the Aryan übermensch
But I am not proud of what I've done
I've killed so many that I finally lost all count

I was so blind; I did not see my dream
Of unity differed completely from reality
But nothing is like it should be and I feel
I can't breathe, when I recall the madness and the carnage.

I never wanted to be the pawn in this game
Never wanted to see what I've seen
I naively hope that someday I'll be set free
Days are passing by and I'm still enslaved and forgotten.

...Enslaved and forgotten.

I fear not for my life but for that of my wife and son
A pledge of allegiance with a high price
These binds of flesh are a wicked machination
Punishment to the clan, our downfall is called sippenhaft

I'm a man in quest for his redemption
Whose dreams have turned him into a slave to the slaughterhouse
I wish I could go back in time and turn the story round
And then I would have held back my passion.

Call me a fool, but at that time the idea sounded right
I guess I am a fool
We were supposed to raise our country from its ashes
But this way everyday there are more and more ashes...

I never wanted to be the pawn in this game
Never wanted to see what I've seen
I have lost any hope that I'll be set free
Days are passing by, I'm still enslaved and forgotten

What am I supposed to do when all hope is lost?
Close my eyes and cry while I pull the trigger
This is no way of life, It's rather a taste of death
Farewell to you all, It's the only way out

What's there for me?
Silky clouds or ravenous fire?
Death, set me free
I'll kill no more; this last bullet is for me

4. Алый Снег (Blood-Red Snow)

This is the tale of the dormant Finland
About its people and its luck of the draw
This is the tale of the conquering Russia
And its victorious dead that never returned

The Reds began their crushing crusade
Towards the land where Väinämöinen once lived
The land of snowy plains and endless nights
Of a thousand lakes and seven hundred years of enslavement...

Slumber, chains and bloodstained
Swords, steels that clashed in the deafening silence

The burning rain fell down on the resistance
How to endure the weight of the world?
This was another kind of war in two fronts
There's the human foe and the ruthless cold

And so this land took the form of a big pool
Where pride got steeped as many lives were lost
Who were the heroes, who were the bad guys?
Where was now the place they used to call home?

[Viktoriya Nikolaevna Shestakova ]
Наши отцы покинули свои дома для того, чтобы спасти свою честь и бороться за Мать матерей

[Markku Hamalainen]
...he lähettivät muukalaisia meidän Karjalaamme ja isänmaatamme loukattiin.

Total silence, tearful... mournful...
Stillness, not even a sound in the blood-red battlefield

Over this snow
Snow that once was white
Lie the heroes
The heroes from both sides

The red covers all
All we have ever known
Such a grim sight
A sight so hard to describe
Blood-red snow.

And so this tragic tale came to an end
When peace was signed once blood had been spilled
Who did survive? Who did win?
If both of their banners were red in the end?

The Finns gave up their sacrosanct land
The Russians got what they had yearned for so long
But in the end, what did they all get for themselves?
Nothing but a handful of snow

Bloodstained, cold and fragile
Snow, the very same snow that covered their bones

[Repeat chorus]

5. Silence And The Beast

[Andrey Katzov]
What's left of us?
We are lurkers on this killing ground
Pale shadows in the middle of the night
We are candles burnt and worn out
Take a good look around

Cold, all I feel is cold
The beast has taken my soul
Three bullets in my back
Thus ends my life but
I'm glad I die in my land...

Proshaiy Stalingrad

Goodbye, I'm running out of time
I'm paying for my crimes
Father Koba, where are you now?
Don't leave me here to die

God, I've been told there was no God
But now I really fear for my soul
The beast, it crawls without a sound
The time has come for us all...

In silence we will die
Into darkness we subside
Now in glory we depart
But in Mother Russia we trust

This was my life
To kill and leave nobody alive
I hope this will suffice
85 frozen corpses should satisfy
The beast that lies...

Inside, I'm hollow deep inside
I'm 22 yet I've gone too far
My death is near, Stalingrad I'm here
My redemption lies in your hands

[Repeat chorus]

Proshaiy Stalingrad,
At last you're back to us,
Proshaiy Stalingrad
Your son bids you goodbye.

6. The Forging (...Of Glory And Decay - Part I)

So he was born, a child that soon would rule the world
Son to a man, whose shame was to ignore who his father was
Hiedler they say, a bastard of Jewish blood
Hitler he says, the saviour of the long-lost German pride


At an early age, Adolf was already aware of his will of iron
He would stand up to his father time and time again
Only to be given another hiding

Son of brutality, his Delphian blue eyes were as cold as steel
But he's no martyr, his look was rather that of a beast
Mutti consoled him, she saw the meaning in his artistry
His father was blind, he only thought his god-damn son was queer

But the clock kept ticking on and his father eventually died
So Adolf could almost taste the flavour of dreams becoming real
He moved to Vienna and planned to attend the Academy of Fine Arts
Yet he was rejected, once again betrayed by those
Who could never understand him

[Adolf Hitler]
Why don't you kneel before me?
Why don't you crown me your king?
Why not become your master?
And rule forever after

No one could ever match me
But you don't see my wonders
You try to bring me down but
I won't return in dishonour
I'd rather die than prove myself weak
I'd rather starve to death than to yield


He found himself living on the streets just fighting for survival
Like a modern Faust in search of power and dominion
He managed to cheat death continuously

Cold is the night, when one must sleep under the stars
Winter was ruthless, but he would never, never lose heart
All was so sad, since Mutti finally closed her eyes
He wouldn't give up, he sensed his age was still to come

Hitler spent five long years on the streets, starving and freezing
While the other homeless died in agony he survived with the hope that someday
Somehow, he would turn the tide in the sea of opportunity
And no longer would a righteous German man
Be subject to the laws of a rotten obsolete world order

[Adolf Hitler]
See, they brim with gold
That lousy Jewish mob
Where did our honour go?
Why did our Sigfried die?

You try to hunt me down
I see you everywhere
I feel your knives shine
I am really afraid

Delusion, paranoia, hallucination
Visions, vivid sensations...
I'm falling, collapsing, I fear the end.

7. The Hour Of The Wolf (...Of Glory And Decay - Part Ii)

[Adolf Hitler]
I'm the wolf that lurks amid the flock
I'm the hangman, the lord of pain in war
I'm the worm feeding on a corpse
I'm divine, the one-eyed god of wrath

Behold the wolf that I am
Shiver... I am real.

I'm the father of Ragnarok unbound
I'm pure darkness, a blizzard from the north
I'm the silence before a raging storm
I'm a Panzer forever rolling on

So it's time for you to...

Rise, rise my wolves
Together we will conquer the world
This kingdom of unevenness
Will fall under the rule of fire and steel
The glory of our people
Will bloom from a soil sowed with pride
Rise, warriors of Germania
Your fatherland is calling you to a war versus the world

Make them work until they're nothing but bones
Slaves and whores, the secret glory of Rome
Make them moan for all that they have done
Lebensraum... for being born in my world

The hour of the wolf has begun
And I'm invincible.

I'm the dragon that spits the fire of hate
I'm the vulture circling over your heads
I'm a phoenix; see my burning wings of fate
I'm reborn from the ashes of Versailles

The hour of the wolf has begun
And I'm the overlord

So It's time for you to...

Rise, rise my wolves
Together we will conquer the world
This kingdom of unevenness
Will fall under the rule of fire and steel
The glory of our people
Will bloom from a soil sowed with pride
Rise, warriors of Germania
Your fatherland is calling you to a new great war
The legions of the Rhein
Stand proud at the eve of the trial by fire
The songs from ancient times
Will inflame the hearts of the enlightened minds

Arise and behold my creation
The industry of death by obliteration
A thousand years of glory ahead
My empire will last forever...

8. Farewell, Germania (...Of Glory And Decay - Part Iii)

[Adolf Hitler]
The end has taken me by surprise
I found myself lost among snakes in the grass
And now that I sense my doom is near
I can see that almost no one's left by my side

My love for Thee is endless
But your sons have been most ungrateful
They turned their backs on their own leader
Denying all that we believe in

It all began with that hard-hearted Russian winter
All those dear Germans laid to rest in that godless land
They died alone in the cold, in the darkness
It is now that I know there'll be no Valhalla for them

Not every war on two fronts is bound to end in failure
It's your lack of faith that brought the storm
No matter what you say, you've betrayed your very own selves
And once again as always... I'm alone. Alone! Oh no!

My long-dreamed empire torn asunder
El Alemein, Normandy and Stalingrad: three mortal wounds
The reds are swiftly approaching Berlin
May this bunker be my haven from those barbarian hordes

You have spent many hours asking the heavens
That they may send you a new messiah
But then you have him in front of you
And you betray him: such is your nature

In the darkest hour of all my existence
Only a few remained faithful to their guiding light
Oh, my dear Eva, you really love me
I'd be honoured if you married me and stayed by my side

On the thirtieth day of April, 1945
After marrying his mistress Eva Braun
And formally leaving the Nazi party

He came to a hard decision
Since the end was close at hand
That day he would commit suicide
He would never be caught alive

For if they caught him alive and kicking
They would expose him like a circus clown
His carcass would become a war trophy
Total desecration of his pride

He helped his beloved Eva
To take one pill or two
He aimed the gun at his temple
And pronounced his final words...

[Adolf Hitler]:
I'm alone. Alone!
Farewell, Germania!
Farewell, my love!
Farewell, Germania!
Farewell, my land... my love!

9. The Spandau Enigma

[Prisoner No. 7]
I died yesterday
Strangled by two men
They said I took my life
But they'd taken mine twice

They say they know me well
But I know I am innocent
My name is Alfred Horn
Dead since May, 1941

Then at last I closed my eyes
Forgotten? Forgiven?

Before my light goes off
I want you all to know
Before my soul ascends
I wish to be absolved

I was a simple man
A scapegoat for the great plan
The big owl's left its cage
And flew into oblivion...

[The Scholar]
Who died there... in that cold cell?
Quid est Veritas? - His diary read.
Truth or tale?

[Prisoner No. 7]
So many years have passed
Since that dreadful night
When I landed on the glens
And kissed my freedom goodbye

A thousand miles away
Four walls to drive me insane
The flames of desperation
Burnt my hopes right to the ground

Not alone
No, no, not alone
No, never, never alone
Never, ever, utterly alone
Voices in my head!
My madness dies with me

Then at last I've found my rest
Forsaken? Forgiven?

So this is how it ends,
I take the blame to the grave
The men in black are here
My fate's becoming clear

The enigma lies unsolved
Six feet underground
But I have told my tale
And crave for absolution...

[Repeat chorus].

We may never ever know,
The Spandau Enigma, one and all,
The mystery lingers on,
The Spandau Enigma lies unsolved!

10. A Little Lesson Of History

[The Lecturer]
When I was told to trace back the origin of greed
I could not help but think: 'greed is our vital creed'
As Cain slew his brother, we eventually kill our dreams
His mark withstands the water brought to wash our deepest sins...


What was it that made the ancient Alexander to be great?
The lands that he had conquered or the myriads he'd enslaved?
Charlemagne's great scheme: 'bite off more than one can chew'
Made ashes turn to ashes, and empires turn to ruins

Arise, silent spirits
And tell your stories
And now, by this fire
Let the truth be known...

Great lives
Great men that paid tribute to their lunacy
All of them, in this sad little lesson of history
Great deeds
Great feats that changed our destiny
In this sad little lesson of history

We are supreme beings, the ones with intellect
Underneath those garments, we're weaklings all the same
But as silence tells more, let actions speak
We came, we saw, and we ruined the world...


Bonaparte, who in earth could ever forget your ways?
First kill, then rest, and never ever regret
Then came the famous German that set Fenris loose
And the wretched folks of Zion became prey to the wolf

So cry havoc... and release the dogs of war!
What does it matter if we all
Fight each other for our own cause

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

Old names remind us we're not different
In this sad little lesson of history
New names, the same old twisted story
In this complex, sad, little lesson of history

11. The Homecoming

[Marek Woźniak]
On the verge of losing it all
At the end of this damn war
The death roll amounted to thousands
Yet somehow I have come through

Now it's just me and my shadow
And I'm running through the woods
I can barely stand the excitement
Five more miles and I'll be home

I'm coming home
To stop this nightmare once and for all
I'm coming home
Away from this bloody all-out war

So sadly I still remember
The death of my brothers in arms
Four shot down by a sniper
And the rest I left behind

But enough with my grim past now
I think this is my town
Whatever happened here?
There's nothing but ashes all around

How much farther must I go
To get home and tell my mother that her son is
Back again where he belongs?
How many lives must I take before I reach my home?

I'm coming home
At least I want to think I am
I'm coming home
Let me dream I'm almost home


I've been five years away cloaked in
darkness night and day, playing to be the
hero while those bastards played with my kin

What kind of man abandons his people
Leaving them all to their fate?
I swear upon their bodies that I shall mourn them for the rest of my days

And after that all I've done...
I am barely still human.

On the verge of losing it all
I ended up losing much more
I'm here all by myself to fight
My own personal war

But if there's no one there
I do not wish to go on
A dream within a dream
Is what my life has become

I'm coming home
Wherever you are I swear I am
I'm coming home
It won't be long

How much farther must I go
To get home and tell my mother that her son is
Back again where he belongs?
How many lives must I take before I reach my...

How much farther must I go
To get home and tell my father that his son is
Back again where he belongs?
How many lives must I take before I reach my home?

12. Another Unknown Soldier


13. Rotterdam In Flames

Look, high in the sky
The vultures are back
And at full speed they ride the heavens

God, they're losing their minds
Why do they attack?
The unspeakable shadows came as a surprise

They came by the hundred
They arrived without warning
The bringers of storm, predators of warfare

There soon will be bloodshed
The streets will be blood red
The Luftwaffe is ready to strike with full power

'I can still remember the warning siren...
There was much light, yet we stood in utter darkness'

Look, it started to rain
Big bombs like droplets
But this puddle won't be precisely of water

Debris all around
Ashes and dust
A domino city just waiting to fall

Fall like Rome or Constantinople
Fall like the Tower or outrageous Sodom

Mother of Sorrow
Come ease their pain
For your children will see no tomorrow

Death from beyond
Death from above

Rotterdam, Rotterdam in flames
Rotterdam, hell's breath on Earth
Rotterdam, Rotterdam in flames
Rotterdam, nothing will be the same.

In the middle of May, 1940
When no one saw it coming
Carpet bombing shattered Rotterdam
An unfair game won by stalemate

The Stukas wiped out almost every trace
Of a great city so rich in history
Of the many souls that died there
Of the heart that lost its essence

"Een Stad zonder hart..."

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Chorus 2:]
Rotterdam, Rotterdam in flames
Rotterdam, hell's breath on Earth
Rotterdam, Rotterdam in flames
Rotterdam, gone all the same

[Repeat chorus] 1


14. Bound For Ultima Thule

C. 442 BC
Sailing towards the end of the world
Bound for the farthest island of all
Beyond the rule of mighty Boreas
There lies a place were death is not known

1919 AD
[The Grand Master]
Our Atlantis lies far in the north
The very place where it all began
Where our beloved Aryan forefathers
Lived in absolute purity, far from labour and war

1928 AD
Thus here I pledge my sword
As I pledge my soul, ever to be in your service.

1933 AD
Hail to the father
All hail our leader
Hail to the hammer
All hail our leader

1934 AD
[The Leader]
We all know that our beliefs are true
But please do keep them secret!
Don't you see all this is in a way
Affecting public opinion?

So, for a while, leave your books aside
And follow me into a new religion
That of guns, of tanks and of fire
For I was born to be your leader

1945 AD
[Heroes and Traitors]
Our flyblown empire of treason
Has burnt itself to the ground
So much for our dreams of glory
We lost our every chance

Oh Fatherland
We're deaf and blind
We're puppets in your hands
We crossed the line
Of sanity
We became the gods of lie

The SS-organised chaos
Brought fire and blood to this land
Our crimes are unforgivable
But we were the blind led by the blind

We were bound for Ultima Thule
And we ended up stuck in hell
Our madness, our disdain, our struggle, our sorrow
Forever will be our stains!

1989 AD
[An Old Man]
God, I regret my loathsome behaviour
I kissed the goat and murdered the innocent
I lost my soul but a hundred demons torment me
For I can still hear the hellish army screaming...

1939 AD
Hail to the father
All hail our leader
Hail to the hammer
All hail our leader

Hail to the father
All hail our leader
Hail to the hammer
All hail Ultima Thule!

15. Rendition Of The Truth (Outro)

Guillermo C. - Vocals
Sergio F. Ribnikov - Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Diego Conte - Electric guitar
Pablo Lescano - Bass
Mauro Frison - Drums

Mark Jansen - Guest vocals on track 13.
Andrés Fontenla - Violin on tracks 1, 4 & 12.
Matias Anttonen - Spoken passages on tracks 4 & 15.
Svitlana Vasylchenko - Spoken passages on track 4.
Johanna Gunnarsson - Spoken passages and screams on track 15.
Ren E. - Spoken passages and screams on track 15

Keyboard programming by Sergio F. Ribnikov.
String arrangements by Andrés Fontenla, Martin Fuchinecco and Sergio F. Ribnikov.
The drunken soldiers on tracks 5 & 12 are Guillermo C., Sergio F. Ribnikov, Matias Anttonen, Lasse Rantala, Nicolás Rodríguez, Diego Martinez and Jorge Perini.

Recorded during March-May and September-November 2007 at La Nave de Oseberg studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Engineered by Ezequiel Wiurnos, Diego Martínez and Jorge Perini.
Mixed and mastered by Martín Toledo and Warbreed at La Nave de Oseberg studios during January-February 2008.

Mark Jansen appears courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records.
Artwork and layout by Federico Bossinga (mother.armageddon

All music and lyrics by Sergio F. Ribnikov, except tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 9 lyrics by Sergio F. Ribnikov, music by Sergio F. Ribnikov and Guillermo C.

Thanks to en_e-post for sending these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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