Dark Lyrics


1. Flicker

I want to jump at my own shadow
But why can’t I move?..

So close your face to mine
Who are you? I can’t see your face clearly.
Grey fog surrounds us
And embraces the trees in this alley.
It was a strange place I woke up in today.
I came to my senses and saw these eyes staring at me.
All I want is just to go away
Away from this face so catatonic and eerie.

I can’t move but only blink.

I’m so tired of losing faith
In people I see on the streets.
People who try to find but lose their ways
After being knocked off their feet.
Should we rewrite all the stories we’ve told?
The stellar disguise is a hell of a treat.
Nothing you touch will on the spot turn to gold,
But the chance is still there while you still feel your heartbeat.

I can’t move but only blink
So I close my eyes – two walls in this space,
Two walls to isolate me from this stare
To stop seeing this face.
But when I open my eyes again
Another hazy face I see,
But the eyes are the same even then
Those same eyes are staring at me.

Every single feeling, every single sight
Became a shadow strolling through my head.
I’m trying so hard to again feel all right
And not to think of those who left

And not to think of those who left

You’re tied but didn’t see it before.
Far from having a chance to escape,
Left to stare into these eyes you can’t let go –
The fact you are so afraid to face.
Do we still believe in the stories we’ve told?
Is the stellar disguise a hell of a treat?
Nothing you touch will on the spot turn to gold.
But the chance is still there while you still feel your heartbeat.

The same eyes will be staring at you all your life
If you don’t dare to face it, to move and go on.
The same eyes you will see while trying to shelter in the crowd
Go and find your peace now. Don’t consider yourself gone yet.

I woke up and went out into the street.
Maybe I am still sleeping or maybe I never was.

2. The Longest Winter

All alone
In Here.
Just snow
And fear.
Makes my ears bleed.
It’s like a long fall
The pain, it stands tall.
I close one eye
And see half.
I close both
And see all.
The trembling
Of my hand,
Where these nails are shining
Bright, and I tend
To escape
And leave it behind
Far away.


Today I wanted to find you
And so I ran straight to your home.
But I never found what I wanted to find
Because there was no house, not even a stone.
No more is the town this house was in.
No more are the streets I once ran through.
Only the memories left to make my skin way too thin.
Nothing left to be found now. There’s no you.

There’s no you.

It's so cold.

3. Revulsion Fever

Running and screaming
Aspiring to find the water that’ll cleanse you
The comforting tide
The body’s dirty and bleeding
And time’s too tired
Of you

Desolation makes every whisper sound so loud
In this void where all are beheaded and lying on the ground.
At a certain point no change can be made nor found.
Once you’re here you won’t ever get out.

The damnations you spat out didn’t save you.
The damnations you spat out didn’t hurt anyone but you.
They didn’t hurt anyone ‘cos no one accepted your fucking insults.
They are for you. You are purulent from the inside.
For you. And you’ll rot away.
Farewell. Goodbye.

4. Piercing Mist

Do you have this hole in your chest
In which the wind sings its whistling song?
That makes you lose all the things which are best
And bleeds and hurts for oh so long.

Our blood doesn’t unite us
But it will always feed the soil
The soil we stand on just like in the past
With hands so weak from this hardest toil.

Wrapping ourselves in the mist of words
Losing ourselves among the mirrored smiles
We forget that all the doors will someday close
And that we don’t have that much time.

There will never be peace
While we’re at war with ourselves
Until we are complete
As long as we hide our wounded hollowness so well

Looking on life through the looking glass
And pretend that we don’t see a thing
Time runs out first and it runs out fast
And it knows best how to make you sink.

Everyone can wake up at the very bottom
Where darkness clings so tight that it blinds the eyes.
But no one’s walk of life is defined
We all can try not to lose this priceless gift of life.


SL – electric, acoustic and bass guitars, vocals, harmonica
SIMON – drums and percussion

Recorded at Endarker Studio, Norrköping, Sweden in 6 days (LATE JANUARY 2013).
Produced and engineered by Magnus "Devo" Andersson. Co-produced by SL.
Mixed by Magnus "Devo" Andersson and SL.
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden, FEBRUARY 2013.
Drawings and sketches used in the artwork by ПС.
Artwork, design, layout, photography and concept by SL.

After a lot of good and great feedback we've received after the release of our first demo, “Through Emptiness”, and our dedication to music we've got an opportunity to push everything to a new level. This record, which is entitled “Wimfolsfestta”, is basically our second demo, but it's much more than that. It's a thought-through record which has a concept in everything - in music, lyrics and artwork.
The CD has 4 tracks with the total running time of almost 27 minutes and was recorded and mixed in Endarker Studio (MARDUK, FUNERAL MIST, RAGNAROK, etc.) with MARDUK’s bassist Magnus “Devo” Andersson as a producer and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (KATATONIA, SWALLOW THE SUN, OPETH, AMON AMARTH, BLOODBATH, etc.).

“Wimfolsfestta” is a big step up both production- and songwriting-wise.
The band’s concept is to combine music, lyrics and artwork to create one single picture.

Thanks to walloftheeyeless for sending these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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