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1. Awake!

Aryan, Awake!

Your Empire lies in ruins
Your Fathers and Brothers slain
Your Mothers and Sisters made whores
All this at the hands of Judea...

The Blood calls to you in distress!
Heed the voice of your Ancestors
It bids you remember the treachery
That has befallen our Race...

Know that Adolf Hitler was right
His word shall become our law
We must never forgive nor forget
That which Judea has done

Fire the engines of WAR!
In the name of the Aryan Race!
Under the Holy Swastika!
For the purity of our World!

[Awake! is dedicated to those that have not yet pledged themselves to National

Decades have past since the end of World War II. Never before has the relevance
of that conflict been greater. Those decades have revealed an undeniable truth
that can not be dismissed:

The White Race has been enslaved by the treachery of the Jews.

We can remain slaves and watch as our World is destroyed or we can stand and
embrace National Socialism and fight for our survival.

Any measure less than National Socialism will fail as it is the control of a
falsified history surrounding National Socialism that strengthens the power of
the Jews.

Discover the values extolled in National Socialism within Adolf Hitler’s Mein
Kampf, an autobiography and exposition of National Socialism.

Only when you have read Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf can you truly understand the
enslavement to which we are now bound.

"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from
the grave, and the World will know that I was right!"

- Adolf Hitler]

2. Monuments Of Blood

Purity of Race
Undeniable beauty
This stands as a Monument of Blood

Fidelity to Race
Unyielding morality
This stands as a Monument of Blood

Loyalty to Race
Uncompromising duty
This stands as a Monument of Blood

Mastery of Race
Unrelenting supremacy
This stands as a Monument of Blood

[That the Aryan is superior cannot be contested. Throughout history the Aryan
has been the creator of the greatest civilisations.

The reason for the Aryan’s superiority is due to four unique complimenting

Firstly the Aryan is ordained with superiority due the purity of his Race: a
Race whose provenance is divine, a Race whose progenitors were Gods.

Likewise the Aryan is superior through the fidelity to Race to which the Aryan
adheres. The progeny of the Aryan always remains Aryan.

The Aryan is also bound by a loyalty to his Race: a loyalty unto death. This
quality also ensures the Aryan’s superiority.

Finally the Aryan is bestowed superiority through the Mastery of Race that is
granted through the triumph of the will to Aryan Supremacy.

An Aryan that does not live a life governed by these qualities is not an Aryan,
but an abomination whose only absolution is death.]

3. The March Of The Aryans

Aryans march in the enemy's land
And sing the Aryan's song
A sentinel stands at nation's shores
And silently he hums along
Up or down we whistle,
And the whole world may
Curse us or hail us
Whatever it pleases to do

Wherever we are, let's go forward
For the Aryan laughs like this:
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
We're fighting for a White World
We're fighting for the White Race
We'll give the subhumans no rest

We have already fought in many battles
In North, South, East and West
And now we stand ready for war
Against the subhuman plague
The Aryan will destroy all
So none will halt our rise
And when our ranks are thinned
For us there will be no retreat

Wherever we are, let's go forward
For the Aryan laughs like this:
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
We're fighting for a White World
We're fighting for the White Race
We'll give the subhumans no rest

[The March of the Aryans is based on the Waffen SS march SS marschiert in
Feindesland or SS marches in the Enemy's land.

The Waffen SS became renown for their fervour which led them to win a multitude
of decisive campaigns against almost insurmountable odds. They were honoured as
being a ruthless force, that did not take prisoners but totally annihilated its

"To give death and to receive death."

- SS motto]

4. Adolf Hitler, Saviour Of The Aryan Race

Adolf Hitler, your legacy survives
It lives through those that heed your call
For without your stand
Against the greatest of evils
We would still be lost

You are the beacon of light
In the receding darkness
Your word is the truth
In a world full of lies

You did not falter
Like so many that followed
You sacrificed all
For our deliverance

Through our darkest years
You have shown us the way
You have given us a vision
A vision that lasts to this day

Adolf Hitler, your valour
Will always be remembered
It will guide us on this
Our Holy Crusade

Your life and death were not in vain
For your doctrine has spread across the World
A legion now stands and honours you
As the Saviour of the Aryan Race

[This song is dedicated to Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest men to have lived
in the last century.]

5. Everlasting Aryan Supremacy

Since the crowning of our nobility
Upon the throne of the Universe
We have sought our equals
Amongst the Galaxies

For millenia we sent forth envoys
Into the vastness of our realm
We brought light to a million worlds
All devoid of worth

We were always received as Masters
As we had conquered all
So we sought to find the reason
For our Supremacy

The answer was found deep inside us
Our Supremacy is our Blood
The Aryan, in life and death
Is a God!

6. The Oath

I swear on the Blood of my Forefathers
As a devout servant to the Aryan Race
Loyalty and bravery

I vow to my Ancestors and my superiors
Whom the Blood shall appoint
Obedience unto death and victory over all

[The Oath is inspired by the Oath sworn by the SS to Adolf Hitler.

Initially the SS was formed as Adolf Hitler’s personal guard, however during
the course of the rise of the Third Reich, Heinrich Himmler developed the SS
into a religious order dedicated to the resurgence of Aryan Supremacy.

Acceptance into the SS was primarily granted based on Racial purity followed by
examinations of physical adequacy. The candidate then had to undergo tests of
character before he was allowed to swear an Oath of membership and call himself
an SS man.

"Never forget. We are a knightly order from which one cannot withdraw, to which
one is recruited by Blood, and within which one remains body and soul."

- Heinrich Himmler]

7. 2045 - Operation: Ascension

One hundred years marked
Since the fall of Holy Berlin
A day of reckoning arrives
As the Holy Swastika rises!

One hundred years marked
Since the rise of the tyranny
Our nations have crumbled
Under a reign of hypocrisy

One hundred years marked
Since the rise of the tyranny
On this day of reckoning
We shall fulfil our destiny

One hundred years marked
Since the fall of Holy Berlin
Where will you stand on that day?
With us or marked for death by us?

8. This Time The World

One Blood, One trust
One Empire to rise!

The struggle of a Nation
Has become the conflict for a World
This Time The World

No longer shall we tolerate
A world that is not ours
The abomination of birthright lost
Shall be reclaimed through WAR

Storm clouds herald the arrival
Of Holy Aryan Legions
As we prepare for WAR
For our birthright of this World

Wild flames signify the passing
Of those not of the Blood
Impurity is burned into ashes
And ploughed into the Earth

The struggle of a Nation
Has become the conflict for a World
This Time The World

["The last time our Leader showed the way to victory in one single area of the
earth. "Today Germany!" he predicted "Tomorrow the World!" Now it is tomorrow!
Now is the time, White Men! This Time The World!"

- George Lincoln Rockwell]

Hyperborean ‒ Bass, Guitars (rhythm and lead)
Ariersohn ‒ Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)

This album is dedicated to those that lived and died for the survival of the
White Race, to those loyal men and women that sacrificed self interest for
common interest.


We have survived desertion, betrayal, sabotage, and disrespect to bring this
album to you. The number of those that truly supported us during the days of
this recording was far less than it should have been. Respect the sacrifices
that we made so that this message could be heard. Honour that message by making
the changes in your life that have to be made. We hope to stand side by side
with you in 2045.


First and foremost WAFFENBRÜDER - This Time The World is a mechanism. A
mechanism with one purpose: to reach out to the current generation of the White
Race, to educate them about our history and our duty, and to engage them to
fight in this WAR.

WAFFENBRÜDER developed this mechanism because the White Race is now enslaved.
We have been defeated in a conflict that has been waged for centuries, a
conflict that we have only lost due to the treacheries of our enemy during the
course of the last century.

Our last opportunity to retain our freedom was in National Socialist Germany
where Heroes stood and expounded a doctrine that was borne of the Aryan soul
and its desire to return us to a Golden Age.

The threat of this doctrine brought the greatest wrath of our enemy, who
manipulated the White Race into a fratricidal conflict that not only
slaughtered millions of our Race but left our Nations weak for their invasion.

The fall of Berlin signifies the descent of the World into the tyranny of our
enemy, a tyranny that conditions the World to accept a falsified history that
misrepresents the true nature of the conflict that was fought against it.

Our enemy was well known to those noble Heroes of National Socialist Germany.
The doctrine of those Heroes was a Holy Crusade against their conspiracy to
enslave the White Race.

If we are to regain our freedom, we as slaves must observe this World and
understand the tyranny that oppresses us. We must investigate the history
presented to us and rediscover our Aryan identity. We must heed the call of the
Aryan soul and embrace the doctrine of National Socialism.

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