Dark Lyrics


1. Target Earth

Auto-creation crash
Viruses spreading fast
Cyber-protection failed
All safety shields disengaged

Corporate dissolutions
Institute disillusions
Toxic assets, unstable
All system trust disabled

Cannot save, cannot trade
Be afraid, you could die!
Cannot search, cannot trace
File erased, you will die!

Crushing down firewalls
All basic structures fall
World's info disappeared
No more access, it's been cleared

No more power, the world's on fire
A few more hours, our time is over

One by one
Leaders gone
One by one
Countries done

I am the space avenger
I execute my orders
A satellite controller
A judgement day creator
Monitoring from my room
Hacking this world that I rule
I am the god eraser
I am a planet killer

One sacrifice, no god, no sign
This sacrifice, for good, for life
One sacrifice, no gold, no harm
This sacrifice, new games, new lives

A few more hours...

2. Kluskap O'kom

I kept running in the woods
As fast as the ancients could
Could not fight these kinds of beasts
Who live for gigantic feasts
I don't want 'em to cut my hair
My strength would fall from my head
Changing the way I speak
Until I'm becoming weak

We'll be reborn (Kluskap O'Kom!)
Behind the sun (Kluskap O'Kom!)
Just like the storm (Kluskap O'Kom!)
Will ever come (Kluskap O'Kom!)

There goes the self-esteem
In the fumes of gasoline

3. Empathy For The Enemy

Stepped out for a smoke
Sun's down, set on cold
Weird thoughts have to go away
Torments to evacuate

Dark side of doomed life
Winter never dies
Black ice, dead end sky
Deep eyes, look inside
Empathy for the enemy
Too bad, I am drilled to say... No!

Regrets will forever last
Images filling up my glass
I drink to my enemies
White shadows in my reveries

Craving for day light
Bad curse never dies
Trouble waits in line
Haunted by these cries
Empathy for the enemy
So far, I've been forced to stay...

No! No!

Heart shield
Heats sleeps
Eyes closed
Night ghosts


Each one on its side
We try to figure out why
This non-sense has gone
Way over the borderline
There's no glory day
No victory and no parade
When people pay the price
Uniforms, a disguise

Empathy for the enemy
Will I be able to say...

4. Mechanical Mind

Wake up and fall into dementia!

External clash from all around
My spirit surges from underground
Red blooded eyes, all becomes real
I'm coming out, from dead asleep

Pressurized, panic hype
Sickening cold
Indisposed soul

Memory strikes, a lightning bolt
Across my mind, the pattern rolls
Inside the rules, besides the fear
My head is like a battlefield

Petrified. Fossilized
Shaking bones
Turning to stone

Ahhh can't explain what is wrong
Ahhh can't describe what is going on

Can't decide, can't decide what is wright, can't decide, can't decide if I'm down
Can't decide, can't decide day and night, can't decide can't decide, if I'm so low
Can't decide, can't decide is it bad, can't decide, can't decide, me or you
Can't decide, can't decide, that's about it, leave me here

In the distance, I can see myself in the fog of nothingness
Breaking down the wall between my home and my consciousness
In this realm of reality, I am forced to obey and connect
With entities who live in this bad dream, I want to forget. Ahhhh!
It just won't get out of me, I just can't get out of me! Ahhhh!

Na na na!

The night arrives, the guilt inside, the worms of mind, scarred me for life
The night became a song, the same, the screams, the blame, the wall of shame
Why am I? No reason why, time's not a friend, leads me to the end

5. Warchaic

I'm still standing, thousands of years old
The wind is whistling on black deserts of coal
The ruins are waiting for invading souls
Vestige of glory, buried in a vault

Wasteland legacy, history carved on walls
Tragic destiny, wounds of ancient wars
Horizon detonates, birds fall from the sky
Fatal morning rays and death forever last

Fire rises, signs of time fade away

We've gambled our fate
Now's the end of the game
Didn't have a good hand
Bluffing came to an end
Set the world to restart
Hope this time we'll be smart
Set the time to zero
Let's cross the fingers and go

Fire rises, signs of time fade away

Playing risk has a cost
All the pawns have been lost
We've been rolling the dice
Betting on our lives
Set the world to restart
Hope this time we'll be smart
Set the time to zero
Let's cross fingers and go

Life grows, leaves glow
Live slow, time flows
Sky moves, ground grooves
Clouds ooze rain, blues,
Wind, fields, roads yield
Should we engage ourselves
Into a brand new world
Should we devote ourselves
To find a brand new world
Can we afford a place to live,
A brand new world
A brand new world

6. Resistance

Rise up, speak loud
Move on, scream, shout
Protest, about
Whatever bullshi you're ashamed of

Lined up, stand strong
Gasmask hoods on
Contest what's wrong
Whoever scapegoat you can think of

Walk out! No thanks, I'm free
Boycott! This, not for me
Speak out! My liberty
Buy not! Hypocrisy

Drawback, retreat
Attack, defeat
We rule the streets
No matter what you have been told of

Big crowd, no fear
Big guns, smoke, tears
I stay right there
I matter to stay the whole fuckin year

We are what you call the big majority
Majority yeah! You heard me
We use what we call the real democracy
That's why we're taking on the streets, yeah!

I've done my share
This deal's unfair
Not pleased, not scared
Got nothing to lose I can think of

I know what's right
Tonight's the night
I'll stand, I'll fight
Got something to change I have dreamed of

Behind the curtains, watch from above
Inside the towers, laughing out loud
And then the gargoyles, sitting on top
Drinking champagne, making out loud
We may just crush them, like little ants
That's how they look like, thinking out loud

7. Kaleidos

One scene of crime, corrupted sci
The job inside, all lies denied
One drop will make you think
One sip and then you'll sink
A madness being restrained
The fear to turn insane

The windows shine, daylight defined
Gamma ray tides, the curves of time
One shot will give you strength
One more will make you strange
Visions of dots and stains
This war inside your brain

The secret has been kept
Anonymous project
No one will make me talk
Ain't gonna make that call
Who said you would?
I say, you should!

Locked in a hotel room
These men will get you soon
I say, you should!
Distorted face, fire escape
In all truth there's a lie!
Behind the truth, there's a lie!

Watching the corridors
Eerie noise at my door
No one will make me talk
Ain't gonna make that call
Who said you would?
I say, you should
They know you know too much
Your story will be lost
I say, you should!
Throughout the glass
I'm free at last
In all truth there's a lie
Behind the truth
There's a lie

Scratched wallpapers
Behind, are the words
Reading backwards
News in the mirror
Losing faith, losing face
Chrome reflections
Lights addiction
Reversed images
Negatron spaces
Losing faith, losing face
In this free fall, now I recall
This could be just me, end of story

I can fly, I'm alive
I can fly, so alive!
Throughout the glass
I'm free at last
In all truth there's a lie
Behind the truth
There's a lie

8. Corps Étranger

Dans un fluide, je voyage
Cherchant l'hote, le passage
Puis je fixe l'amarrage
Et m'abreuve jusqu'a l'ame

Rien ne sert de resister
Tu combats, mais de l'interieur
Quelque chose doit mourir
Pour qu'un jour, quelque part
Je revienne a la vie

Dans cet etre on vivra a deux
Mais tu cederas d'un jour a l'autre
Quelque chose doit pourrir
Pour qu'une nuit, quelques rats
Me ramenent a la vie

Jour et nuit, je suis la
Je te suis pas a pas
Tu ne peux m'echapper
Je suis l'ombre de toi-meme
Peu importe ce que tu fais
Tout demeure sans effet
Le miroir ne ment pas
Ton reflet disparait

Etranger, corps etrange,
Corps etrange, etranger
Sans immunite
Comment y resister
Je vis en toi
Te me vois nuisible
Je te sens compatible
Je suis en toi

Etranger, corps etrange,
Corps etrange, etranger
Je suis la maladie
Ton habitude de vie
Je vois en toi
Maintenant que reste-il
De cette proie facile
Je deviens toi

Donne-moi ta confiance et fonds toi en confidences
Je serai toujours la, je t'emmenerai jusqu'a trepas
Une epaule pour te dire, le mort ne peut etre pire

De ton cadavre je vais m'extirper
Au plus vite, me mettre a courir

Quelque chose va s'offrir
Pour qu'a l'aube, dans une mare
Je revienne a la vie

9. Artefact

Remains of an unknown race
Skulls with conical shape
A map of outer space
The place where they were based
Colored flying machines
Scaphander figurines
Helmets with UV shield
Correlation denied

Denied, denied
Cannot be certified
No need to find a clue
We can't handle the truth

Denied, denied
But scientists testified
Those who have the proof
Will be treated just liked fools

Denied, denied
Denied, denied

Curiosity and fear
Images are so clear
The fine details appear
These things were not from here
It's right before your eyes
They once came from the sky
I never wonder why
Existence is denied

Denied, denied
A forgery for most
The file forever closed
Classified as a hoax

Denied, denied
By the time the work is done
Witnesses will be gone
Normality will go on

Denied, denied
Denied, denied

Search failed
No trace, I know why
I do know why
Blank page, erased, I know why
I do know why
Chopped tapes
Cold case, I know why
I do know why

Denied, denied
This is war here on earth
Denied, denied
The universe can wait
Denied, denied
We might just stay alone
Denied, denied
We'll stay numb, as we are

But humans are so bad
And how much chance we had
We're only turning mad
There's nothing else to add
We should keep it this way
On our own we'll stay
That's what I have to say
Evolution denied

10. Defiance

Coming your way before your eyes
Black clouds move across the sky
Seeing your world engulfed in flames
Knowing your life won't be the same...

Blacky ‒ Bass
Away ‒ Drums
Snake ‒ Vocals
Chewy ‒ Guitars

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